The Best Manual Breast Pump That Works

Manual breast pump is useful for people who do not pump regularly. It is cheaper than most electric breast pump and battery operated pump. Mothers who need to pump their breast but can’t afford the electric breast pump opt for the manual breast pump.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right manual breast pump ideal for you. One would have to consider the need before choosing the best manual breast pump. Manual breast pump or hand pump as it is called does not have as much suction as the electric breast pump. Therefore you would have to choose the one that could fit your purpose without much work.

Suction, purpose and how often you would be using the pump will determine the best manual pump brand you will be buying. Again one would not fail to mention the cost of the pump as the cost is also a determinant. Below are the best manual pump brands available and their function.

Types Of Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pump has a less complicated mode of operation unlike the electric breast pump. There are less part and structure to clean with the manual pump. Manual breast pump has basically two types, they are :

  • Silicone Model (Milk Catchers)

This type of breast pump is a single piece of shaped, food-grade silicone that fits around your nipple. It has two function which is to catch milk leakage from one breast while breastfeeding. The other use is to manually squeeze the engorged breast to create suction and pump milk.

Most people make use of stoppers or cap to seal off the free breast while using the silicone model for pumping. This is done to avoid spill or leakage. The silicone model can be used along side the other type of manual breast pump below.

Levered Pumps

This type of manual breast pump has the look of a air horn. Its parts is made up of a nipple shield attached to a valve that opens into a bottle. There are several models of this type of breast pump. Some models have levers that go two ways: a small pump is used in the beginning to massage and encourages letdown, a larger pump is used once milk flow begins.

The most popular model is the one that moms pump the lever and create suction against the breast to draw the milk out. There are also models that come with a cushioned part that goes between the cup and your breast, and some can be used with just one hand.

Benefit of a Manual Breast Pump

While you may not find a manual breast pump as a must have baby product to add to your registry, it is still a great product that comes in handy especially if your baby is born prematurely or having problem lactating on your breast. Here are some of the benefits of having a manual breast pump;

  1. Affordable: A manual breast pump is not as expensive as an electric breast pump which will cost up to $185 to purchase. If you won’t be using your breast pump frequently, or won’t get a breast pump through insurance, or you just have a budget concern, a manual breast pump is definitely a good option.
  2. Easy to setup and use:  Setting up a hand breast pump is quite easy because it has fewer parts and doesn’t need to be plugged in. It is also straight forward to use especially for first time mums.
  3. Portable: If you are a mom who is always on the go then portability is definitely an advantage for you. The manual breast pump unlike the electric breast pump is much lighter, making it an easy accessory to carry around.
  4. Almost Noiseless: With a manual breast pump you can pump out milk discreetly without everyone knowing.  It is great for those late-night pumping session, especially with a baby sleeping next to you.
  5. Doesn’t Require Electricity: The manual breast pumps are operated by hand; therefore, they do not need electricity to be powered. This makes it convenient to use anywhere.
  6. Pressure Control: The manual breast pump will let you control the suction power, because it is a hand breast pump you are the one who determine how much pressure and how fast the pump will work. The amount of force you use while pumping will be the amount of pressure the suction will latch to your breast.

Consideration before Purchasing a Manual Breast Pump

  • Hygiene: Every parent takes the health of their baby seriously, which means good hygiene is of great importance to parents. Most hand breast pumps have fewer parts this makes it easy to disassemble and clean. When choosing the type of handle breast pump to purchase, it is important you chose one that is dishwasher safe because you will have to wash it after every use.
  • Efficacy: If there is one thing that is frustrating it is purchasing a product that doesn’t work. This is why you have to do your finding, read reviews and even check the return policies of the product before purchase. Another thing to check is the compatibility with other bottles, you need a breast pump that doesn’t have bottle restrictions.
  • Size: The last thing you want, is struggling to fix your breast pump into your purse or diaper bag. This is why you need to consider the size of the breast pump before purchase. Manual breast pumps are usually smaller than electric breast pumps but some manual pumps have extra parts that can make them bulky to move around with. If you are a mom who is always on the go, you need to carefully look for durable and portable pump that is easy to transport.
  • Ease to use: Whether you are a first-time mum or you already have one or more kids, the manual breast pump is very easy to use. Setting up doesn’t take much time and we both know time is an important commodity for us mum post pregnancy. Although an electric pump is much faster for extracting milk, it is not as easy to clean. I will recommend you go for a silicone pump as it is one of the easiest types of breast pumps to use.
  • Comfort: While pumping out milk for your baby you shouldn’t be experiencing pains, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Most manual pumps come with different shields sizes some even come with massage cushions, all this is to make you as comfortable as possible. It is important that you get a pump that is made for your breast size, so that only your nipple will be pulled by the flange and not the areola which can cause discomfort. If you have a large breast size it is safer to get a breast pump that has different shield options. You would also want a pump that its handle is not tough to press, so you don’t get tired easily.

