The All Time Best Hotels In Enugu, Nigeria For Comfort

Do you need a hotel in Enugu that has all the amenities of a five star hotel?. Are you new in town and require a hotel that offers luxury and comfort? Search no more as our list will point you to the direction of the all time best hotels in Enugu, Nigeria.

These hotels in our list will give you luxury at its finest. They are located in the most serene and reserved areas of the city, which means your privacy, security and comfort is guaranteed. They also have easy access to the major tourist attraction in the state.

When you lodge in the hotels on our list, you are guaranteed a memorable experience. If you are in Enugu for business or pleasure, you won’t regret staying in the hotels we are going to introduce you to.

Hotel business in Enugu is very competitive as there are lots of hotels scattered around the city. Our goal is to point you towards the right direction where you can get the best value for money spent and enjoy the best of Enugu.

Some of the hotels in our list are quite pricy but it is definitely worth it as you will enjoy hotel service that will keep you coming back for more. Follow us as we reveal to you the all time best hotels in Enugu.

Top 7 Best Hotels In Enugu, Nigeria

1. Maxbe Hotel Enugu

Number one on our list of hotels in Enugu that are perfect for lodging is Maxbe hotel. This is a modern and classy hotel in Enugu. It is located at No1 Nza St, Independence Layout, Enugu, a serene and well developed part of the state. Houses in this area are quite on the high side due to the location.

This hotel is well designed. The interior décor is well done with beautiful and modern artistic piece. From the bathroom which has marble titles to the room’s well lit and unique lighting. The furnishing of the rooms were done with classy and sophisticated interiors, You can tell there was creativity in the design. One of the unique things about the hotel is how well space was managed.

The reception has this unique interior décor that gives the entrance a sense of space, style and modern contemporary look. The windows were done with clean glass that are regularly polished. When you first walk through the gate you will be greeted by beautiful view of the well painted hotel. Clean floors and a very well polished tiles is what gives this hotel its unique beauty.

Part of the amenities you can find here is a clean and relaxing poolside. Dinning room that is well furnished with modern interiors and classy plate setting, to top off the design is the sumptuous meal that is regularly served here by some of the best chefs in Enugu. There is also lounge area that is so relaxing you can spend the whole day there having drinks and listening to cool music .

Each room has ample television channels to keep you entertained. There is intercom to communicate with the reception, laundry, kitchen and bar. Customer’s also have access to free high speed Wi-Fi to browse the internet.

One other thing that stands out in this hotel is the view of Enugu from the comfort of your room. Aside from enjoying the beautiful view of the hotel, you get to also see the city from you room. Visitors can enjoy watching the hills, see other nearby buildings as well as the sky(sunrise and set) from their room.

There is also a clean pool to take a dip in if you enjoy swimming, there is enough space to park your cars and an in-house gym to carryout your routine exercise. Visitors need not worry about their security as there is 24hours security in the premises.

Guest can lodge in a room in this hotel for 41,000 naira. You can also get rooms at cheaper rate here.

2. Oakland Hotel Enugu

Oakland hotel is one hotel in Enugu that brings a lot of tourist attraction to the state. The reason for this is because of the kid friendly park located inside the building. This hotel is located at 2 Ebeano tunnel crossing road, Enugu. It is a very popular place in Enugu due to the park activities.

The hotel is a very standard one with quality rooms, a pool, wide parking space and great customer service. There is large inflow of guests who lodge here especially during the holidays. These guest get to enjoy the various rides available at the park area.

Guests can also play a variety of games, enjoy a ride in the carousel and other kid friendly adventurous rides. There is also an outdoor pool for guests to take a swim in. The park is filled with lots of activities that you won’t get bored being there.

The hotel also has a kitchen that serves some of the most tasty local and foreign delicacies. These meals are enjoyed by visitors lodged in the hotel as well as guests who visit the park. There is also free WIFI for hotel guests and 24 hours security to keep the peace. Meetings and other ceremonies can be held here as there is enough space for that.

