Top 5 best site for apartment rentals in Nigeria

The internet is a blessing I must confess, once upon a time traveling to a distant country could be very stressful. You have to wait on the queue to buy air tickets, hotel reservations and many more. But today these things can be done at the click of a button.

If you are visiting Nigeria with you family soonest, no need to panic we got you covered. We are here to eliminate those fear and stress like security, having to send money home to build a house or for renovations which would still not turn out as desired. We would be counting down list of the five best apartment websites you can always rely on to make you trip worthwhile.

Are you looking for a luxurious apartment that suits your taste or you have a limited budget, is it a long term or short term rent. These house listing websites got you covered. These apartment rental websites have full coverage of all the major cities in the country and its suburbs.

Top 5 best websites to find apartments in Nigeria

It depends on what you are looking for, these apartment rental websites have their areas of strength. Some of them are famous for providing luxurious apartments while some are famous for providing pocket friendly apartments. Fasten your seat-belt while we count down on the top 5 best websites to find apartments in Nigeria. In no particular order –


This not a very popular apartment rental site in Nigeria but it made this list because of its uniqueness. Airbnb is an international listing site. Here you have the opportunity to list your site for free, make price decisions, schedule and requirement for guests and Airbnb would support you all the way. Its is very effective when your clients targets are people from America and Europe.


Launched in Poland in 2015, Flatfy is a user-friendly real estate search engine that helps people in 30 countries effortlessly find a new home. Using AI and data science, we pull relevant listings from an array of sources, analyze, categorize and group them into efficient search results. As a result, we make home search handy. Our team makes sure every customer has access to relevant real estate content. It is completely very easy to use and even list your property on it.

This is a fully indigenous apartment rental website with its physical office in Dantsoho plaza, Ajayi Crowther Str. Beside Asokoro Police Divisional Headquarter, Asokoro Abuja. Their Email address is [email protected] and you can reach them on the phone via their phone number.

This is also a free rental site with only verified properties.

Nigeria Property center

Nigeria Property Centre is Nigeria’s number one property website. They are not estate agents but aim to be the place for Nigerian property seekers to find details of all properties available to buy or rent.

They have created a significantly more convenient and effective way for property hunters to find their next property: up-to-date property information, available for free, accessible 24 hours a day to anyone with internet access and far more complete in terms of number of properties and depth of detail on each property than through other traditional advertising media.

Nigeria Property Centre connects more people with more property than anyone else.

Nigeria Property Centre is the clear leading property website with lots of users, advertising members and properties. Their advertisers are property professionals such as estate agents, letting (rental) agents and new homes developers who offer properties within Nigeria for property hunters.

This company was founded by Nnamdi Chineme (also co-founder of Choosist) and is operated by Dilmak Solutions Ventures Limited, a privately held company in Nigeria.

Dilmak Solutions Ventures Limited, 533 Ikwerre Road, Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Registered in Nigeria with RC No. 1114378

Property 24

Located in the heart of Lagos Property24 shows Buyers and Renters houses, townhouses, flats, vacant land and farms from Nigeria’s leading estate agents. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, you’ll find your perfect home on Property24.

Whatever your needs maybe in terms of apartment rental, These afore-mentioned websites are tailored to handle your needs. Feel free to visit.

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