The Real Reason Why Nigeria’s Middle Class Migrate To Canada

Nigeria is a country popularly referred to as the giant of Africa. With that status one would think that the economy is good and no one would feel the need to leave the blessed land, but the opposite is the case. Canada one the other hand is a very developed country with unlimited opportunities which has caused a lot of foreigners to migrate to Canada.

Recent statistics has shown that Nigerians top the list of foreign immigrants looking to settle in Canada. From this statistics it can be seen that the Nigeria’s middle class take most of the slot available. One would wonder why this is the case. Well today we will be dwelling on this issue and we will reveal the real reason why Nigeria’s middle class keep migrating to Canada.

Who Are Nigeria’s Middle Class?

Just like many society which has a lower class, middle class and the upper class, Nigeria has same. Nigeria’s middle class is made up of the professionals, such as the Doctors, lawyers, Engineers etc. Those who have been able to attain a certain high level of education.

They have gotten their Bachelor Degrees, some have their Masters and have a conducive job which puts enough food on their table and can cater for their families. These middle class are also made up of businessmen and women who might or might not have gotten a formal education and have been able to build a business that is successful. They are also able to cater for their families and are comfortable.

One thing these middle class Nigerian citizens have in common is that they are considered valuable members of the society. Their input adds to the development of the country, their vast knowledge and business ideas helps grow and sustain the economy. Now if this is the case then you would wonder why lots of these middle class members are leaving the country in droves.

The Real Reason Why Nigeria’s Middle Class Migrate To Canada

If by now you are not aware that the Nigerian economy is continuously declining then you need to pay closer attention to News around the world. As at 2016 the Nigerian Federal Government announced that the country was in recession. This period was plagued with poverty and hardship which affected event the upper class of the society. By 2018 the government announced that the country was out of recession but that did not change anything , instead things continue to get worse.

Now in 2024 things are not any better, one would imagine the impact this economic downturn has taken in the lives of the middle class. With that said there is no question why members of the middle class would seek greener pasture in a foreign land.

Since we are abreast wit the economic standing of the country there are other questions that would be answered to throw light on this topic. First let us deal with the obvious reason why Nigeria’s middle class continue migrate to Canada.

1. Job Opportunities

This is an obvious reason why Nigerian’s middle class Migrate to Canada. The Canadian economy is the opposite of Nigeria’s. While the former keeps growing the latter continues to decline. In Canada the Nigerian middle class is guaranteed of a job that allows him to be comfortable. The middle class man can build or buy a house in Canada with his salary. At least a housing plan is functional there that can allow him pay in installment.

The professional can get a job in his field of study that he is comfortable doing and enjoys. While in Nigeria unemployment is on an all time high. Someone who is an engineer with masters degree might not be able to get a decent job that could pay him what he is worth. Doctors in Nigeria run to Canada because they have a better plan that gives value for services rendered. In Nigeria a qualified doctor is not sure if his pay can sustain him not to talk of his family.

Job opportunities is the major reason why the middle class keep moving to Canada permanently. Canada as a country has one of the best inclusive plan for foreigners.

2. Better Education

In the early 90’s Nigeria’s educational system was very good. Intending graduates got shortlisted in their various schools by different companies looking to hire the best. When one graduates from a Nigerian school he is sure of a decent job and can even work outside the shores with that degree.

Now, the Nigerian educational system is the worst it has ever been, there are no decent structures in their public schools and the private schools are so expensive that only the upper class can attend. These private schools also lack teachers that they employ the same public teachers to teach their students.

The decline in the educational system is so bad that students are being required to either pay for grade or offer sex for grades. The bad infrastructure, lack of amenities and corruption has made the Nigerian higher institution a play ground. These days a degree gotten from a Nigerian university is not valued outside the shores of the country. For a Nigerian to be employed in a decent office in Canada he would have to acquire a Canadian certificate to backup his result.

