The All Time Best Nigerian Restaurants In Birmingham

Birmingham in the United Kingdom is a city that is widely visited by Nigerians. The historical sites, manufacturing building, business hub, Culinary Prowess, football clubs and numerous entertainment venues makes this city a desired location for Nigerian visitors and settlers.

Nigerians in Birmingham regularly search for the best Nigerian restaurant in the city and they might fall short if they are not properly guided. You might walk into the wrong place and what you would be offered would make you confused. Today we will be relieving you of that experience by showing you the all time best Nigerian restaurant in Birmingham you need to visit.

These restaurants have the best Nigerian foods and also other side entertainment that would make your visit memorable. Whatever your culture may be you are sure to find the Nigerian food that suites your taste. If you also want to relax with your fellow Nigerians living in the city, you would be able to meet lots of them in this Nigerian restaurant we will be revealing to you.

The easiest way to experience the Nigerian culture is through the food. Africans and even Europeans who want to get acquainted with the Nigerian culture can visit any of the restaurants in our list. Enjoying Nigerian food in Birmingham is possible and you can get the best of them in these restaurants.

Best Nigerian Restaurants In Birmingham

1. Haram 9Ja

Haram 9Ja is a restaurant in the United Kingdom that serves mainly Nigerian cuisine. It is located at 461 Bearwood Rd, Bearwood, Birmingham, Smethwick, United Kingdom. The environment is serene and the setting inside is conducive for customer.

This restaurant is famous for serving some of the most tasty Nigerian meals. Delicacies like Amala and Ewedu, Yam Porridge, Egusi soup and Pounded yam, Jollof rice and moi moi, Fried Plantain, Ofada rice, Vegetable soup and lots more. Nigerians can also enjoy their favorite local beverage like palm wine while they lounge at the bar area.

Nigerians living in Birmingham love to dine as they enjoy the variety of Nigerian cuisine available. They also like to hang out with their fellow country man, and there is no shortage of Nigerians in this location. The customer service is another reason why Nigerians visit this place. Haram 9Ja has some of the best staffs and the chef is very friendly.

Another reason why this place is a hot spot to eat Nigerian food in Birmingham, is because football lovers can watch their favorite club play while they eat. Haram 9Ja has a viewing center for football lovers. Customers who are on a specific diet can order healthy meal options here. This restaurant is cozy to eat in and Nigerian food lovers can also order takeaway and have food delivered to them when they call in.

2. Empress Bar & Grill

This is one restaurant that is perfect for anything grilled. It is located at 82, 89 Cecil St, Birmingham, United Kingdom. At Empress Bar & Grill they serve all types Nigerian food and their specialty is Nigerian cuisine that are grilled.

Nigerian food on their menu include, Fried Yam and Pepper Sauce, Nkwobi, Jollof rice and Plantain, Snail sauce, Goat meat sauce, Fresh fish Pepper soup, Chicken and Chips, Kpof Kpof and lots more. Part of their special grilled menu include, Grilled chicken and sauce, Suya, Grilled fish and salad and more.

Diners can also enjoy various variety of drinks from the bar. The restaurant has a very comfortable sitting arrangement and there is music to keep you entertained while you eat. Customers can enjoy the latest football games showing on the Television.

The location is easy to find and the environment is serene. It is also important to state this restaurant is not only frequented by Nigerians, other Nationals also visit this place to have a taste of their specially grilled food.

There is no doubt that Empress Bar & Grill is one of the best Nigerian restaurant in Birmingham.

3. Glorious Catering & Restaurant

This restaurant is located at Unit 3, 310 Summer Ln, Birmingham, United Kingdom. It is one Nigerian restaurant that also does catering service. They handle catering service for birthdays, funerals and wedding receptions. Their specialty is Nigerian food but they can also make English food depending on your preference.

In their restaurant they serve all kinds of tasty Nigerian cuisine like Beans and Plantain, Jollof rice, Efo Riro and Pounded Yam, Catfish pepper soup, Moin Moin, Grilled fish, Ogbono soup and lots more. If you are a lover of spicy food then you would love Glorious Catering and Restaurant.

Their food is usually spicy with the taste of well prepared home meal. They also serve other African food and their customer service is superb. This restaurant has a delivery van for the catering service as well as for customers who order for food to be delivered.

They have a bar that serves Nigerian beverages and there is constant music to entertain you while you enjoy your meal.

4. Klassic Grill Bar Restaurant

Klassic Grill Bar Restaurant is located at 110 Icknield St, Birmingham, United Kingdom. It focuses on delivering  Afro Cuisine experience. This restaurant serves meals from different parts of Africa. Cuisine From Cameroon, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Their Nigerian meal is especially rich with local delicacies that are very tasty. Klassic Grill prides itself in using deliciously fresh and irresistibly tasty ingredients to prepare their food. Some of the Nigerian delicacies you can find in their menu include Egusi soup, Jollof rice, Fried Plantain (dodo), Goat meal pepper soup and more.

They are very skilled in making grilled chicken, Grilled fish, Suya, Grilled Pork and other assorted meats. Their food portion is very generous and the taste of these meals satisfying. The restaurant is not difficult to spot once you follow the description and there is always table available for customers to eat.

This restaurant has a very good customer service and the resident chef is friendly. A visit to Klassic Grill is definitely a needed experience as simple explanation from us does not do justice to what you will experience. Customers who do not want to eat in can also order takeaway.

Finding Nigerian food in Birmingham can be quite tasking especially as there are not much restaurants focused on serving Nigerian cuisine. These restaurants in our list would relieve you of the stress of looking for a good place to eat Nigerian meals. These are the best Nigerian restaurants in Birmingham United Kingdom, you should visit if you want very tasty Nigerian delicacies.

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