The 9 Best Electric Breast Pumps For Moms

If you are just starting your breastfeeding journey you will realize quickly that it is not easy and you need help. This is where breast pump comes in, especially for working mums it is a necessity. When I started breastfeeding I thought I could do it on my own without pumping, I was shocked to find out that it is not possible.

There were times my baby would be sleeping and my breast was engorged and I needed to extract. Other times I had to go out leaving my baby behind, and I needed to extract enough breast milk that would last him, especially when I had to resume work. This need made me go in search for the best breast pump brand that would do the job.

I tried so many brands and quickly realized not all breast pumps have maximum effect in extracting my breast milk. I got several recommendations from my friends that are moms and I was able to solve my breast pumping problem. Now is my turn to help other moms who are in need of the best breast pump, especially with the shortage of formula.

If you are also in need of a free breast pump through insurance, I will be giving you guide on how to get it. Turn on the notification as you will be getting updated on that. My focus today is on the electric breast pump which worked very well for me, I will also list out the best manual breast pump subsequently if this is your preference.

What Are The Types Of Breast Pumps Available

Before you go about picking the best breast pump that would give you maximum milk extraction, you should know that there are different types of breast pumps. There are three main types of breast pumps available for use. One out of the three is not quite flexible and making it a less desirable option.

Below are the four types of breast pumps available to mothers:

1. Hospital-grade Breast Pumps

This breast pump is what is known as heavy duty pump which comprises of large components and strong motor. It has the capacity to extract more amount of milk per suction than other types of breast pump. It is fast and very effective. Another advantage to it is that it makes less noise.

The reason why it is not flexible is because it is bulky and not easy to move around. This breast pump is usually found in hospitals and regularly rented out for temporary use. They are also expensive making them less convenient for the average mother.

2. Electric Breast Pumps

The Electric breast pump is the most popular type of pump right now and this is due to its effectiveness. It has all the features one desire in a breast pump. It is portable and can be carried anywhere, it has maximum speed that can be adjusted to suit you, there is a storage bag that comes with it and it gives good output when used properly.

With the electric breast pump, you can go for the single electric one which pumps one breast at a time or the double electric pump that pumps both breast at the same. This one has gained more popularity as it is more efficient.

There is also the wearable electric pump also known as the hands free breast pump. This type of electric breast pump is the most efficient and flexible as you can wear it right in your bra. It comes with flanges, milk bags. This pump allows you extract milk anywhere at anytime in different position.

3. Manual Breast Pumps

Like the name implies this pump require you to do the work. It is hand operated and works with the pressing motion of your own hand to create suction and pump your milk. There is not much flexibility with this pump as you are required to apply pressure with your hands to determine the suction.

There is the manual breast pump that has a grip you can hold on to and press while the milk comes out. It also has the type that is like a ball take you press for milk to be extracted. Manual breast pumps is less convenient for mothers who require hands free use and the lack of motor makes it a less desirable choice for long term use.

When choosing a breast pump you should be aware that there are two models available in the market. There is the closed system breast pumps and the open system breast pumps.

  • Closed System Breast Pumps: This model of breast pump is also known as hospital grade breast pump. It has a seal that serves as a barrier separating the milk from the motor. This feature is called overflow protection and it helps prevent milk from getting into the machine. It is the most hygienic option but more stressful when washing.
  • Open System Breast Pumps: The open system breast pump is the opposite of the closed system breast pump. There is no seal separating the milk from the motor making it possible for milk to overflow into the machine. While this option is less hygienic, it is cheaper than the closed system breast pumps.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Breast Pump

1. Finance

Of course before you invest in buying a breast pump or even anything for yourself and baby you should consider your financial state. Ask yourself can I really afford this breast pump I want to get. You should know that there are several brands of breast pumps that are good and not very expensive.

There are also the very expensive and highly effective ones. Mothers can even get free breast pump through Insurance. They all serve a purpose and you should way your options properly before choosing a breast pump.

