Okash Loan: How To Get Instant Loan From Okash

There are so many financial emergencies that might occur like medical emergency, car repairs, or an unplanned travel expense. All these expenses can make one go into panic if you have no means of handling them. Okash Loan is an online lending platform that provides individuals with instant access to short-term loans to address their financial needs.

If you are in need of a convenient financial assistance then you should consider borrowing money from Okash. In this article, we will explore what Okash Loan is, how it works, its key features, and the application process. Follow us as we explore the world of Okash Loan.

What is Okash Loan?

Okash is part of the Opay enterprise. It is the loan section of Opay. This Loan section is a digital lending platform that offers short-term loans to individuals who need immediate cash. It operates through a mobile application, allowing users to conveniently apply for a loan using their smartphones. Okash Loan aims to bridge the gap between financial emergencies and quick access to funds, providing a hassle-free borrowing experience.

How does Okash Loan work?

Okash Loan utilizes advanced algorithms and data analytics to assess an individual’s creditworthiness and determine their loan eligibility. The application process is simple and can be completed within minutes. Once approved, the loan amount is disbursed directly into the borrower’s bank account or mobile wallet. The repayment terms are flexible, and users can choose a suitable repayment period based on their financial circumstances.

Key features of Okash Loan

Below are some key features of Okash Loan:

  • Instant loan approval: Okash Loan provides quick loan approvals, allowing borrowers to access funds within a short period.
  • Flexible loan amounts: Borrowers can select the loan amount based on their financial requirements, up to the maximum limit set by Okash Loan.
  • Convenient application process: The Okash Loan mobile application makes it easy for users to apply for a loan anytime and anywhere.
  • Transparent fees and interest rates: Okash Loan ensures transparency in its fee structure and interest rates, providing borrowers with clear information about their loan application include the interest rate and other associated fees.
  • Automatic loan disbursement: Once the loan is approved, the funds are automatically transferred to the borrower’s bank account or mobile wallet.
  • No collateral required: Okash Loan is an unsecured loan, meaning borrowers do not need to provide any collateral to secure the loan.
  • Credit score independence: Okash Loan considers various factors when assessing loan eligibility, not solely relying on credit scores.
  • Customer support: Okash Loan provides customer support services to address any queries or concerns borrowers may have.

Type of Okash Loan

Okash Loan offers different types of loans to cater to various financial needs. Let’s explore some of the common types of loans provided by Okash Loan:

  1. Personal Loans: Personal loans from Okash Loan are designed to meet individual financial requirements. These loans can be used for various purposes such as medical expenses, home repairs, education, or debt consolidation. Personal loans typically have flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates.
  2. Emergency Loans: Okash Loan understands that financial emergencies can occur unexpectedly. Emergency loans provide quick access to funds to address urgent expenses, such as medical emergencies or unexpected vehicle repairs. These loans are designed to be processed rapidly, allowing borrowers to receive the funds within a short period.
  3. Salary Advance Loans: Salary advance loans are specifically tailored for individuals who need a short-term cash advance before their next payday. These loans help bridge the gap between paychecks and can be useful for managing immediate financial needs, such as utility bills or grocery expenses.
  4. Business Loans: Okash Loan also offers loans for small business owners and entrepreneurs. These loans can be utilized for various business-related purposes, such as purchasing inventory, equipment, or managing working capital needs. Business loans from Okash Loan provide a convenient financing option for business growth and development.
  5. Education Loans: Okash Loan recognizes the importance of education and provides loans to support educational expenses. These loans can be used to cover tuition fees, course materials, or other educational costs. Education loans from Okash Loan aim to assist individuals in pursuing their educational goals without financial constraints.
  6. Group Loans: Group loans are a unique offering from Okash Loan that enables borrowers to access funds as part of a collective group. This type of loan encourages community cooperation and provides financial assistance to multiple individuals within a group. Group loans often come with attractive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

Eligibility Requirements for an Okash Loan

To be eligible for an Okash Loan, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a legal resident of the country where Okash Loan operates.
  • Have a valid identification document (e.g., ID card, passport).
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a smart phone and a registered mobile number.
  • Meet the minimum income requirements set by Okash Loan.

How to apply for an Okash Loan

It is quite easy to Apply for Okash Loan as it does not require a rigorous process. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download the Okash Loan mobile application from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account by providing the required personal information.
  3. Complete the loan application form, including details such as the desired loan amount and repayment period.
  4. Submit the application for review.
  5. Wait for the loan approval decision, which is usually communicated within minutes.
  6. If approved, the loan amount will be disbursed directly into your bank account or mobile wallet.

How to Apply for Okash Loan Using USSD Code

Asides from the mobile app you can also apply for Okash loan using the Opay USSD code. With just a few simple steps, you can apply for an Okash Loan using your mobile phone. Below is how you can apply for Okash Loan using the USSD code.

1. Dial the Okash Loan USSD code

On your mobile phone, open the dialer and enter the Okash Loan USSD code. In Nigeria the official Okah Loan USSD code is *955#. Press the call button to initiate the USSD session.

