Top Pentecostal Churches In Warri, Delta State

Pentecostal Churches in Warri, Delta State keeps springing up everyday, making one wonder why. Of course it is no secret that the Church industry is a very successful and prominent one hence the growth. Today we shine light on the top Pentecostal Churches in Warri, Delta State’s golden city which also falls under the category of the biggest church in Nigeria.

The City of Warri is littered with so many Pentecostal Churches, all searching for “flocks” and some might argue money as well. Unlike some Churches which sprang up only to pack up after awhile, these Churches on our list have been able to stand the test of time.

These Churches are regarded as the biggest Churches in Warri, boosting of thousands of committed members, workers and big building structure. Most of these Pentecostal Churches in our list were founded in Warri with head quarters stationed there as well.

Top Pentecostal Churches In Warri

1. Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry

Topping our list is Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry also known as “Mercy City“. Founded by the controversial Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, it is arguably the biggest Pentecostal Church in Warri. Located at Km 5, Effurun-Warri Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria, the Church structure is seated on a gigantic land space referred to as “Mercy City”

The Church came to lamplight with the constant deliverance service held by its founder and leader Prophet Jeremiah. Many people referred to this Prophet as the Warri T. B Joshua/ Niger Delta T. B Joshua, as his miracles strike resemblance to that of the late Prophet T. B Joshua of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations.

Prophet Jeremiah has been able to build his church to a standard that the name is recognized all over the city of Warri and its environs. The Church’s yearly earning cannot be ascertained but the pastor is rumored to be worth over N15 billion Naira, making him one of the richest pastor in Warri Delta State.

Popular for his healing and deliverance service thousands of people flock to the church daily in search of miracles. The Church is so successful that lodges and other infrastructures are centered inside this mega city. People from around the country and even outside its shores troop in regularly, in a bid to have an encounter with the pastor.

Many services are held regularly which is streamed live on their official TV station Mercy TV. Some people have repeated the claim that Prophet Jeremiah is the “first son” of Prophet T. B Joshua. He himself has acknowledged T. B Joshua as a powerful man, one he admires and most of his miracles and service style mirrors that of T. B Joshua, including the church structure.

This Prophet has been able to grow his church to the standard of being sort after by many people. His services is mixed with special deliverance, sermons, and what some consider a comic special due to the Prophet’s special rendition of Ewele, some even call him the Ewele Prophet.

He is also known to be generous, giving out cash money to the needy and match making single ladies to their potential husbands. This top Pentecostal Church in Warri is undoubtedly the biggest.

2. God’s Grace Ministry INC

Among the top Pentecostal Churches in Warri is seated in the front seat, God’s Grace Ministry INC. Founded by the leader, self claimed Bishop of the whole world, Saint Dikeji Daniel Miyerijesu. The church is located at No 58 Arubayi Street, Okumagba Layout Warri.

This Church is very popular due to its unique nature and doctrines as well as the obvious controversy surrounding its leader and founder. God’s Grace leader popularly referred to as “the Demon destroyer” aka “Osu” is a self ordained Saint and Bishop of the whole world.

The Bishop had years ago claimed that he had been to heaven and saw God and during his visit, he was given the title “The Bishop of the whole world” by God himself. He further said that he has spoken to Jesus Christ and Jesus had referred to him as “Jesus”. calling Osu the greatest of all ministers, even greater than the Pope. After the alleged encounter he changed his title to include that of a Saint and Bishop of the whole world.

This declaration had caused controversy in the city of Warri with many calling him out and other curious minds joining his church in a bid to have an encounter with the “Bishop of the whole world”.

The Church structure is located in a popular area of Warri, surrounded by previous residential homes which has been bought over by the church. The Church auditorium is so large that it can sit tens of thousand of people, and it does regularly.

There are services held almost everyday which lasts for hours making the environment constantly busy. Majority of her members are of the Urhobo tribe, just like the founder himself. The Church doctrine can be said to be laced with traditional beliefs as they are unique and strange in the ears of the common man.

Saint Dikeji Miyerijesu, as strict as he is with his doctrines is very particular about his church leaders. Two of his sons occupy prominent positions in the church both ordained as ministers. The leader of this great ministry became highly recognized from the regular crusade held in villages in Warri. These crusades featured a lot of deliverance service and miracles, as well as praises in the Urhobo language with his constant ringing of a bell as signature

The Bishop is known for always wearing a white robe, and his ministers have adapted this clothing style as well. He is also popular for breaking into Urhobo praise songs in the middle of his sermons. Over the years the church has grossed a lot of wealth and popularity, having several branches within Delta State and beyond. It has also purchased lots of land space in the city of Warri.

One thing that remains striking about the church’s leader is his continuous simplistic way of living despite the large wealth accumulated so far. Also his constant call for salvation and regular baptism of new converts cannot go unmentioned. The church has over the years proven to be a place where “sinners” and the the cast away of the society come to seek repentance. Also the place where members who break its doctrines are punished.

