The 7 Best Crypto Debit Card To Use

As Cryptocurrency keeps dominating the economic world, more people are now looking for an easy way to spend their digital currency. A lot of people have embraced this currency as a legal means of transaction and have incorporated these currencies in their business.

These days many people who want to trade with cryto look for an easy way to spend their digital currency. This is where the crypto debit card comes into play. There are several crypto debit cards that allows you spend your digital currency no matter the one you have.

Some of these crypto debit cards can be used on websites, stores and other outlets that allow the use of debit cards. If you are wondering which crypto debit card to use for your transactions, worry no more. Today we will be revealing to you the all time best crypto debit card to use.

What Is A Crypto Debit Card?

Before we discuss the all time best crypto debit card available, we should first find out what a crypto debit card is. A Crypto Debit Card is similar to other conventional prepaid debit card that can be used for regular transactions. It allows you spend your digital currencies like Binance coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and the other altcoins at places where these currencies are accepted.

These cards are backed by Visa and MasterCard and for every time you use your crypto card money is deducted from your wallet and converted into the merchant’s currency. The Crypto Debit Card carries out the same function as a regular debit card and there are more advantages to it including no maintenance fee charge.

Best Crypto Debit Card To Use

1. Binance Debit Card

The Binance debit card is one card you should think of getting if you hate all those administrative fees that comes with using regular cards. It is completely free to use and does everything the regular debit card does.

Binance debit card holders can keeps all digital assets in their binance card wallet and make use of them when they want to carryout payments. The Binance visa card promises up to 8% cashback on all eligible purchase payments.

Card holders can gain access, load digital currency, and activate card security through the Binance card app. The debit card has the highest level of security available for any card and your funds cannot easily be tampered with. Every other thing you need to control on your card can be done in the Binance app and it is very easy to navigate.

Binance debit card is the best crypto debit card to use if you hate all those administrative fees attached to regular cards, especially card maintenance fees. It should however be noted that there are a few third party fees that will apply to your card.

2. Coinbase Debit Card

Coinbase debit card is another crypto debit card that is good to use. This card allows you spend directly from you coinbase wallet without the stress of transferring your currency to the bank. Coinbase debit card is supported by Visa and is usable all over the world.

The card allows users to spend all of their digital asset via the coinbase platform apart from Bitcoin. When you carryout a transaction with coinbase debit card, your crypto currency is converted to USD, EUR and GBP, which can be withdrawn from any ATM.

Users of the card can also earn daily reward from spending their crypto. The percentage you can earn can be from 1% to 4% BTC and XLM. There is also a 2.9% transaction fee for non US residents while US residents are not charged for their transaction. All these charges and bonuses can be seen on the coinbase app.

In terms of security the card features two-step authentication, 256-bit encryption of your personal and payment information. There is also the option to freeze your card immediately in the coinbase app. These and other measures are put in place to make sure your digital assets is safe.

3. Bitpay Debit Card

This cards gives you two option which to have a virtual card that can be used online or a physical one. It is powered by MasterCard and like any other crypto debit card it can be used in different compatible ATM around the world.

With this card you can easily reload your wallet and convert your digital currency without any conversion fee. This card is integrated with apple therefore you can easily download the app and start using it. To order for your card you will however be required to provide your driver’s license and Social Security number.

There is several options available in the Bitpay app. Like requesting a new PIN and converting your crypto into fiat currency. In terms of security, the card has an EMV chip and multiple options to lock your card and control your spending. By default the card is limited to 3 withdrawals per day and it shouldn’t exceed $2,000.

Bitpay debit card has a withdrawal fee of 2.5% but does not require monthly and annual charges. However there is a $5 inactivity fee required if you do not use your card for 90 days. This crypto debit card is best for regular users.

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4. Cryptopay Debit Card

This is another crypto debit card that is good for daily use. Cryptopay debit card has two card options, the plastic card which can be used in compatible ATM around the world and the virtual card that can be used on the app.

The virtual card which can be used online allows the user to make big purchases. Cryptopay card users can spend as much as ₤30,000 in a single online transaction. Cryptopay debit card is powered by Visa and can be used in any visa accepted location.

Cryptopay card users can easily convert their digital assets to fiat currencies like the USD, GBP and EUR. There is maximum security on the card, therefore you have no fear of your money being stolen. Card users can also request for their card statement, deposit, track payments and do other transaction online through their wallet.

The app is easy to navigate and most settings on your card can be done with it. Cryptopay debit card also comes with over draft protection, therefore you don’t have to worry about overdraft fees. This is definitely the best crypto debit card to use if you require one for daily use.

5. Nexo Debit Card

Nexo debit card is known for its high level security. This debit card secures your digital assets with military-grade 256-bit encryption. It also have around-the-clock fraud monitoring mechanism that ensures your funds and transactions is safe.

Asides the high level security this card has a 2% cashback policy that is paid immediately in Bitcoin or Nexo native coin. There is no monthly, annually or foreign transaction fee attached to transactions. This card is supported by MasterCard therefore acceptable in all compatible ATM around the world.

Another thing that stands out with this card is that you are not required to link your crypto wallet to the card to fund it. Instead it allows a line of credit through a crypto loan product to top your balance. All settings and transaction can be done with the Nexo app.

6. Blockfi Debit Card

Blockfi debit card is another crypto debit card that offers a wide range of mouth watery benefits. This card is powered by Visa and like a very good crypto debit card you earn rewards for spending. Blockfi card users get to earn reward in Bitcoin when they use the card in all designated ATM that is compatible with it.

Card users can get 1.5% of your expenditures back in bitcoin when they use Blockfi and if they are able to spend $50,000 in a year, your reward grows to 2%. However these rewards in bitcoin cannot be converted to other forms of crypto and the reward are not paid instantly.

Blockfi card users get additional interest of up to $30 in bitcoin when they refer others. There is no annual fee, no monthly fee, no transaction fee or any other fee attached to the card.

7. Wirex Debit Card

Wirex debit card is one of the best crypto debit card because it allows users operate both crypto and fiat account. This card is supported by visa card and users can exchange crypto to fiat without the use of intermediaries.

This card also gives the user the opportunity to earn cash reward back when they make purchases with it. They can get up to 2% cashback which is paid in WXT and can be converted to any crypto. Wirex debit card users can make up to $1400 daily ATM withdrawals. They can also deposit up to $2500.

Wirex debit card supports over 150 national currencies. There is also an app that users can use to do their transactions, change password and receive alerts. Card users can also get $10 in commission when they refer other people.

There is no card maintenance fee, no exchange fee when you convert crypto to fiat. Wirex debit card is one of the very good crypto debit card out there.

When dealing in cryptocurrency it is important you get a crypto debit card for easy transaction. The above mentioned card are the best crypto debit cards in the digital currency world.

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