The 3 Best Canada Immigration Lawyers In Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area in the United States is one place that is dominated with high profile Canada Immigration lawyers. This 3 Canada Immigration lawyers In Bay Area is an article that shines light on some of these well experienced Immigration lawyers in the United States.

Bay Area in the United States is a place widely populated by wealthy individuals as well as residents from different race and ethnicity. The diversity in race and ethnicity is evident in the economical stand of the city. There is advance development in this area making it a high target for foreigners.

One thing that makes the Bay Area a unique place is because you can find almost anything thing you need there. Aside from the comfort and security you can also find good Canadian immigration lawyers to help you process your visa, if what you desire is to travel to Canada.

US residents as well as others who desire to relocate, study or work in Canada can employ the service of these lawyers to help make their desire come true. As a foreigner who desires to travel to Canada for whatever reason, you can get the best help with your travel plans from any of these immigration lawyers in Bay Area.

You don’t necessarily need to contact an immigration lawyer in Canada to help you. The lawyers in our list which have their offices in Bay Area can also do the job which the immigration lawyers in Canada does. The lawyers in our list below are some of the best Canada immigration lawyers available and they will give you the best advise, assist with your application as well as help you settle down comfortably in Canada.

Some of these lawyers can even handle your asylum case and get your asylum request approved. They can also help plead your case before the Canadian Immigration panel. These lawyers work with all individuals, whether you reside in the United State, Europe, Asia or Africa.

A foreigner can find himself in the US on a visitor’s visa and would be needing an immigration lawyer to help him migrate to Canada. These lawyers in Bay Area can help with that.

Immigration to Canada is very sensitive and important, it would only be advisable to make use of a professional in processing your application, in order not to get rejected. Below is the list of the best Canada Immigration Lawyers in Bay Area updated.

3 Best Canada Immigration Lawyers In Bay Area

1. Dhillon Immigration Law

Dhillon Immigration Law is a Canada Immigration law firm. The law office is located at One Market Street, Spear Tower, Suite 3600, San Francisco, CA 94105. The law firm fully offers Canada Immigration service to foreigners who need to migrate to Canada.

The firm has over 10 years experience in Immigration matter. It was founded by Pavan Dhillon. She has an exceptional track record with a variety of visa and work permit categories, including: labor market impact assessments (LMIAs), NAFTA or Free-trade agreement work permits, intra-company transfers, provincial nominee programs, express entry, Global Skills Strategy, Global Talent Stream, reciprocal employment and family-based sponsorship applications.

She has been recognized as a very kind and professional lawyer. Her services have been praised by her clients and many foreigners have been able to get their immigration application approved through this them.

Dhillon Immigration law has Innovative technology and expertise which ensures that their clients get the best client experience with effective, reliable and secure legal advice.

2. Bay Immigration Law

Bay Immigration Law is located at 325 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CAUSA94104. It is an immigration law firm that is highly recognized and respected in the area. Bay Immigration Law works closely with our employees to help them migrate to the US and Canada.

Their lawyers are attentive, professional, and has handles employment-based petitions in a timely and cost-effective manner. They have been able to successfully help thousands of foreigners obtain Legal Permanent Resident Status.

Their offices are always open to attend to walk in client and their services extend to both foreigners living outside the US. The law firm has a team of lawyers and these lawyers are specialist in all the areas they have been assigned to.

Bay Immigration Law has a long list of top leading employers as clients. They help these employers get their foreign staffs moved to the country. Their years of experience and topnotch service makes them one of the best Canadian Immigration lawyers in Bay Area.

3. Verma Law Firm

Verma Law firm is managed by Arjun Verma an attorney who is passionate about helping others achieve the American Dream. He also helps foreigners migrate to Canada. He focuses on providing comprehensive and personalized service to everyone who comes to him for assistance.

The law firm is located at 802 Montgomery St, Suite 2D San Francisco, CA 94133. The law office has very friendly and serious staffs. They are quick to respond to clients and their services are topnotch. Their lawyers believe handle every immigration differently that is why they guide their clients through each phase of their case, step by step.

Verma Law firm handles all immigration matter from family immigration, citizenship, business visa as well as temporary resident visa. They are considered one of the best immigration law firm in Bay Area.

Bay Area has a lot of qualified Immigration lawyers but the ones in our list are recognized for their expertise in Canada immigration. That is why we consider them as some of the best Canada immigration lawyer in Bay Area.

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