The All Time Best Hotels In Port Harcourt For Luxury Accommodation

If there is anything Port Harcourt has abundance of it is hotels. Every major street you enter, you will find at least one hotel where guests can lodge. There are several hotels scattered all over the city making it easy to locate.

While it is easy to find hotels in Port Harcourt, it might be quite tedious to find the best hotels in the city without proper guide. This is why we are introducing to you the all time best hotels in Port Harcourt for luxury accommodation.

There are several reasons why you might want to lodge in a hotel in Port Harcourt. You might be an out of town visitor, coming into the city for business or pleasure. It could be that your stay is for a short period of time or you are on an extended stay and desire to lodge in a very luxury hotel. Whatever your reason, It would be ideal if you are equipped with the right information on where you can get this luxury accommodation.

The hotels in Port Harcourt that offer this luxury accommodation are mostly expensive and most of the hotels on our list are on this high side. One thing that should keep your mind to rest is that the luxury you are paying for is worth every penny.

A visit to any of the hotels in our list will make you convinced that there is luxury and pleasure in the city of Port Harcourt. The amenities, food, customer service and other facilities in these hotels will make your stay memorable. Without wasting much time let introduce to you the all time best hotels in Port Harcourt with luxury accommodation.

Top 12 Best Hotels In Port Harcourt For Luxury Accommodation

1. Le Meridien Hotel Port Harcourt (Ogeyi Place)

Le Meridien Hotel Port Harcourt now referred to as Ogeyi Place hotel is a 3 stars luxury hotel situated in the government reserved area of the state. This hotel is highly sort after as it embodies all the luxury and amenities that makes guest comfortable.

It is a Contemporary hotel with African décor located at 45 Tombia St GRA Phase II Port Harcourt. The location is very ideal as guests can get a view of the Polo club from the comfort of their window. The environment is serene and the security is at its best.

Guest of this hotel will not only enjoy the view of polo matches due to the hotel’s close venue to the polo club, they can also enjoy the on site pool, spa/massage as well a health club. The rooms are well equipped with all the amenities that are required of a luxury hotel including a mini bar.

The hotel staffs are well trained to attend to the individual needs of their guest. Food served in this hotel is prepared by the best chefs in the city. Guest will also get a large variety of cuisine to select from. Part of the meals served here are foreign delicacies as well as local dishes.

This hotel which was built in 2003 is the best place to lodge if you are visiting Port Harcourt as the amenities here undergo regular maintenance keeping them in good shape. There is 24 hours electricity, electronic key lock for extra security, high speed internet access and lots more.

It would be a worthwhile stay when you decide to lodge in this hotel as you are given the best treatment any guest can ask for. There is also car rental service available for guest who need it to access the different locations in the city. The price for a room in this hotel is quite on the high side, rooms can go for as much as 53,000 naira but it is worth it as you will be getting the best service any hotel can offer.

2. Hotel Presidential Port Harcourt

This is one popular hotel in Port Harcourt that is highly sort after by people visiting the city. It is popular because of its long standing history of providing luxury accommodation to guest from different parts of the country and abroad. It is located at 1 Birabi Street, Presidential Hotel, Port Harcourt in a serene environment with ample security.

Hotel Presidential pride itself to be one of the most popular luxury hotel in the heart of Port Harcourt. Over the year it is known to host some of the most influential people in the country and abroad. The building is so big that it can house over a 100 people at the same time.

The hotel is furnished with the most modern facilities and the services offered here are of great standard. There is also very good parking space in the compound for all your vehicles. There is 24 hours light and security and the staffs that work here are very professional and friendly.

One of the thing this hotel is known for is serving some of the best cuisines you can find. The resident chefs are skilled in making some of the most tasty meals. Some residents of the city visit this hotel’s restaurant just to have a taste of the sumptuous meals served.

Some of the facilities you can enjoy while lodging include, pool, gym, tennis court, bar. The fact that it is a few minutes drive from the mall and stadium is also a plus. There is also high speed free Wi-Fi, dry cleaning service, pool table and lots more. When you lodge in Hotel Presidential Port Harcourt you are guaranteed comfort and the best luxury money can buy.

A room in hotel Residential Port Harcourt can cost between 47,000 naira and above.

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3. Golden Tulip Hotel Port Harcourt (Protea Hotel)

Golden Tulip is one hotel this is known to offer one of the most luxury accommodation in the country and Port Harcourt location doesn’t fall short. Located at 1C Evo Crescent, GRA 2 Port Harcourt, this hotel has been in existence since 2006 and has been offering premium accommodation service since then.

This hotel is beautiful both from the outside view and the inside. It is one of the best hotel in Port Harcourt partly because of its facilities and services. When you visit Golden Tulip, you will be welcomed to a serene environment with maximum security. The location also shares close proximity with the Polo club therefore you can enjoy the view of ongoing golf matches.