2. Select the loan application option

Once you’ve dialed the Okash Loan USSD code, a menu will appear on your screen. The menu will display various options related to Okash Loan services. Look for the option that allows you to apply for a loan. It might be labeled as “Apply for Loan” or something similar. Use the corresponding number or key to select that option.

3. Enter your personal information

After selecting the loan application option, you will be prompted to enter your personal information. This may include details such as your full name, identification number, phone number, and other relevant information. Make sure to enter the correct information as it will be used to process your loan application.

4. Specify the loan amount

Once you’ve entered your personal information, the next step is to specify the loan amount you wish to borrow. You may be provided with a list of available loan amounts or be prompted to enter the desired amount manually. Choose an amount that suits your financial needs but remember to borrow responsibly and within your repayment capabilities.

5. Review the loan terms and conditions

Before submitting your loan application, take the time to review the terms and conditions provided by Okash Loan. This includes information about interest rates, fees, repayment periods, and any other relevant details. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions before proceeding to ensure you are comfortable with the borrowing terms.

6. Submit your loan application

Once you have reviewed the loan terms and conditions, you can proceed to submit your loan application. Follow the instructions provided on the USSD menu to confirm and submit your application. Take note of any reference number or confirmation code provided as it may be required for future reference.

7. Wait for loan approval and disbursement

After submitting your loan application, Okash Loan will review your application and assess your eligibility. This process typically takes a short time, and you will receive a notification regarding the status of your application. If approved, the loan amount will be disbursed directly to your mobile wallet or bank account linked to your Okash Loan profile.

How Much Can You Borrow From Okash Loan

People that makes use of Okash service can borrow as low as N3000. While the maximum you can borrow from Okash especially as a first time borrower is N50,000.

Okash Loan Interest Rate and Tenure

Okash charges a daily interest rate that is between 0.1% to 1%. The annual interest rate is between 36.5% and 36.0%. Okash also requires its borrowers to pay an origination fee that ranges from N1,299 to N6,000.

As for the loan tenure, Okash gives a duration of 91days for short tenure and 365days for long tenure. This is determined by several factors like loan type, loan amount and more.

Repayment options for an Okash Loan

Okash Loan offers flexible repayment options to suit borrowers’ financial capabilities. Typically, repayment can be made through the following methods:

  • Direct debit: Okash Loan deducts the loan repayment amount directly from the borrower’s bank account on the agreed-upon due date.
  • Mobile wallet payment: Borrowers can make loan repayments using their mobile wallet balance linked to the Okash Loan application.
  • Bank transfer: Borrowers can manually transfer the repayment amount to Okash Loan’s designated bank account.

It’s essential to make timely repayments to avoid late fees and maintain a positive borrowing history.

Pros and cons of Okash Loan

Before considering Okash Loan as a borrowing option, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons:


  • Quick and convenient loan application process.
  • No collateral required.
  • Flexible repayment options.
  • Accessible to individuals with limited credit history.
  • Transparent fee structure.


  • Higher interest rates compared to traditional bank loans.
  • Limited loan amounts for first-time borrowers.
  • Potential late fees for missed or delayed payments.

Tips for responsible borrowing with Okash Loan

To ensure a positive borrowing experience and avoid any financial difficulties, consider the following tips:

  1. Borrow only what you need: Evaluate your financial situation and borrow an amount that you can comfortably repay within the given period.
  2. Create a repayment plan: Plan your budget and allocate funds specifically for loan repayment to avoid any financial strain.
  3. Make timely repayments: Pay your installments on time to maintain a good credit history and avoid additional charges.
  4. Understand the terms and conditions: Read and understand the loan agreement, including fees, interest rates, and penalties, before accepting the loan offer.
  5. Seek financial advice if needed: If you are unsure about your financial capabilities or have concerns about borrowing, consult a financial advisor for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Okash Loan available in all countries?

Okash Loan operates in select countries. Check their official website or mobile application to see if your country is included in their service area.

2. How long does it take to receive the funds from Okash Loan?

Once your loan is approved, the funds are usually disbursed within a few minutes and transferred to your bank account or mobile wallet.

3. What happens if I can’t repay my Okash Loan on time?

Late repayments may incur additional fees and affect your credit history. It’s important to contact Okash Loan’s customer support as soon as possible to discuss repayment options and avoid any further complications.

4. Can I apply for an Okash Loan if I have bad credit?

Okash Loan considers various factors beyond credit scores when assessing loan applications. Even if you have bad credit, you may still be eligible for an Okash Loan based on other criteria such as income and repayment capacity.

5. Is Okash Loan safe and secure?

Okash Loan employs advanced security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information. However, it’s essential to ensure that you download the official Okash Loan application from a trusted source to minimize the risk of fraud or scams.


Okash Loan offers a quick and convenient solution for individuals in need of immediate financial assistance. With its user-friendly mobile application, transparent fee structure, and flexible repayment options, Okash Loan aims to provide a hassle-free borrowing experience. However, it’s crucial to borrow responsibly, considering your financial capabilities and exploring alternatives before making a borrowing decision.

If you have further enquires or require other Opay services, you can visit the Opay offices in Nigeria or call their customer care number.

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