Top Car Spare Parts Open Market In Nigeria

Vehicles are a necessity and having one is considered an achievement in Nigeria. But that beautiful automobile becomes a problem when it breaks down and needs repairs. Struggling to get the best spare parts dealers is still a concern in this day and age. That is why we intend to reduce you burden by bringing you the list of top car spare parts open market in Nigeria.

This list comprises of open markets where you can get the best spare parts suitable for your car at the best price available. Here you have less worry because every car part you require is available for buy(both new and old). What makes this list awesome is the fact that you not only get the best parts to buy at a good price, you can also fix your car issue there.

You will agree with me that having your car properly fixed gives you one less thing to worry about. Another thing that makes these markets great is that you can trade off your old car there as well. If your intention is to sell your car parts, you can easily get buyers who are ready to pay cash. Below are the best spare parts open market in Nigeria for car owners.

Top Car Spare Parts Open Market In Nigeria

1. Lapido Market – Lagos

Here you can get different car parts to buy both brand new and fairly used (tokumbo). This market is big in spare parts business and almost everyone you meet there claim to carryout repairs as well. You have to be careful when you get there because there are people who are looking to swindle you , therefore choose wisely when picking a dealer.

2. Nnewi Spare Parts Market – Anambra

This is one large automobile market where you can get almost any car part you need at a cheap price. It is usually said that any car part you cant find at Nnewi market you wont find it anywhere else. They are known for dealing in all types of parts from engines to gear boxes and radiator. Just name it and they have it available. It is a great place to go to if you have any car issue.

3. Alaoji Market – Aba (Abia State)

Aba Market is not only known for dealing in affordable clothes, you can also get numerous car parts there. Their spare parts markets is very big which brings people from nearby city of Port Harcourt on a daily basis. You can buy both fairly used parts and brand new in this market. Car repairs are also carried out here so you can solve two problems in one place.

4. Aspanda Market – Lagos

This a market that deals in the sales of brand new car parts. Here you can get most of the parts you require as long as what you need is brand new. It is a market good for car dealers who intend to sell new parts as well as car owners who desire to have new car parts in their vehicle.

5. Mechanic Village – Warri (Delta State)

This is another well known spare parts market. It is an open market for anyone who wants to by fairly used car parts. The market is well structured and governed by a union which works to make sure no one is swindled. You can also buy brand new parts here as well. They also have good car repairers that car handle your car issue.

These are the list Of Top Car Spare Parts Open Market In Nigeria. When you are considering buying spare parts either brand new or fairly used, you should consider any of these markets listed above to get the best.

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