Official ETA Application For Canada – How To Get Canada ETA Visa

In a bid to travel to Canada, many non Canadian citizens need an ETA. Canada which is known as one of the most accessible country for travelers and immigrants from all over the world, require several documents for one to get entrance into the country. The official ETA application for Canada is one of the application a foreigner will have to make before he/she is granted eTA to enter Canada.

Official ETA Application For Canada – What Is Canada ETA Visa

A Canadian ETA known as Electronic Travel Authorization(eTA) is a requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals flying to or transiting through Canada. The Government of Canada introduced this new requirement in 10 November 2016 for foreigners coming into Canada by air from visa exempt countries.

This Canada Immigration eTA is an electronic document that is electronically tied to your passport number. It is issued by the government of Canada through the Canadian travel authority. The official ETA application for Canada is important and required for travel.

This application procedure involves the Canadian travel authority online pre-screening of people from more than 50 countries. It is meant to fish out people who pose security risk or who might stay in Canada longer than is legal.

Who Needs eTA To Enter Canada

As mentioned above foreign nations who are flying to or transiting through Canada require eTA to enter Canada. This rule is only applicable to people from vise except countries. Part of the people who need eTA to enter Canada include Citizens from Britain, Australia, European nations, Japan and others who do not require visa to enter Canada.

The rule does not apply to United State of America citizens. US Citizens do not require a visa or an eTA to travel to Canada. They are allowed to gain entrance to the country with their valid U.S. passport. US permanent residents on the other hand are required to apply for eTA.

Foreigners from non visa except countries who has a Canada travel visa, Canadian permanent residence permit, or Canadian citizenship does not need an eTA travel document to enter Canada. The same goes for foreign students from non visa except countries who have been given Visa to study in Canada.

Note that this procedure is for only people coming into Canada by air. Those who are using other means will require other documents.

Official ETA Application For Canada – How To Apply For An ETA

Foreigners can apply for eTA Canada by filling the Canada eTA application form. The applicant will need a valid passport, a valid credit or debit card and an email address. The fee one is required to pay for this eTA online Canada application is $7 CAD and the application process only takes a few minutes.

Once the application is approved the Canadian embassy in charge of this process will send an eTA approval mail to the applicant, but some application request can take several days and the applicant might be required to submit supporting documents.

In order to effectively fill the form and apply successfully applicants are advised to only use the eTA application canada official website. This is the only certified place foreigners can get Canada official eTA.

Now that your are aware of how the Official ETA Application For Canada works, you can go ahead and fill that application and start your journey to Canada.

However please note that Hotsaucenaija does not have an connection with the Canada Immigration eTA office. If you need further information you should contact them directly. The above explained procedure is the way official ETA application for Canada is applied for.

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