Best Manual Breast Pump For Breastfeeding Mothers

If you are trying to meet your breastfeeding goal, having low milk supply or just want to produce extra milk that can be stored for your baby before you go to work a good breast milk pump is definitely an option you should consider. Here I will be guiding you as you make your choice on the best hand breast pump that suits your need;

Best Manual Breast Pump

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

Best Manual Breast pump
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
StyleNew Style


  • Hand free breast pump
  • Strong suction power
  • Easy to clean.


  • Some moms complain that it can be kicked off by an active baby
  • Some moms complain on the accuracy of the measurement.

The Haakaa silicone manual breast pump is recommended by many mothers for good reason. It has natural suction capabilities to help you express milk. All you need to do is to attach it to your breast and squeeze, the natural pressure and suction will help with the extraction.

Due to its silicone structure it captures the milk while pumping not giving room for leakage. It is soft and comfortable and made of 100% food-grade silicone.

Haakaa silicone breast pump comes in one single piece so you don’t have to worry about dismantling and assembling many pierce to clean. It is also very easy to carry (lightweight), therefore breastfeeding mothers can carry it to work or on a trip.

This breast pump is one of the easiest and most stress-free manual breast pump. It doesn’t cost too much to buy making it a good choice for mothers on a budget.

Best Adjustable Manual Breast Pump

Medela Manual Harmony Single Hand Breast Pump

Best Manual breast pump
Size6 Piece Set
ColorHarmony With Flex
Item Dimensions LxWxH6.56 x 2.76 x 7.87 inches


  • Has a 24mm Personalfit shield
  • Has a two-phase technology
  • The bottle comes with a stand


  • Some mums complain of having to replace the O-ring.

The medela harmony hand breast pump is a light and portable manual breast pump that is easy to use and transport. Its handle has two-phase expression technology which mimics a sucking baby. With this breast pump comfort is guaranteed for every mum. It has a 24mm Personalfit shield, that has a soft rim and oval shape that can easily rotate to 105degree angle.

This Personalfit shield has been clinically proven to help optimize milk flow. The medela manual breast pump comes with a 5oz breast milk bottle, lid and stand that are both easy to assemble and clean. One thing most mums love about this pump is its handle, not only does it have a two-phase technology but an O-ring to make manual pumping easier.

Best for Letdown Reflex

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Best Manual Breast Pump
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
StyleManual Pump
MaterialBPA Free


  • Two-way mode (letdown and expression mode)
  • Has two breast shields
  • Light weight and portable
  • Affordable


  • Not as quiet as other pumps
  • Isn’t compatible with some bottles

The lansinoh manual breast pump is a portable hand pump with a two-way mode, one let down mode that gets milk flowing and the expression mode for efficient pumping. Its ergonomic design makes this product comfortable to hold and it stands out as a pretty quick learning curve to use. The handle is quite flexible and won’t give you a tired arm due to repetitive movements.

It comes with two flange size (standard 25mm and large 30.5mm) and a breastmilk storage bag for convenient and hygiene pumping. This product also comes with a Naturalwave nipple, cap, collar and a wide-neck bottle.

One thing that I personally love about this product, is how easy it is to disassemble and clean. This product has great reviews and is currently number four best manual breast pump on amazon. If you are looking for a breast pump that is great for let down reflex which makes breast feeding much easier, then Lansinoh manual breast pump is a good product for you.