Guest can also enjoy horse back riding, outdoor tennis, spa treatment and massages. There is also a hot tub and outdoor pool found in the hotel’s vicinity for lodgers to enjoy. When you lodge here you can be sure of enjoying the best cuisine from the hotel’s restaurants, luxury and comfortable rooms, gym, 24 hours light and free Wi-Fi.

The staffs are very friendly and you are sure of getting enough space to park your vehicles. The facilities in the room are worthy of admiration and visitors can enjoy their privacy in comfort. This hotel is one of the most expensive hotel in Port Harcourt as a room can cost as much as 200,000 naira.

Don’t be alarmed by the cost of the rooms as you will get good value for the money spent. There is also decent size halls in the venue to host your events as well as dinning room for you dinners and intimate gathering.

4. Novotel Port Harcourt

Novotel hotel is located at 3 Stadium Road Rumuomasi Port Harcourt. It is a very modern hotel equipped with elegantly designed rooms fit for the high class of the society. The hotel was built in 2003 and undergoes regular maintenance which keeps it top in our list of hotels in Port Harcourt.

The hotel is a few minutes drive from the Port Harcourt airport making it a good accommodation option for guests arriving from out of town. The environment is quite welcoming and private enough for guests to feel safe and comfortable.

Part of the amenities you can find in this hotel to make your stay more exciting include an outdoor pool, tennis court, golf course, jugging trail for health enthusiast and health club. The rooms are well designed with modern facilities that will keep you entertained.

There is also free Wi-Fi, beautifully decorated dinning room serving tasty foreign and local delicacies. The view from the rooms are breathtaking and the hotel service is topnotch. The hotel also has an event hall for any activity you intend to host.

Novotel Hotel is a great to lodge for out of town visitors as well as residents of the state. Visitors can get a room at a price range of 63,000 naira depending on the type of room. It is definitely one of the all time best hotels in Port Harcourt for luxury accommodation.

5. Echelon Height Hotel Port Harcourt

This hotel makes it to our list because of the beautiful facilities found here as well as the quality of service offered. Echelon Height Hotel is located 73 Ken Sarowiwa Road, Port Harcourt. The environment is one of the reason this hotel is considered as an ideal place to lodge.

The vicinity is neat and serene. Also a view of the reception hall will leave you wowed. The interior décor of the hotel was tastefully done. A one time visit to this place will leave you longing to visit over again. There is also the dinning hall that is well designed with beautiful lighting, fish tank and well set tables and chairs.

Echelon Height also has very good resident chef that serves very tasty meals. The rooms are well designed with good lighting and modern day hotel facilities. There is hardly any negative thing you can say about this hotel.

There is also a well decorated bar area where guests can enjoy nice drinks, outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, good parking space, kid friendly activities to keep your children entertained, well equipped gym and lots more. Visitors can also get car rental service that can take them round Port Harcourt.

If you intend to book a room here you should be looking at a price range of 53,000 again this depend on the type of room you are booking.

6. Swiss International Mabisel

This is a modern hotel that was built in 2013. It is located at No 9, Mabisel Avenue Port Harcourt. The location of the hotel is quite advantageous as it share close proximity to Exxon Mobil and NNPC complex making it a great place to lodge if you have any business with these companies.

The hotel is very secure as there are uniform security stationed 24hours in the premises. The hotel rooms are quite luxurious, having the best modern facilities. Guest can also lounge in the pool area and enjoy lovely meals served from the dinning.

There is also a gym in the premises where guest can carry out daily exercise. Swiss International also boast of a bouquet hall, event hall and conference room. Anyone who lodge in Swiss International Mabisel can also enjoy other activities like golfing, playing tennis, shopping in the mall, horseback riding and jogging as the location for these activities are not far from the hotel.

Lodgers will enjoy all the amenities available in a luxury hotel when they lodge in Swiss International as customer satisfaction is the main goal. Visitors can book a room in this hotel at the price discount of 43,000 naira.

7. Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Danag Port Harcourt

This hotel is located in a clean and calm environment. Like most hotels on this list Swiss Spirit hotel offers the best luxury accommodation service to guests. It is located at 79 Ken Saro Wiwa Road, Port Harcourt. Swiss Spirit hotel is equipped with enough room space to accommodate all guest seeking to lodge here.

Visitors will find modern facilities and amenities on site. The hotel staffs are very professional and friendly. There is 24 hours light, free Wi-Fi and game room accessible to all guest lodging in this hotel. The hotel also has a pool area where visitors can get refreshed.

Dinners dates are regularly held here as the dinning hall is quite beautiful and equipped to host guest. The chefs serve very delicately prepared Nigerian and foreign dish. There is also an event hall to host your weddings, meetings and any other ceremony. When you visit here you are guaranteed of a very comfortable and memorable experience.

