Top 5 Luxury Car Brands For Car Lovers

You cant enjoy a luxury life without a luxury car. That is why Car manufacturers keeping coming up with different models of luxury cars to beat the competition and rank as the most expensive car. These top 5 luxury car brands list is what is topping the chart of luxury cars.

From Ferrari, to Rolls Royce, Porsche and Bugatti manufactures of these exotic cars have been updating their model regularly to beat out the competition and rank as the most luxury car in the world. Below is the list of luxury cars and their cost.

Top 5 Luxury Car Brands

1 Rolls Royce Sweptail

This luxury car is custom made and it is valued at $13 million. Yeah you read right, It is the most expensive car in the world right now and the design was inspired by the shape of a yacht. It was made by the special request of a yacht specialist who prefers to remain anonymous. Therefore you can’t find it the market, sorry guys.

The interior is beautifully handcrafted with wood and dark spice leather and it can only sit two people. It’s top speed is 150 MPH and the power is 453 HP.

2 Mercedes Benz Maybach Exelero

Valued at $8 Million this baby is a beauty to behold. It was featured in rapper Jay-Z ‘s music video and it is an eye candy for anyone who love cars. It is a two door coupe with wheels made of alloy.

It has an impressive speed of 213 MPH and a VH12 turbo engine.

3. Bugatti Divo

This sports car is valued at $5.8 Million. It was named after French car racer Albert Divo who won Targa Florio car race twice for Bugatti. The car was sold out on the first day of its reveal.

Like most race cars it has tow doors and can only seat two persons. It has a top speed of 236MPH.

4. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

This car is worth a whooping $4.8 Million. It is coated with real diamonds and it is a limited edition. The body work is explicitly done with carbon weave making the car illuminate when sunlight rest on it. The word “Trevita” stands for three whites, which is seen clearly in the unique features of the car.

The interior is made up of black and white, with the leather seat infusing both colors. This car is only two in the world, as the manufacturers had difficulty in producing the white carbon fiber. The initial plan was to produce three but they settled for two due to their restraint . This car has the top speed of 254 MPH and the power of 1004 HP

5. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

This red monster cost $4.5 Million. It was created to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary and the word “Veneno” means poison in Spanish. This red poison has a top speed of 221 MPH and power of 740 HP. It is not an exclusive manufactured car but getting your hand on one of this babies can be hard as only three of them were made available during the initial reveal. The resale of this car is even more expensive as it is said to have sold for $11 Million.

Getting any of these luxury car brands listed above can be stiff as they are not readily available in the market but with money you can buy anything, right?. So why don’t you spoil yourself today and invest that million dollars just lying around in one or more of these luxury car brands listed above.

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