These reasons are why the middle class continue to relocate to Canada. Canada unlike Nigeria has a great educational system and one is assured of a job once he is through with his education. Many middle class citizens send their children to Canada to get the best education available and once these children complete their education they stay back in Canada to work. The fact that the Nigerian degree has less value than a Canadian degree is one major reason why Nigerians keep choosing the option to migrate to Canada.

3. Security

The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is a well known plague that the country has continue to be afflicted with. Many middle class citizens have fled the country due to insecurity and more continue to flee, their choice destination being Canada. As a middle class citizen in Nigeria living in the Northern Region you are scared daily of attack from the Boko Haram terrorist group. Lots of innocent working class citizens has been killed by these religious fanatic group.

When you come down to the south you are faced with Kidnappings. Any well meaning Nigerian who is deemed successful is a target of kidnappers. There is no security as one can be harmed or killed in the process. There is also the menace of arm robbery in this region and many residents in the area are victims of this crime.

Then in the federal level there is the issue of police brutality. Where innocent lives have been taken by the same force that is supposed to protect them. In this case no one is safe except you are willing to bribe these officials. One cannot work on the road without being harassed by these officials, your sources of wealth questioned and your property seized only to be given back after palms have been greased.

The fear for one’s life is the reason why lots of the Nigeria’s middle class flee to Canada. A country that offers asylum program to foreigners who fear for the lives. Canada is a preferred choice of these sect of people because their security is sure.

4. Friendly Environment

Anyone who knows the Nigerian people know that they are very religious and have diverse tribal groups. Their tribal diversity which is considered one of their strength is also a curse. This has led to tribalism and cultural conflicts. There are evidence of tribal wars which has made the country an unfriendly environment for anyone looking for progress.

In Nigeria job opportunities, appointment and contracts are given to the least qualified just because the person shares the same tribal or religious sect with the employer or if the person can offer bribe to the employer. This has resulted to poorly done jobs, bad decisions made and decline in the economy. There is too much tribal and religious sentiments making development difficult.

Also the lack of good road, water, and electricity has made production and creativity difficult. An average middle class businessman would incur more cost transporting his goods due to bad roads. A professional doctor would loose patients in hospital beds because of power outbreak. These setbacks in the country has made the environment unfriendly.

But Canada has a serene environment, devoid of ethnic crisis and religious animosity. There are good roads, power supply and clean water. An average middle class Nigerian is guaranteed of a job if he merits it and contracts are offered on merit basis. The availablity of a friendly environment is another cause of the migration. It is a known fact that people are more creative/productive in a conducive environment.

5. Ideal Immigration Program

One of the major reason why Nigeria’s middle class choose Canada as their first choice of country to migrate to is because Canada has an ideal immigration program. This program is all inclusive as it allows all those who are qualified to partake in it.

The Canadian skilled Immigrant program which most applicants opt for is best as it avails the applicant the ability to live and work in Canada peacefully. Many middle class see the immigration process as achievable that is why they enter for it. Plus the rate of successful application has triggered the increase in numbers of yearly Nigerian applicants.

6. Strict Immigration Policy In USA

It is no news that lots of Nigerians love the United States of America. This country as it is known is the land of opportunities. Becoming successful in the US is easy as long as you are determined. Over the years Nigerians trooped into the US in search of greener pastures but of recent it has become increasingly difficult to gain entrance.

The major cause of this is the strict Immigration policy in the US now implemented by President Donald Trump. The recent government is keen on reducing the number of immigrants allowed into the country. It has even become very difficult to get a tourist visa let alone immigrate. Recently the US announced a travel ban on Nigerians.

America which used to be the destination for Nigeria’s middle class both for better education and living has turned its back on foreigners and the next best option is Canada. Many Nigerians would prefer to live in United States of America but since that is almost impossible, they have now picked the second best option which is Canada.

With the current economic decline of the country and the continuous insecurity many Nigerian Middle class have opted to migrate to Canada in search for stability. It is quite obvious that the numbers of Nigerians migrating to Canada will triple as time goes by living the land starved of brilliant minds.

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