Guest can lodge here for a low as 21,000 naira. This is quite a good deal considering the luxury and comfort you will be getting.

8. De Edge Hotel Port Harcourt

Visitors and luxury seekers can enjoy the best of luxury when they lodge at De Edge Hotel Port Harcourt. This hotel is located at Plot 12, Location Road, off Tombia Extension, GRA Phase III, Port Harcourt. The location is what one can consider as a premium location as it is in the government reserved area of the state. A place where the elite class of the society reside.

The hotel just like other luxury hotel in that area offers the best lodging experience to guest. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities. The beds are quite cozy and the décor is world class. Guest will be cut off guard by how spacious and beautiful the hotel bathrooms are.

Staffs that work here are very professional and room service as brought to guest as soon as they order and in the quality they require. If you love to swim then you will also enjoy a dip in the outdoor pool located in the hotel. The meals served at the restaurant is also finger licking good and guest can enjoy a variety of different delicacies prepared by the resident chef.

There is also an in house gym where guest can do their daily exercise. Residents of the city can also make use of the event halls located in the vicinity for their wedding ceremony and any other occasion. The hotel also has a very spacious parking space and beautiful view.

Room available here come in a price range of 44,000 naira depending on your budget and taste.

9. Visa Karena Hotels

Visa Karena Hotel is situated at 3D Wonodi Close, off Olu Obasanjo Road, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt. It is a quite decent hotel to lodge in if this is your first time visiting Port Harcourt or you just need an accommodation. The hotel is located in a very spacious compound with all the amenities you need to have a comfortable stay.

The hotel rooms are very big and spacious to house you and your guests, there is also suites available for use. There is a large dinning halls where guest can either dine or host dinner events and the meals served here are very tasty.

Visa Karena pool area is very spacious, enough to host outdoor poolside event. Regular outdoor events are hosted here with drinks and barbeque served. Many people like this hotel because of it’s location and services. The staffs are quite friendly and the environment is in the high class area of the city.

If you are not yet convinced to lodge here you should also know that this hotel is one of the cheap hotels in GRA Port Harcourt. Visitors can lodge here for as low as 34,000 naira.

10. Juanita Hotel

This is another hotel that makes it on our list of high class hotels in Port Harcourt. It is located at 28 Herbert Macaulay Street Amadi Flats, old GRA Port Harcourt. It is a good hotel to lodge in Port Harcourt because of its security, space and facilities.

The price for this hotel is also on the moderate side making it a good choice for customers who don’t want a very expensive hotel. All of the facilities that are available in a modern hotel, you can find here. There is a very big pool in the premises and pool side where visitors can lounge.

A big side attraction for this hotel is the life band that plays local Nigerian music to the entertainment of guests. It is also a place where you can spend time away from home enjoying a serene environment.

11. Sparklyn Hotel & Suites GRA

Sparklyn Hotel & Suites is one hotel you would like to stay if you desire luxury for a quite affordable price in Port Harcourt. The hotel is located at a very classy location making it well sort after. You can find Sparklyn at 101b Brookstone Close, off Prof. Abowei St, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt.

The hotel is one of the cheapest hotels in this area as most hotels in GRA are quite pricy. Visitors can lodge here for as low as 25,000 naira. This doesn’t reduce the value of the hotel as all the amenities you like in a premium hotel is present here. The rooms are well furnished with modern facilities. Guest also enjoy 24 hours light and security, internet connection, fitness centre with gym as well as evening entertainment at the lounge area.

Meals prepared in this hotel are done with great skill and creativity and they always come out tasting sumptuous. Guest get the best hotel service from the well experienced staffs working in this hotel. This hotel can be said to be one of the cheap hotels in gra Port Harcourt but certainly not the least important.

12. Royal Crest Hotel Port Harcourt

This hotel makes it to our list because of the excellent service it offers. It is a modern hotel located at 2, Divine Grace Close Trans-Woji Road, Port Harcourt. It is quite easy to locate as it can be spotted along the major road. The location is ideal for people who need easy access to the city.

Royal Crest Hotel has quite sizable rooms with modern amenities. There is Wi-Fi and entertainment in the rooms. The bar area is quite cozy and you can enjoy a variety of drinks with friends and family. The food served her is quite tasty and you get complementary breakfast when you lodge here.

There is maximum security and the hotel staffs are very friendly and willing to help you with any thing you might need. This hotel is a good place to enjoy a relaxing weekend, host your bridal shower or dinner events. If you decide to hold a shoot here you pictures will come out nice. It is also a plus that the room rate are quite on the average side making it ideal for anyone to lodge.

Lodges can get a very decent room for as low as 13,500 naira. This is a great deal for the luxury service you will be getting.

These are the all time best hotels in Port Harcourt. Next time you are considering traveling to Port Harcourt or just need a home away from home, you can lodge in any of the hotels in our list and enjoy luxury accommodation at its best.

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