2. Consider Your Need

Before you make that purchase consider how often you would need to pump your breast. If you would be pumping everyday then you might want to go for the electric breast pump as it will serve your purpose more. But if you want to do it once in awhile it would be better to get a pump that would cost you less like the manual one.

If you have a condition like an inverted nipple, you would certainly need a good electric breast pump as the manual one will be difficult to use. Consider the need before you choose the breast pump you will use.

3. Weight

You certainly would want to get a breast pump that is very easy to carry if you are going to be moving around with it. If you are a working mom then a very light weight breast pump is the best option for you.

Stay at home moms or Mothers who work from home, might not put too much thought into the weight of the pump. I always advise that anything that makes things easier for you as a mom you should do.

4. Noise Level

Now while there is no noiseless breast pump there are some that are more noisy than others. If you are going to be pumping in the mist of people like in an office, you would want to get a breast pump that makes less noise. Something that is relatively quiet is what you should get if you are pumping outside your home.

5. Easy Part Replacement

When you pump often there is definitely going to be wear and tear and you will need to replace some parts. It is only advisable to get a brand of breast pump that the part are easily available and replaceable. Things like the valves, tubing and even the plug can need change after some time.

6. Insurance Coverage

Before you select the best breast pump that would extract your milk, you should check if there is insurance coverage for it. Find out if you are going to get the breast pump through insurance or you will be covering the cost for it.

7. Longevity

A lot of moms don’t consider the long term use of most gadget they buy. Before choosing a product see if it is something you can use for a long time or is for temporary use. If you are going to be breastfeeding for six to twelve months then you should go for a product that is durable.

Also would you be able to use it for your other babies when you they come. These are things to consider when shopping for the best breast pump for you.

Best Electric Breast Pump For Breastfeeding Mothers

Below are the list of the best electric breast pump available. The various breast pumps on my list are good for different purpose and I will be stating them as I go on.

1 Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

This particular breast pump brand I personally use. It is the Best All-around Breast Pump. Spectra S1 plus electric breast pump is a closed system pump. It is flexible to use and has the option of single or double pumping. This breast pump has strong suction and adjustable vacuum.

It is quite portable to move around with it and the carrying handle makes it easy. Spectra S1 comes with power cord, nightlight with two light levels and a timer to remind you of your night pumping sessions. There is also option for rechargeable battery for mothers who want to pump while away.

The suction of this pump is adjustable with numerous setting. It is also a pro for mothers who want a noiseless breast pump as it is considered relatively quiet. Mothers can get the spectra breast pump through insurance making it a good option. Talk to your insurance provider about getting a free breast pump.

I have mostly good experience using Spectra S1 plus electric pump and I would recommend it to mothers.

2. Medela Pump In Style With MaxFlow Breast Pump

This is another closed system breast pump that is good. It is the best breast pump for working mothers. Medela pump has double electric feature that makes it easier to extract maximum milk. It has a cooler, a battery pack, two sizes of breast shields, bottles and more. These features makes it easy for working moms to pump while away.

According to the brand owners this pump is meant to increase stimulation, which involves a faster sucking rhythm to get milk flowing. This in turn will create more expression and more milk production in less amount of time.

Medela Pump has slower sucking rhythm for feeding and there are less parts making it easier to clean. Some of the things that you should consider before buying this pump is that it doesn’t have a screen to see your setting and it can be considered more noisy than the Spectra S1 plus.

3. BellaBaby Double Electric Breast Pump

Bellababy double electric breast pump is one of the most digitally advanced double electric breast pump out there. In terms of working capacity, this breast pump has a touch HD display screen with a sensitive touch panel. It is so easy to use that with one touch on the screen one can control the pump. Bellababy also has all the necessary information mom require about pumping displayed on the screen.

Another advantage of this pump is that it is a closed system pump therefore you don’t have to worry about milk getting into the wrong parts. It also has a strong suction that extracts more milk than the ordinary pump and even with low battery it works well. There are two pumping modes and multiple levels of suction in this pump.

