The All Time Best Nigerian Restaurants in Dubai

Nigerian foods are unique both in looks and taste. Everyone who has had the privilege of eating Nigerian delicacies abroad can testify of the unique and very satisfying taste it has. Those living or visiting Dubai are not left out from this experience as I can show you where you can find the all time best Nigerian restaurants in Dubai for tasty Nigerian meals.

Dubai is a city that is famous for tourism. Lots of foreigners visit this city yearly to enjoy the wonders of good architecture and luxury at its finest. There are so many places to see while you are in Dubai including the desert sands. Top of the list of foreigners who visit Dubai regularly are Nigerians who make this place their Number one holiday destination.

There are so many Nigerians in Dubai including those who live there. While these Nigerians enjoy the lovely city there is one thing they always crave for which is Nigerian cuisine. Nigerians don’t joke with their local dishes, while they might enjoy some Dubai delicacies they always desire the hot spiciness of Nigerian food.

It is not very common to see Nigerian foods served in every restaurant you visit in Dubai. While you are on vacation you might be looking for where to enjoy Nigerian home cooked food. Well your search is over as we introduce to you today The All time best Nigerian restaurants in Dubai to enjoy local delicacies.

If you are planning a trip to Dubai and you are scared that you might not get local meals to eat or you are in Dubai looking for where to eat good Nigerian meal, search no further as the information you are about to receive will solve all your food problem. You can enjoy the best of Nigerian food in Dubai in these restaurants below.

Best Nigerian Restaurants In Dubai, UAE

1. Biggy African Restaurant Dubai

Biggy African Restaurant in Dubai is one restaurant that serves very tasty Nigerian delicacies. It is located at Al Jabri Building – Al NahdaAl Nahda 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. This location is very easy to locate for people visiting Dubai for the first time.

The environment is very serene and good for lounging. One thing this restaurant pride itself for is good customer service. The staffs that work here are very friendly and welcoming. Once you walk in you are greeted by their staffs and shown where to seat comfortably. The interior of this restaurant has a unique look with a touch of African architecture. The sitting arrangement is well organized and the environment smells of very tasty meal.

Biggy African Restaurant has a very versatile and extensive menu selection to choose from. Nigerian delicacies like fried rice, Egusi soup, moi moi, jollof rice, stew, kpof kpof, Yam Porridge and much more is served here. There are other West African cuisine available for customers to enjoy.

These meals are served in a nice presentable style. These Nigerian food taste like very good home cooked meals. Nigerian food lovers who visit here get to enjoy the ambiance as well as very tasty local dishes. One other thing that makes this place a good location to eat is because it has ample parking space for customers.

The prices of the meals served here are quite affordable making it a choice destination for Nigerians in Dubai. You can also host your event in their premises, order for meals to be delivered to you at home and also hire their catering service. If you are looking for African Restaurant in Dubai near you, then you should pay a visit to Biggy African Restaurant and enjoy a memorable experience. They open every day of the week.

2. Enish Nigerian Restaurant & Lounge Dubai

Enish Nigerian Restaurant & Lounge Dubai is located at Business Bay Office Tower – Dubai 2nd December street 40 H Hotel & – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. It is one of the best Nigerian Restaurant in Dubai because of the premium food experience it gives to its customers.

This restaurant is very beautiful with well decorated interiors. The lounge is very cozy with stylist chairs and tables. There is this sense of class and good taste in décor you see and feel once you walk into the building. The lighting and music adds to the esthetics of the place.

Also noticeable is the plate settings. The arrangement is quite stylish and shows very good presentation. When we talk about the meals served here we can comfortable say that Enish Nigerian Restaurant & Lounge serves some of the best Nigerian dishes in Dubai.

There are different varieties of Nigerian dish found here from Ewedu and Amala to delicious meals like Egusi soup, Okro soup, jollof rice, fried plantain and lots more. Even the famous Nigerian suya can be found here. Indeed enish dubai menu is enrich with the best of Nigerian cuisine.

Guests can enjoy these well prepared Nigerian cuisine with the signature Ojuelegba cocktail a special cocktail prepared solely at the restaurant. There are other tasty drinks that can be enjoyed while lounging here. Also the resident Dj is good in his craft as he entertains the guests with trending Nigerian hit songs. Overall a visit to Enish Restaurant in Dubai will leave you convinced that Nigerians know how to have a good time.

3. KIZA Restaurant & Lounge

Kiza Restaurant & Lounge is one restaurant in Dubai that offers premium restaurant service to her customers. It is located at Ground floor, ,Emirates Financial Towers,Sheikh Zayed Road,DIFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. This restaurant has the most beautiful African scenery comprising of hospitality and entertainment spanning across dining, music, fashion, art and entertainment.

