The 8 Best Personal Injury Attorney In Chicago Il

Trying to search for a personal injury attorney in Chicago IL?. Well search no further we have the list of the all time best personal injury attorney in Chicago that will handle your injury claim.

First of all you have to be sure that a personal injury lawyer is what you need for your case. This can be made certain when you know the meaning and job role of a personal injury attorney.

Who Is A Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury attorney is a legal practitioner who provides legal services to a complainant who claims to have been injured physically, or psychologically due to the negligence of another person or organization.

The law which this practice is under is called the tort law and the personal injury attorney has the right to pursue compensation for his client. This compensation can come in the form of medical expenses in the case of injury, financial compensation for loss of income, repair of automobile, financial compensation for mental anguish, pain and suffering.

If you fall into any of the category mentioned above, then a personal injury lawyer is what you need. There are so many personal injury attorney in the city of Chicago. While it is good to get an attorney, it is more important to get one that can handle your case properly and get you the best settlement you deserve.

The lawyers in our list are top rated personal injury lawyers in Chicago. They have a good history of successful settlement and know the best approach to take in getting your case heard. These are the top personal injury lawyers in Chicago listed below.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Chicago

1. Panio Law Offices

Panio law offices is one law firm that caters for personal injury cases successfully. It is located at 10 S Riverside Plaza Suite 875, Chicago. This firm has been helping personal injury applicant get their settlement since 2005.

From insurance claim, to compensation for injury caused by a negligent party, Panio Law office handles all cases. They have very qualified and experienced team of lawyers who are readily available to attend to you complaint.

You can visit their office or call their line to book an appointment with them. Someone is always available to attend to you and would analyze your case. They would also proffer the best approach in which you can pursue your case.

Clients who have used their services have admitted that they got the most professional lawyers handle their case. They were able to get not just what they initially wanted as settlement but more than they had initially request for.

The lawyers at Panio law firm will file your complaint for you and handle every legal aspect that has to do with your case. They are definitely the top injury attorneys in Chicago.

2. Morgan & Morgan

This is another law firm in Chicago that handles personal injury claim. It is located at 55 E Monroe St Suite 3800, Chicago. Morgan & Morgan has over 800 attorneys who aren’t afraid to go to trial for the rights and compensation of their client.

Due to their great track record in getting the best settlement for injury related cases they handle more cases than most law firms in Chicago.

This law firm was founded by John Morgan and has over 3000 support staff across the country. They have the most advanced technology at their disposal to make work easier and fast. Their staffs are very friendly, compassionate and attentive.

They treat all injury claim cases with the utmost seriousness and they are not afraid to seek legal action in court. This Chicago’s personal injury law firm is one you should consider hiring .

3. McCready Law

This is one law firm that is good at handling personal injury cases. It has been in existence since 1999, handling complaints in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. McCready Law firm is located at 111 W Washington St Ste 1760, Chicago.

They have top rated personal injury lawyers in their firm who handles all aspects of personal injury law. From truck accident cases, animal attack, wrongful death and others. They have successfully helped their clients get their claim.

The lawyers handle everything that has to do with the case, giving the complainant enough time to recover and concentrate on themselves. McCready lawyers always seek the maximum settlement and in most cases they get it. This law firm definitely has the best personal injury lawyers in Chicago.

4. Seidman Margulis & Firman

Seidman Marguis & Firman law firm is located at 20 S Clark St Ste 700, Chicago. It has some of the top personal injury lawyers in Chicago. Their lawyers are passionate about their client’s case.

They have good years of experience and a track record of successful cases. This law firm was founded by Steven J Seidman who has been in the business of personal injury law for over 40years. He has gotten settlement for numerous multimillion-dollar cases. Both through litigation and negotiation.

The staff at this law firm are empathetic and readily available to answer all your questions. They work you through the process of filling your complaint and make sure your best interest is being looked out for.

5. Saks, Robinson & Rittenberg Ltd

This is another Chicago personal injury law firm located at 162 N Franklin St Ste 300, Chicago. They handle most personal injury case in Cook County. Their goal is to make sure workers get the maximum compensation for injury sustained at work.

One of their lead attorney Jennifer J Robinson is an awesome lawyer. She is empathetic when dealing with clients. She gives listening ears to all complaint and proffer the best approach in getting your case handled.

Her track record of successful cases is enviable. Lots of people who have used her firm has testified about her professionalism and her zeal in handling their injury claim. She is definitely one of the top rated personal injury lawyer Chicago.

6. Krol, Bongiorno & Given Ltd

Krol, Bongiorno & Given Ltd is located at 20 S Clark St STE 1820, Chicago. It has been in existence since 1962, practicing workers’ compensation law. They protect the right of thousands of worker injured on the job in Chicago.

KGB has a team of professional lawyers who handles claims for both union and non-union injured workers. These cases are handled on contingency basis, saving the client cost of hiring a law firm. They take charge of everything that has to do with the case while the client focuses on healing.

They have a very good customer service that promptly answers calls and respond to questions when asked. Every case is time sensitive to the lawyers at KGB. They take action to make sure you are not burdened for a long time with your case.

7. Drake & Collopy, P.C.

This law firm has some of the best personal injury lawyers in Chicago. They handle cases from wrongful death, injured workers, slip and fall and other personal injury cases. The firm is located at 20 N Clark St Suite 3300, Chicago. You can visit the office or call to book an appointment.

Drake & Collopy, P.C. was founded by Paul I. Drake in 1996. He was later joined by his friend and colleague Kevin M. Collopy in 1999. Together these brilliant lawyers in Chicago have worked tirelessly to get the best settlement for their client.

They have been able to get tens of millions of dollars in settlement and awards on behalf of their injured clients and their families. Drake & Collopy take on cases without collecting a fee until your case is won. Therefore you should feel secured hiring them.

8. Malman Law

This firm is located at 205 W Randolph St Suite 1700, Chicago. They have very good personal injury attorney in this firm. All cases brought to the firm are handled with the same zeal and professionalism.

Malman lawyers have over 25years experience practicing the law. Their success rate for claims made is 95% and they have worked with over 25,000 injured people around Chicago.

These lawyers offer free initial case evaluation where they explain what your injury case would involve and what to expect & seek for your case.

These are the best personal injury lawyers in Chicago. Don’t hesitate to contact any of them for your injury claim and save yourself the hassle of chasing settlement yourself.

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