Best for Milk Catching

Elvie Curve Manual Wearable Breast Pump

Best Manual Breast Pump
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)


  • Hand free breast pump
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive
  • Can only contain 4oz of milk

The Elvie curve is a two-part silicon breast pump that fits nicely into your bra. This hand-free breast pump enables mums to breast feed and pump or pump while doing other activities. Yes, with this breast pump you are not restricted to sitting while you pump.

 With the elvie curve manual breast pump, there is no need for disposable breast pad which just waste your precious breast milk. You can now catch your breast milk while your baby feeds on the other breast or when your baby is sleeping and you are having one of these let down moments.

It is not only great for catching milk but can be used to pump out milk with its natural suction power. This breast pump is 100% silent and super easy to clean. With this breast pump there is no more worries about your favorite shirt getting stained or wasting that extra milk.

Best for Large Nipple

BumbleBee Silicone Breast Pump

Best Manual Breast Pump
Size5 Piece Set
Style90ml silicone pump Manual Breastpump Combo
Item Weight0.26 Pounds


  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable against breast
  • Inexpensive


  • Stores only 3.5oz of milk
  • Doesn’t have a very strong suction

The bumblebee hand pump is a soft and comfortable breast pump that is very easy to use. This silicon breast pump comes with a silicon breast pump stopper, an anti-dust lid and a cotton storage bag to help keep milk fresh and avoid spillage. The secure attachment of this manual breast pump lets you chose between gentle, medium and strong suction.

Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for mom with larger breast size. The bumblebee breast pump can be boiled in water to wash and is also dishwasher friendly. Although I wouldn’t recommend this product for frequent use but occasional use, this product is definitely worth every buck.

Best for Small Nipple

Dr Brown Manual Breast Pump with Softshape Silicone Shield

Best Manual Breast Pump
Material Type‎Silicone
Number Of Items‎1
Pump type‎Manual
Batteries required‎No
Dishwasher safe‎Yes
Item Weight‎1.1 pounds


  • It comes with a 5oz bottle and silicone breast shield
  • Has two pumping mode


  • Noisy
  • It’s a more expensive option

The Dr Brown Manual breast pump comes with a 100% silicone softshape shield that conforms to your unique physique and makes pumping comfortable for moms. It has two pumping modes; a shorter and quicker pump that stimulate letdown and a long and slower pump that imitate a more relaxed feeding pattern, this is definitely going to mimic your baby’s breastfeeding.

This hand breast pump comes with an easy-to-use handle, a 5oz bottle with wide neck and level1 nipple, a wide neck storage cap and a cleaning brush. It is great for engorgement relief and is dishwasher safe. If you are looking for the best manual breast pump for small nipple then this product is the right pick for you.

Best Manual Breast Pump for Travel

Tommee Tippee Made for me Single Manual Breast Pump

Best Manual Breast Pump
BrandTommee Tippee
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)


  • Quiet
  • Comes with a feeding bottle


  • Too many parts to clean

The tommee tippee manual breast pump is a light weight and portable breast pump that can easily fit into your diaper or purse. For those long car ride or airplane trip, this product will keep pumping discreet because it is soundless.

Tommee tippee breast pump is easy to assemble and clean. Its silicon shield and slow flow nipple is definitely going to give you the comfort you desire and it’s easy to squeeze handle won’t leave your hand tired with every squeeze. If you are looking for a pump that is as efficient as it is easy to transport, then the Tommee Tippee manual breast pump is the best breast pump for you.

Best for Low Milk Supply

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

Best manual breast pump
BrandPhilips AVENT
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
StyleManual Breast Pump


  • Has a massage cushion
  • Designed so you can sit up right with it
  • Portable size


  • Noisy
  • Not compatible with other baby bottles
  • Comes with only one sizes flange(25mm)

breast manual breast pump

The Philips Avent brand has been known for producing great baby products and the Avent manual breast pump is no exception. This product doesn’t just keep you comfortable and relaxed, it helps with your milk flow. It has a soft massage cushion that helps stimulate milk flow and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold.

One thing I love about this product is how it allows you sit up straight, you wouldn’t have to lean forward like with other breast pumps. It only has few parts which makes it easy to assemble and clean. With this product, your low milk supply days are definitely over.

These top manual breast pump has the ability to stimulate and extract the breast milk your baby needs. Buy any of the best manual breast pump listed above and get good value for your money.

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