The pump is quite handy and can be carried everywhere, making it a good choice for working mothers. One downside to it is that it is a little on the noisy side for moms who desire a more quiet breast pump. It also has lots of parts and components that would require more time to clean.

Bellababy double electric pump can also be gotten through insurance therefore you should check with your insurance provider.

4. Eventflo Feeding Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

While most breast pump available in the market has one size flanges for all product, this breast pump comes with three different sizes of flanges. This cuts out the stress of searching for the perfect flange size for you. It is a double electric breast pump that was made with the consideration of what would work best for you. Buyers can get more options of flanges sold separately if they are not satisfied with the original product.

This double electric breast pump also comes with a small cooler, bottle nipple and convenient carry case. It features makes it easy for working moms to move around with the pump. The pump is also lightweight and easy to control.

It is quieter and has very good speed. The suction is very good and the settings allows for flexibility. This breast pump is a closed system pump therefore the electrical parts are closed off from milk getting into them. Also when you buy this pump you will have access to lactation consultant support. It is one of the best portable breast pump.

5. Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

This is a double electric breast pump that is hospital grade for those who needs that type of pump. It is quite pricey but also very effective for those that can afford it. Some of its features include, three pumping styles and adjustable suction, a backlit LCD screen.

Lansinoh is lightweight, portable unlike most hospital grade pump, and works with a power cord and batteries. It is a closed system pump which protects the parts from milk overflow. This makes it more tasking to wash and sterilize both at the same time more hygenic to use.

Some of the letdown of this pump is that it is not as quiet as most high grade electric breast pump. It also runs through batteries quickly, making it not the best option for moms traveling long distance.

6. Willow Wearable Breast Pump

If you are a mom that is always on the move or you work around the house a lot and need something that is cordless then this pump is for you. Willow wearable breast pump is a double electric breast pump that has no tubes, no wires and no hanging bottles.

It fits right into your bra and can be worn under your clothes. Willow breast pump is cordless, and all its component fits into the pump including the motor. This pump allows you pump in any position without leakage. It is relatively quite and milk can be pumped and stored in the same bag.

When you buy this pump you can link it to its corresponding app where you can keeps track of milk volume, pumping time and previous pumping sessions. The app also controls suction and can be linked to your phone making control easy.

Some of the downside to it is that you have to buy the storage bag as it is sold separately. it is also quite pricey but moms can get it free through their insurance. They should make enquires about this. Willow has the best wearable breast pump.

7. Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump

This is one of the most cost effective electric breast pump out there. It is a rechargeable pump and has a long battery life span. It is good for moms who are always on the move. This pump is lightweight and barely noticeable when in use.

It is relatively noiseless and comes with multiple message setting that allows for effective pumping. Motif Duo has an LCD screen that makes it easy to see your setting. It’s closed system function also protects the parts from getting overflow milk.

Other accessories that comes with this pump include, three breast shield sizes, a pumping bra and nipple bottles. It is one of the best breast pump available.

8. Elvie Pump

This is another wearable electric pump that is good for mothers who are always moving around and need something discrete. It is handsfree, relatively quiet and has a corresponding app for tracking. Elvie Pump also has a very nice design and you don’t require a storage bag when using it as you can pump right into it.

One of the downside to it is that it is quite pricey and there is a possibility of milk spillage when the collection jar fills. To prevent this you would have to keep an eye on the output level by monitoring the app.

Moms can look out for the Elvie pump insurance to see if they can get this pump for free. This pump is a good choice as it is one of the best hands free pump.

9. Evenflo Feeding Advanced Single-Electric Breast Pump

This is one of the best single electric breast pump. While this type of pump is not as efficient as the double electric pump, it works for moms who do not pump regularly. It is also cheaper than the double electric pump. This particular pump has its control on top the pump and works with batteries.

It is a closed system pump which is more hygienic and it has few components making it easier to clean. Evenflo is very portable This pump has a good suction for a battery operated pump. It is one of the best portable breast pump for mothers who do not pump regularly.

When looking to buy the best breast pump available you should consider all the things I have listed above and to make your search easier you can try any of the breast pumps in our list.

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