The All Time Best Hotels In Warri, Nigeria

There are so many places to lodge when you visit Warri. You can find cheap hotels in Warri as well as very standard modern hotels that are quite expensive. If you are visiting this popular city for business or pleasure, it is only ideal that you stay in a good hotel. Today we will show you the all time best hotels in Warri that will give you comfort.

When choosing a hotel in the city of Warri, what you should consider is comfort, security, easy access and luxury. The hotels in our list has these qualities and more. Guests are sure to get the best hotel experience in Warri when they lodge in hotels in our list.

These hotels are known to have some of the best staffs, rooms and other facilities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Warri has oil servicing companies and other private business that draw visitors from outside the city. If you are one of those visitors or you are in town for pleasure, you can get a very comfortable accommodation in these top hotels in Warri.

Without further delay follow us as we reveal the best hotels in Warri, Nigeria.

Top 7 Hotels In Warri, Nigeria

1. Bon Hotel Warri

Bon hotel in Warri is one of the most exotic hotel in the city. Located at Km 3 Nigerian Port Authority Expressway Ekpan, Warri, this hotel is strategically positioned around the top oil companies in the city like shell. It is also just a few minutes drive from Osubi airport.

This hotel offers deluxe accommodation and service to travelers who are visiting Warri for business or pleasure. There are 68 deluxe en-suite rooms and suites well furnished and ready for guests to lodge. The rooms have the most modern furniture and décor that will suit guests taste and give maximum comfort.

There are other facilities in the hotel that makes it a choice location for lodging, like the delightful Delta Restaurant. This restaurant serves some of the most tasty local and foreign cuisine. The resident chef is skilled and well experienced in making foods that will suit the taste bud of every guest.

At Bon Hotel you will also find the famous VIP lounge that has a bar that serves the most expensive and sort after drinks. Guests can also relax here and enjoy good music. The lounge is cozy enough for you and your company. Guests can also enjoy the swimming pool, the deck and the bar. There is also the barbeque area that serves well seasoned barbeque fish.

Fitness lovers can also burn some calories in the in house gym where there are modern gym equipment for exercise. The hotel also has a big parking space for your cars and 24hours security to keep the peace. Guests can also host their events in the large conference center.

When you visit Bon Hotel you will definitely enjoy a pleasant experience as the staffs are very professional and ready to attend to all your needs.

2. Signatious Hotel Warri

Signatious Hotel is located at PTI Junction Warri. It is an ultra-modern hotel with different varieties of rooms. This hotel is known to have very new and modern furniture. There are 192 rooms in the building and each room is uniquely designed to give comfort to guests.

There is also an Olympic size pool in the hotel that attracts hotel guests as well as residents of the city. This is a very good hotel in Warri to enjoy your weekend. The bar area of the hotel is also another popular spot as guests get to enjoy different drinks and cocktail while they listen to cool music.

Signatious Hotel is situated in a very unique location in the city as the venue is just 10minutes drive to the airport. Visitors arriving the city can easily lodge here while they attend their business meetings or conference. This hotel also has a very good dinning room that serves some of the best local and international cuisine.

The spa and sauna is another good reason to lodge here. Guests can enjoy a spa day will friends and family members while they lodge here. The gym is also open for fitness lovers who love to exercise. There are modern gym equipment at the gym and you could even get a gym instructor to guide you while you exercise.

This is definitely the hotel to lodge in if you desire the best hotel experience in Warri. This top hotel in PTI is obviously worth a try.

3. Best Western Plus Wetland Hotel Warri

This top hotel is located at DSC Express way by Mofor Junction Udu, Warri. It is a very popular hotel in the city. Residents of the city love to lodge here due to the top class service the hotel offers. The hotel is quite big and has a very large parking space for cars.

The reception room is well designed and the receptionist are very professional. There are lots of rooms in this hotel, readily available for lodgers. The rooms are well designed and fully equipped with all you require to have a comfortable stay. The bathroom is quite spacious and always clean. There is free Wi-Fi for all hotel guests.

This hotel is known to host lots of wedding ceremonies at the outdoor, and the event hall in the premises is quite conducive. Most weekends that are lots of guests that come into this hotel for one ceremony or the other. The catering service in the hotel is also topnotch as guest opt to use it for the ceremonies.

There is also a well designed dinning room that serves some of the most tasty local and foreign cuisine. If you require further recreation, you can relax at the pool side and enjoy a drink. The pool is also big enough to swim if that is what you desire.