When I visited Oakland awhile back I got to enjoy the pleasures of the park as well as the luxury of their room. The bed was very comfortable and the staffs were very friendly and professional. To lodge in this hotel guests can expect to spend up to 30,000naira for a room. Again this fee depends on the room you prefer as all the rooms have grade.

3. Best Western Hotel Enugu

This is one hotel that is highly rated in Enugu state. Best Western Plus Enugu is located at 607 Nza St, Independence Layout, Enugu. The environment where it is situated is very serene and security is at its best.

The hotel offer 5 star service to its guests. It has some of the best hotel rooms in the city. Once you enter the premises you will be welcomed to a very cozy environment with modern design. The interior décor in the reception room and the individual hotel rooms are very stylish and modern. There are new and clean furniture in the rooms.

Best Western is known to lodge some of the countries top celebrities. There is 24 hours security, a good working Wi-Fi and other entertainment available for guests to enjoy. The hotel has enough parking space for your cars, Sumptuous meals served from the hotel’s kitchen, pool area where guests can swim.

This hotel is kid friendly so you can bring your kids along with you. There is also a board room inside the hotel where you can have your meetings. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful view of Enugu’s hilly city from the comfort of their rooms.

The hotel also has a beauty shop and a barbing salon on site. There is a good bar area, gym and a patio on site. Guest can lodge here and enjoy all these service at 41,000naira. This price can come as a surprise but it is important to know that Best Western Plus Hotel is one of the most expensive hotel in Enugu.

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4. Ozom Hotel Enugu

This is one hotel in Enugu that I personally love. The hotel is located at 4 Mbakwu Street Independence Layout Enugu. One of the reason I love it is the feeling of comfort you enjoy when you lodge here. It is one of the best hotels in independence layout Enugu and definitely one of the top hotels in Enugu

The environment where this hotel is located is what I consider a premium location. It is one of the most quiet areas of the city. When you first enter the street you would think there is no hotel like this there as everywhere is quiet. Once you enter into through the gate you will be welcomed by a beautiful view of this very big hotel.

There is enough parking space for cars and the reception room is quiet cozy and nice. The receptionists that are stationed at the front are quiet nice and friendly, they will give you the appropriate attention and information you require.

Ozom hotel has unique rooms as most of the furnishing is done with wood. The beds has this unique and quality wooden frame as well as the tables. At the suite you will find a spacious and nicely decorated living room and bed room. There is also a balcony where guests can relax and enjoy the view of the city. The beauty of the suite is that it gives you this feeling of you being at home but this time around in a very sophisticated home.

Guest can lodge in the suite for as much as 100,000 naira, yeah rooms in Ozom Hotel are quiet expensive making it one of the most expensive hotel in Enugu. There are other things that make this price money quiet worth it. Like the lounge area that is very cozy and entertaining. You can enjoy drinks and music at the lounge, you and your company can also enjoy relaxing by the poolside.

There is also the dinning that serve very tasty meals to guests. Also in the premises is a conference room for your meetings. The hotel is also close to Roban Stores in Independence Layout where you can do all you shopping and enjoy the famous Roban bread.

You have no reason why you won’t lodge in this top rank hotel Enugu. If you are in town for business or pleasure you can lodge here and you will enjoy a pleasant memorable experience.

5. Golden Royale Hotel Enugu

Golden Royale Hotel Enugu is located at No10 Bisalla Road, Independence Layout. It is considered part of the 5 star hotels in Enugu. This hotel has all the modern facilities that are required of a top ranked hotel. From the spacious building and parking space to the well designed reception and then the classy rooms beautified by the interior décor and the warm paint on the wall. You are definitely going to be impressed by the amount of details present.

This hotel has a beautiful pool area with well designed chairs for guest to lounge. There is also well arranged dinning area and good chef that serves well prepared meals. Guest will be satisfied with the well equipped gym that has all the necessary gym equipment for fitness lover.