It showcases the diverse regions of Africa, there is a unique art presentation on the walls and customers get to see the beauty of Africa’s history and culture. There are other things that will catch your attention at the restaurant like the well designed tables and chairs, the classy plate arrangement, the lightings , the African drums showcased and the design of the African continent on the wall.

The customer service here is topnotch and the foods served are made by the most experienced chefs who specialize in African cuisine. You can find different types of tasty Nigerian dishes here like roasted corn, jollof rice, Egusi soup, Pounded Yam, Vegetable soup, Suya friend plantain and more.

There is also a variety of cocktails which has African signature to them. Customers can also enjoy local drinks and African music which they can dance to on the dance floor. The resident Dj is very skilled in mixing local hit songs that makes you dance the night away.

Kiza Restaurant serves quite sizable portion of food that leaves you satisfied. The presentation is topnotch and the experience memorable which makes customers come back for more. This is definitely the best authentic Pan-African restaurant in Dubai.

4. Ewlizo Restaurant Dubai

Ewlizo is one restaurant in Dubai that serves multi-cultural African cuisine. It is located at Ferrari Hotel, Opposite Family Supermarket – 9 شارع ١٥ – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. It is one of the best African Restaurant in Dubai that serves tasty Nigerian meals.

The location is easy to spot as the building stands out and there is a big sign post that shows you the location. You can find several well prepared African cuisine here and Nigerian delicacies like Vegetable soup, Jollof rice, Egusi Soup, Kpomo sauce, Efo Riro and much more. If you are new in town and crave for well seasoned Nigerian meals you should pay a visit to this restaurant.

They also do home delivery, takeout as well as catering service. You can also host your birthdays, family gatherings and other event here and the staffs will give you the best service you can find in any African restaurant in Dubai.

Ewlizo is open to customers everyday of the week from 8am in the morning to 2am in the night. Africans as well as well as foreigners who love African meals can come and enjoy the best dishes in a conducive environment.

5. Africana Home Restaurant

Africana Home Restaurant is located at Ground & Mezzanine Floor – Al Sabkha Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. It is one Nigerian restaurant in Dubai that serves very tasty Nigerian meals. The restaurant is opened all through the week from 10am to 1am and visitors can get their favorite Nigerian delicacies here on request.

Some of the delicacies you can find here include moi moi, sea food okro, Beans and fried Plantain, Ofada rice and sauce, jollof rice, Amala and Ewedu, Vegetable soup and pounded yam, Suya and much more. Customers will definitely be satisfied with variety of food they can find here.

Africana Home Restaurant has good ambiance and the feeling of home. The food serve here are affordable and their quantity is enough to satisfy even the most hungry customer. Part of the entertainment is Nigerian music that is played in the premises. The suya preparation is just like that done back home in Nigeria and the taste is the same.

Also available is a delivery vehicle that brings your order to your door step. This restaurant offers African delicacies in a foreign land giving the taste and pleasures of home cooked meals.

Africana Home has been in existence since 1993 and has several branches in Dubai. Some of their location are listed below;

  • African Home Restaurant Gold Land – Gold Land Building – Al Daghaya Street, Behind – Al Khor St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • African Home Restaurant Al Quoz – RKM Warehouse 2, Al Qouz Industrial Area 3 Backside FGB Metro station. Next to 3dr Model Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • African Home Restaurant Sabkha Hotel – Ground & Mezzanine Floor – Al Sabkha Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
6. African Kingdom Restaurant

African Kingdom Restaurant promises to keep you going strong with food in your journey in a strange land. This restaurant is located at Shop No:5 Reem Avenue, Al Nahda Near carrefour, Opposite Al Roda Tower2 African Restaurant – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

Nigerians and lovers of Nigerian delicacies can find dishes there like chicken pepper soup, Oha soup, Ewedu and Amala, Goat meat sauce, Jollof rice, Egusi soup and pounded yam, fried rice, vegetable soup, suya, dodo and lots more. When you visit this restaurant you can enjoy good meal in an environment that has African appeal.

There are various African foods you can enjoy here including some of our local snacks. The environment is very relaxing and has the feeling of home. The food presentation is also nice as it makes the food more enticing. Customers can eat in, order take out and they also do catering service.

Dubai is a place you can enjoy your holiday, vacation or honeymoon. Nigerians enjoy visiting regularly and some brave ones have even made this place their home. If you crave home cooked meals you can find the best of them in any of these best Nigerian Restaurant in Dubai. Other African nations can also enjoy African foods in Dubai when they visit these restaurants.

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