The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Brokers

Cryptocurrency is a huge industry right now as lots of businesses and people choose to trade with it. The advantages of crypto largely out way the disadvantages making it a more valuable legal tender. This growth in crypto has brought about lots of cryptocurrency brokers who deal in these coins.

These cryptocurrency brokers trade in crypto, aid in buying and selling of these currencies. For people who are not too familiar on how to deal in crypto but are interested in trading, they may be advised to employ a cryptocurrency broker to make things easy.

While there are lots of them available both online and offline it is important you deal with the right ones in order to gain good interest and also not loose your money. Our goal here is to point you in the right direction by showing you the all time best cryptocurrency brokers available.

These brokers are reliable, trustworthy and have great history of giving you the best value for your investment. Their track record speaks for itself and you can be rest assured that your money is safe with them. Before we reveal our list we will first of all give you a brief insight on who a cryptocurrency broker is.

Who Is A Cryptocurrency Broker

A cryptocurrency broker is a person that works as an intermediary between the buyer( in this case you) and the cryptocurrency exchange. The broker helps the buyer purchase crypto on platforms where they are traded and in turn charge a fee for their service.

The broker can also buy large amount of crypto and sell on their platform. For people who are not familiar with the cryptocurrency world, it is easier to deal with a broker. The broker helps the buyer purchase digital currencies and delivers these coins to the user’s wallet.

When using a crypto broker the buyer can pay for his purchase using easy payment methods like credit card, bank transfer and more. It is left for the broker to convert these into the currency needed for purchase. The broker also offers support to the buyer, and everything is explained and categorized easily.

The buyer will realize that when you buy crypto from a cryptocurrency broker you tend to pay more than when you do the exchange yourself. This is because you are also paying for the service the broker is offering. With a crypto broker, you can easily navigate the Cryptocurrency market.

There are so many cryptocurrency brokers online that offer these services. If you intend to deal on crypto you should be looking out for the Best Cryptocurrency Brokers available. What we will be showing you below is the list of the best cryptocurrency brokers in the industry.

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers

1. Coinbase

If you are new to the cryptocurrency market then coinbase is the way to go. It is one of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase has lots of users from across the globe in its platform. There are around 43million users which speaks for its good service.

These users can trade digital currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. The platform is quite easy to navigate and there are extensive educational resource that can guide you as you navigate. There is a topnotch customer support that provides you with all the needed information and assistance to make trading very easy.

Investors and new traders can easily link up here and users can earn rewards through the coinbase earn feature. Coinbase users can also store their digital currencies in a vault with time-delayed withdrawals for additional protection.

If you are interest in more features, users can join the Coinbase pro platform that is cheaper with enhanced functionality.

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2. Binance

Binance allows investors to trade in popular digital currencies including the smaller coins. It is operated through an app and with the app you can buy and also sell your crypto. The commission charged on trade is cheaper than most cryptocurrency brokers.

It is a very popular trading platform and it keeps growing everyday. The platform is easy to access and navigate. There is customer support for all your questions and challenges. Investors get to trade in altcoin and other smaller crypto.

Investors can also make purchases with the use of credit and debit cards. Binance also allows the use of a variety of fiat currencies in trading. It is definitely on of the best cryptocurrency Brokers in the world.

3. eToro

If you are someone that likes to learn from other people’s mistake then eToro is for you. This cryptoccurrency broker ultimately changed the way crypto trading is done. The unique feature that achieved this change is it’s social trading platform which mirrors another trader or investor’s transactions in a special social trading account.

This feature gives the investor the opportunity to make the same amount of profit the trader he is mirroring is making. The downside to this is that you make the same percentage loss the trader you are copying is making.

Using eToro, investors can trade on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and other cryptocurrency. Its social trading features is topnotch and you can also work with OpenBook.

4. Interactive Brokers

If you are looking for the lowest cost trading then you should go for interactive brokers. This crypto brokers allow you trade your digital currencies directly, charging one of the lowest commission in the market. Most crypto brokers charge a spread on your digital buy or sell, making you spend more on an exchange. Interactive brokers does not do this.

Interactive brokers do not have hidden charges, you also get securities at an affordable price. Users can trade Ethereum, Bitcoin and other currencies at very low rate.

Investors around the world can also invest in other tradable entities like forex, futures and more at no extra commission charged. This cryptocurrency broker is best for experienced traders and investors.

5. iTrustcapital

The unique thing about iTrustcapital is that it allows you trade digital currencies and also hold physical asset like gold in your individual retirement account (IRA). It is one of the few cryptocurrency brokers that allow you do that.

Investors are provided with a personal wallet where they can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin and others. Their platform is easy to navigate and straight forward. The features in it allows you to use your retirement account to purchase gold, silver and other digital currencies.

When you get to retirement age you will be given the option to take your earning in cash or in the assets you have invested in. It is a simple platform that allows you earn both digital and physical assets. This feature makes it stand out as one of the best cryptocurrency brokers available.

These are the top cryptocrurrency brokers you should be dealing with if you are considering diving into the digital currency world. They have a good track record and have set a standard that they have not fall short of so far.

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