The rooms are also well designed and decorated to satisfy visitor’s needs. While you lodge here you will also be able to relax in the lounge area that is well stocked with varieties of drinks. Golden Royal also has an event hall where guests can host their events. There is also a conference room for meetings.

Outside the hotel is a big space where lots of cars can be parked. The hotel’s bathroom is furnished with modern tiles, beautifully designed and very comfortable to have a bath. This hotel is very suitable for both business and leisure and you are sure to get the best service from the professional staffs.

Guests can spend a night in Golden Royal Hotel in Enugu when the pay the sum of 38,000 naira. The price for various rooms varies but the fee listed can get you a very decent accommodation.

6. Hotel Sunshine Enugu

This is another hotel in Independence Layout that has 5 star qualities. Hotel Sunshine is located at Plot, C5 Presidential Rd, Independence Layout, Enugu. It is a very modern hotel with topnotch amenities. The hotel has a beautiful view from the outside as well as the inside.

It is very big and has enough rooms for guests to lodge. The rooms have modern design and unique interior décor. The walls are painted with warm colors and the lights are very beautiful. The beds are very cozy and spacious enough for guests.

The bathroom has beautiful marble tiles, modern and stylish wash hand basin. There are mirrors on the wall from all angles. The bathtub is modern and the toilet very clean. When you lodge in any of the rooms you will enjoy comfort and a calm and clean environment.

Guests who lodge here also get to enjoy the beautifully decorated lounge area. The chairs are very stylish and there are beautiful lighting which adds to the aesthetics of the place. There is also the dinning area where guests can enjoy beautifully prepared local and foreign cuisine. These meals are quite tasty and very satisfying.

Other things lodgers can enjoy in the hotel are the outdoor pool, the bar, and the gym. There is even a piano in the hotel premises and guest can relax while listening to some classic music. This hotel also has an event hall for all you social occasion.

There is also an ATM machine in the hotel where cash withdrawal can be made and a shop where items can be bought in the premises. If you are already excited to lodge here you should be aware that a room here can cost as much as 35,000 naira for a night.

7. Universal Hotel Enugu

Universal Hotel is located at 3 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout, Enugu. It is one hotel in Enugu state that is good for lodging and hosting your events. The hotel stands out in the area as it has a very big structure. The building has been in existence for awhile now and the standard has not changed much.

The hotel is located in a serene environment suitable for lodgers. The entrance has enough parking space for car owners to park their vehicle. Once you gain entrance into the building you be welcomed by very friendly and professional receptionists.

There are staffs that will willingly help you to your room and you can make use of the lift which will lead you directly to your room. The hotel rooms are quite space with well designed furniture. The beds are very cozy and guests get to enjoy free internet connection and cable television.

At the premises there is a dinning area where guests are served well prepared meals by the resident chefs. There is also the pool area where guests can swim or just sit out and enjoy good music and drinks. Universal hotel also has conference rooms for your meetings and events. There is also halls in the premises for your wedding reception, birthdays and other events.

Guests can also burn down calories at the in-house gym, take a walk around the area as the roads lead to other parts of the city. There are so many things guests can engage in when they lodge here. Visitors get to enjoy all the things Enugu has to offer while living in luxury in Universal Hotel.

There is one thing most hotels lack which is maintenance but these top rank hotel in Enugu doesn’t have that problem. Regular maintenance is what keeps the standard of these hotels. Enugu is a very beautiful and calm city for holiday travelers to visit. The serenity, tourist sites as well as the fact that it is practically regarded as the capital of the East makes it a desired location to visit.

These hotels in our list provides comfort, security and luxury. Their locations is part of what make them the best as they are situated in relevant areas. The hotels in our list offer premium hotel experience to guests who love luxury. Though they might be regarded as the Most Expensive hotels in Enugu, the service they offer is definitely worth the price. You should feel at ease to lodge in any of these all time best hotels in Enugu, Nigeria and enjoy luxury at its finest.

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