Guests can also relax at the bar or keep fit at the hotel gym. There is no limit to what activity you can engage in when you lodge here. Wetland hotel Warri It is a good place to lodge if what you desire is comfort at a very fare rate.

4. Manuex Place Warri

Manuex Place Hotel is one hotel you should lodge if you desire to enjoy outdoor activities in the city of Warri. This hotel is located at 209a Jakpa Road Effurun, Warri, Nigeria. The location is just along the road making it easy to locate. I personally love this hotel and would suggest you lodge here because you would enjoy you stay.

This hotel has enough parking space for cars to park and there is 24hours security in the premises. There are limited number of rooms in this hotel but if you are able to get a space, it is definitely worth it. The rooms have modern design and the bathroom is always clean. There is free Wi-Fi for all guests lodging here.

Manuex Place also has a fast food inside the premises therefore guests can enjoy different varieties of meals and snacks while they lodge. There is also an indoor lounge area in the hotel which is accessible to lodgers as well as residents of the city. Guests can also enjoy the underground swimming pool in the building

There is other kid friendly games and rides children can enjoy inside the hotel premises. There are various games and amusing activities and the outdoor pool. This recreational rides drives people from different parts of the city to the hotel.

This hotel also has different sizes of event halls for your wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. The halls are well equipped with chairs, AC, speakers, projector and other equipment needed to make your event standout. There is also conference room and lecture theatre in the premises for meetings and lecture.

Manuex Place hotel is ideal for all types of lodgers and it is kid friendly. If you are in the city of Warri for business or just to enjoy the city you can lodge here and make memories.

5. Jubilee Retreat and Conference Centre Warri

This is another top hotel in Warri. It is located at 5 Enerhen Rd, Effurun, Warri. The hotel is situated in a very big compound that has plenty of space for cars to pack and other outdoor activities. The hotel is owned by the catholic church and lots of ministers and church activities are held here.

Jubilee Retreat has plenty of rooms which are well furnished for guest’s comfort. There is also a dinning room in this hotel that serves very tasty meals. This hotel is particularly known to have event halls that host various ceremonies in the city. From weddings, birthdays and anniversary guests choose this place as their location because of the serene environment and quality service the hotel offers.

Guests who have kids gets to enjoy the outdoor activities available in the premises. It is also an advantage to lodge here because the premises is quite serene and the location where it is situated is in the center of the city.

6. TM Palace Hotel Warri

This hotel makes it to our list of hotels in Warri that offer premium services. TM Palace Hotel is located at 10 Airport Road, Effurun, Warri. It is a very modern hotel that has all the facilities of a top hotel. The hotel is quite portable in terms of size and there are limited numbers of room available.

Once you enter the reception room you will be welcomed to a very well decorated reception room. The interior is quite modern and the furniture very stylish. The rooms are very cozy and well decorated. When you lodge here you are sure to enjoy comfort.

There is also a swimming pool in the premises for guests who love swimming to relax in. This hotel in airport road Warri also has an event hall that is available for rent for your weddings, meetings or birthdays. TM Palace hotel is definitely one of the best hotel in Warri. It is also a plus that it is one of the affordable hotels in Warri.

7. Kayriott Hotel & Suites Warri

Kayriott Hotel & Suites is located at Refinery Road, Warri. It is one hotel that is situated in a good environment. Intending guests can spot the hotel along the road. The environment it is situated in is quite busy but you won’t have difficulty finding your way to the venue.

This hotel has an event hall situated in the premises making it a hot spot for party goers and event host in the city. The hall is well equipped with modern facilities and music instruments that would make your events memorable.

If you are attending an event in the premises you can lodge in the hotel. The rooms are very modern and quite comfortable. There is free Wi-Fi for guests and satellite television to enjoy different programs. Guests can also lounge at the pool side while they enjoy drinks from the bar.

Food lovers can enjoy local and foreign cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant. They can also order foods and they will be delivered to their rooms. The hotel staffs are very professional and friendly .Kayriott Hotel Warri is in a busy environment therefore guests will not fall short of activities to enjoy while they lodge.

The hotel is also a few minutes drive from the city mall therefore you can shop easily. It also has easy access route to the airport for travelers to come in and go as they please.

Now that you have been shown the best hotels in Warri, next time you need a good hotel in Warri to lodge you can choose any of the options in our list. These hotels are in the best locations and offer the best service available.

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