Top 5 Car Tracking Companies In Port Harcourt

top car tracking companies in Port Harcourt

Due to the rate of car theft in the country, it is important to install a car tracker to help protect your car. A lot of people have lost their cars because they didn’t install a car tracker to best monitor their cars. We bring to you the list of the top 5 car tracking companies in Port Harcourt that you can buy a good car tracker from.

Spending money on filling a police case could be expensive when your car is stolen not to talk about the emotional trauma that comes with loosing your car. But you can spend less by buying and installing a car tracking. This decision can give you peace of mind and you can go to bed knowing that your car is safe from possible theft and break in.

Top 5 Car Tracking Companies In Port Harcourt

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1. Car Tracker Nigeria Limited

This car tracking company is located at Suit 207 Ohahuru Plaza, Oroazi by Big Tree Junction Port Harcourt. They are reliable and offer a car tracking device for as low as N40.000 with one year warranty and free installation. Some of the benefits you enjoy from making your purchase with them is live map tracking, SMS engine control, accident alert, voice monitoring etc. With them you are guaranteed of your car safety.

2. Tramigo

Tramigo is a car tracking company which has its products designed in Finland. They have years of experience in car security and they are located at 14, Hospital Road,Port Harcourt. They offer vehicle tracking for both commercial and private vehicle at a very reasonable price. Tramigo also deals with distributors and has a great sales support to handle all your car security need.

3. GPS Car Tracking Nigeria

This company has a full hosted dedicated online tracking software they use to track cars, They have a large customer base and they are located at 2 Power Encounter Junction, Rumuodara, Port-Harcourt. You can also find them in Lagos and they are highly rated when it comes to car tracking and overall security.

Protect your vehicle today against theft by installing a car tracker. You can make your purchase from any of these top 5 car tracking companies in Port Harcourt and go to bed peacefully without worry.

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