Police Station Near Me, Address and Phone Numbers Updated Umuahia, Abia State

Sometimes we might find ourselves in a very unsafe environment or we need to report a crime. The need to visit a Police station near me or have a Police station phone number becomes very important. The job of policing is not only for law enforcement agencies alone, it is our collective duty.

Abia is a state in the southeastern part of Nigeria. The capital is Umuahia and the major commercial city is Aba. The commercial hub, Aba was formerly a British colonial government outpost in the region. Abia state was created in 1991 from part of Imo State.

Aba is very popular for its trading activities. It is the second biggest open market in the east next to Onitsha market. You can find the best tailors in Aba. Its is the second biggest fabrics market in Nigeria after the famous balogun market. Many of the neighboring states like River, Akwaibom, Calabar, Imo and Bayelsa depends on Aba International Market.

Abia State is home to zone 9 police headquarters in Umuahia. Below is an updated list of Police station Address and Phone number in Abia State just in case there is an emergency.

Umuahia and Abia State Police Station Address and Telephone Information

Abia state Police StationsAreaAddressTelephone
Ubakala Police Station UmuahiaUmuahia SouthUmuahia South08035415405
Zone 9 Police Station UmuahiaUmuahia NorthUmuahia North08079210003
Azumini Police Station AbaUkwa EastUkwa East07069441296
The Nigerian Police Divisional
Headquarters Abayi Aba
Osisioma NgwaAbayi07069441296
Isiala-Ngwa North Police StationIsiala-Ngwa
Abia State University Police StationIsuikwuatoIsuikwuato08035415405
Amaufuru Police StationUgwunagboUgwunagbo08079210003
Abiriba Divisional Police HeadQuartersOhafiaOhafia08035415405
Bende Police  StationUmuahia NorthUmuahia North08079210003
Eastern Ngwa Division Police HQObi NwgaObi Nwga07069441296
Ozu Abam Police StationArochukwuArochukwu08079210003
Isuochi Divisional Police HQUmu-NneochiUmu-Nneochi07069441296
Ugwunagbo Police StationUgwunagboUgwunagbo08035415405
Isiala Oboro Police StationIkwuanoIkwuano08079210003
Akwete Nigeria Police StationAkweteAkwete07069441296
Eziama Police StationAba NorthAba North07069441296
Uratta Police StationAba SouthAba South07069441296
State Cid StationUmuahia NorthUmuahia North08035415405
Ohuru Ishimiri Police StationObi NwgaObi Nwga07069441296
Itumbauzo Police StationBendeBende08035415405
Obehie Police StationObehieObehie07069441296
The Nigeria Police Station NdiolumbeNdiolumbeNdiolumbe08035415405
Divisional Headquaters IsuochiIsuochiIsuochi07069441296
Umuopara Police StationUmuoparaUmuopara08079210003
Police Station Isiukwuato
Divisional Headquarters
Umuagu Police StationUmuaguUmuagu08035415405
Divisional Headquarters World Bank
Division Ehimiri
Umuahia NorthEhimiri08079210003
Nigeria Police Divisioal Headquarters NkporoOhafiaNkporo07069441296
Amaeke Police StationBendeAmaeke08035415405
Divisional Police Headquarters Ogborhill AbaAba NorthOgborhill07069441296
The Nigeria Police Station Ibere IkwuanoIkwuanoIbere Ikwuano08079210003
Imo River Police PostUkwa westImo River07069441296
Bende Divisional Police HeadquartersBendeBende08035415405

If you find yourself in need of visiting the nearest police station in Abia state or Umuahia. Your can take advantage of the list above.