3. Word Of Life Bible Church

World of Life Bible Church was founded by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor in November 1987. The Church is located at the International Gospel Centre, 118/120 Ajamimogha-Ekpen Road, Ajamimogha, Warri. For years it was regarded as the biggest church auditorium in Warri and among the biggest in Africa before new churches took over.

The Church’s founder and leader makes the list of one of the most popular and richest Pastors in Nigeria. He was formerly a minister in The Church of God Mission under the leadership of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, before he said he was called by God to open his own ministry. Pastor Ayo has enjoyed numerous success in the church body. He was the former Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Delta State leader. He also served as the President Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) from 2010 – 2016.

Pastor Ayo has also faced so many controversy due to his alleged political involvement with the then President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, which the most notable is his alleged involvement in the $9.3 million US Dollars smuggled arms deal found in his private jet. The money was said to be allegedly smuggled into South Africa for the purchase of arms. The minister had denied any involvement in that crime and was later acquitted of the allegations.

Word of Life Bible Church is popular for its striking church building structure, large numbers of members as well as its location. The church has been so successful that it owns numerous other businesses. It owns a micro finance bank, a boarding and day school, a Television station, a foundation, an international school of ministry and now a university still under construction.

It has just one worship center and numerous teaching centers spread around Warri. There are buses that convey members to church and back on a regular basis. It is unarguably true that the reason the church is so popular and considered to be one of the top Pentecostal Churches in Warri and Nigeria is because of its leader Pastor Ayo.

He is loved by his member and they fondly call him “Papa”. It is said that the word Papa and Mama which has been incorporated in most churches was made popular by Pastor Ayo. There are some who also refer to him as the “Lion of Africa”. He is also know to be very extravagant and flashy, having flit of cars and security, owning a private jet as well as expensive designer clothes and trips around the world.

The church is known to host prominent ministers and gospel artists from across the continent regularly and the church choir popularly referred to as the milk and honey choir is one of the largest in the country.

4. Father’s House Bible Church

Founded by a former medical doctor and his fellow medical doctor wife, Dr Richmond and Silvia Leigh. The church is located at Effurun-Sapele Rd, Warri, the church occupies a huge land space.

This church is an epitome of a modern Pentecostal church. With its structure, believes and church doctrines reflecting that. The members of the church are very large from diverse culture and levels of the society.

The founder a Nigerian born doctor who grew up in the city of Warri, is married to a Romanian doctor named Silvia. Their medical practice was very successful until they branched off into ministry. The couple are the co- proprietor of Lily Clinic Warri, one of the best Hospitals in Warri.

Over the years the church has succeeded in staying away from major controversies, aside from the land dispute case that was attached to its leader. The case was later settled in court and judgement was given in favor of the pastor.

Father’s house bible Church is known for its stylish and sonorous choir ministrations, calm and enlightening sermons. Members of the church have been likened to Christ Embassy Church Members due to what people refer to as swagger of its members.

The church gained a lot of popularity due to its annual new year eves service called Jesus Mega party held at a crusade ground. This service is marked with lots of praises and worship and crowned with fire works.

5. Jesus Dominion Mission Inc

The Jesus Dominion Mission Inc is another Pentecostal church that is big and long standing in the city of Warri. The founder Bishop Dr Pius Odioko built a large church structure that is located at 79 Airport Road, Warri, Delta State.

This church is one of the oldest in the city of Warri and the leading Pastor has been in ministry for over 40 years. The land space the church occupies is so large that it could seat two of the church structure built in it.

Members of the church are very much devoted to their Bishop and services and programs are held regularly at its venue. It can be said that the church doctrine reflects the old Pentecostal doctrines.

6. Souls Harvesters Ministries

This Pentecostal church is located at 16/17 Ajamimogha-Ekpen Road, Warri. It is one of the oldest churches in the city, founded in 1970 by Christian students from various institutions. The Church was initially called the Youth Evangelical Movement (YEM) and later renamed the Souls Harvesters Ministries in 1974.

The church leader is Reverend E.O. Onofurho, a very dynamic and influential preacher. This church is very large occupying a big land space. Members come from far and wide to fellowship. Due to its history and old nature the church doctrine is considered a bit strict and old fashioned.

Souls Harvesters has succeeded in remaining popular and relevant over the years despite the birth of modern church. The church owns a school which is also situated at the church premises.

7. Rainbow Christian Assembly

The Rainbow Christian Assembly is a Pentecostal church founded by Apostle Dave Heman -Ackah and his wife Rhoda. This church is located at 77 Airport Road, Warri, Delta State. It is a modern church in every sense of the word. The church is situated on a very large land space and equipped with modern facilities.

Apostle Dave Heman – Ackah who is from Ghana started this ministry in 2002 with his wife, after breaking out from Word of Life Bible Church. His wife Rhoda is the younger sister of Delta State Governorship aspirant Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru.

For years after the church broke away from Word of Life, it was rumored that the Apostle took members of his former church with him, leaving Pastor Ayo in anger. Members of Rainbow Christian Assembly are known to be very loyal to their leader and over the years the church has hosted lots of Nollywood celebrities including Liz Benson who had her second wedding ceremony in the church.

The church is known to have a very vibrant and popular children’s department and also for the regular fellowships of celebrities, such as actress Eucharia Anunobi Eku who was a guest preacher one time in the church.

8. Flock Of Christ

This church is among one of the oldest churches founded in the city of Warri. It is located at Afatakpa Drive, Enerhe, Warri, Delta State. Founded by Bishop Simeon Okah, one of the oldest ministers still in the pastoral ministry. He is well respected and valued for his immense contribution to the Gospel in Nigeria.

The church came into existence in 1982, after he had been initially called into ministry in 1973 and successfully held a television and radio program called End Time Message. After the origination of the church the program continues to hold, calling on viewers and listeners to embrace Jesus and repent.

Bishop Okah continues to handle the leadership of the church with his wife Rev. Dr Comfort Okah and for years they have been successful with it. The church is regarded as one of the oldest Pentecostal Churches, have structure and doctrines that reflect it. Members are considered loyal and committed to the principles and teachings of their leader.

In terms of church size, the bishop has been able to been able gather a large flock of members, having up to forty different branches around the country. This church indeed is a house hold name in Warri and certainly respected as one of the top Pentecostal Churches in Warri.

9. Christ Missionaries Crusader’s Church

This Church is located at Edjeba Road Warri, adjacent NNPC Senior Staff Club, Warri, Delta State. Founded by its General Overseer, Bishop Dr God-Dowell Avwomakpa, in the 90s. The church continues to be one of the oldest standing churches in Warri occupying a great land space and having a gigantic church structure.

Members of the church are loyal to their leader and attend regular services and programs. The church doctrine is considered strict as some of its believes are said to reflect that of The Deeper Life Bible Church. With over 8 branches across the country and outside its shores the church has been deemed successful.

Bishop Avwomakpa is a very influential man, he served as a one time chairman Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Delta State Chapter. Also as the South South Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). He first became popular for hosting numerous crusade program across the rural areas of the state and also for his regular TV program called Crusaders Hour.

This Preacher is no stranger to scandal. It is rumored that the Bishop was involved in election malpractice during the James Ibori tenure as Governor of Delta State. Many Deltans allege that election papers were printed in his house and voting was also caste there. His ties to the ex governor was further linked when he hosted the governor’s thanks giving service after his release from prison back in 2017.

His church has been active for years, growing in members and structure. There is also a school inside the premises which most of the members send their children to.

Other Pentecostal Churches Not Founded In Warri Part Of The Biggest Church In Nigeria

10. Winners Chapel Warri

The Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel has a big main branch in Warri. It is located at No 1 Winners close, Off Water Resources Road Effurun-Warri, Delta State. It is seated in a gigantic land space. Having a very large main church, teens church and children church.

It has a flock of devoted members from different walks of life. This Winners branch is popular for its dynamic praise, sonorous choir ministrations and vibrant service. The members are so large that the church holds three services every Sunday.

Founded by Bishop David Oyedepo, the church is one of the biggest winners branches in Warri. It even has a school inside the structure and over 500 full time staffs working in the church premises.

11. Christ Embassy Warri

Christ Embassy Warri branch is located at Airport Road, Warri. It is the largest of Christ Embassy branch in Warri and also the head branch. It occupies a vast land space and attended by lots of Warri occupants.

It is considered the new modern church, due to its doctrines and fashion forward dress style of its members. Many of its members copy the dress style and behavior of the founder Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This branch is known to host the annual independence day program in partnership with other branches.

This independence day program is marked with colorful green and white attires, rally and a stadium show. There are several outreach programs the church is involved in and also numerous cell meetings.

12. Church Of God Mission Warri

Church of God Mission is an old Pentecostal Church founded by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. He was one of the earlier Pentecostal pastors that carried the gospel across the nation and beyond. The Archbishop is still respected and revered till date.

The Church of God Mission Warri branch is one of the birth child of Idahosa. It is located at  Jakpa Road, Warri. It embodies the doctrine and principles of her mother church in Benin. Members of the church are devoted to the late Archbishop, and services are held regularly just like that of the Benin church.

This church has a beautiful structure and the location is quite easy to access, as it is just along the road. Due to its longevity and size, it qualifies as one of the top Pentecostal churches in Warri.

13. The Redeemed Christian Church Of God

The Redeemed Christian Church of God bright hope, Warri is part of the numerous branches of The Redeemed Christian Church. It is located at 58b Bright Hope Street, off Airport Road, Effurun, Warri. What makes this church stand out among the others is part of the fact that it is one of the oldest in Warri.

It is one of the biggest of the Redeemed Church in Warri. It has a well structured church system and a large number of devoted members. This Redeemed Church is known for its wonderful praise sessions and melodious choir. It is popular and easily accessible to members of the public.

The Redeemed Church of God was founded by late Pa Josiah Akindayomi and is under the leadership of Pastor E.A Adeboye. One unique thing about the Redeemed Church is its spread of branches across the country and beyond.

These Pentecostal Churches in Warri are the popular and most attended by residence of the city. Therefore if you desire to worship in a trendy and largely populated church in the city of Warri, then you should consider attending any of them listed above.

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