UK Immigration – How To Become An Immigrant

UK Immigration for non immigrants is not as easy as going to any other country, therefore you need to be equipped with the appropriate information to make this process less stressful and successful. In this article I will be explaining UK Immigration process and how to successfully become an Immigrant in the UK.

You will have to pay close attention to the instructions I will be giving in order to fully understand the process. The United Kingdom is currently still part of the European Union which comprises of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England its main center of commerce has a high standard of living, which everyone craves for. Currently the British pounds is higher than the American dollars, making the UK a more desired place to live in.

If you are totally convinced that you want to relocate to the United Kingdom then you should have these things prepared and well organised.

UK Immigration – How To Become An Immigrant

Migrating to the UK as a European Union member country is not that difficult because currently the laws of the EU permits citizens to move and work without much restriction in countries governed by the European law. Although the debate is still ongoing for UK to pull out from the European Union, once that happens the laws will definitely change.

As for countries not part of the EU the process is different and more stressful. But we are here to break it down for you and make it less tedious. Below are the things you need to prepare:

1. Learn The Language

The primary Language spoken in the United Kingdom is the English Language. If you are part of a non English speaking country or English is not your first language, you will have to learn how to speak it. Someone looking to relocate to a foreign country where English is wildly spoken must learn how to communicate in the language.

As an immigrant you can’t avoid this. You will need to use the English language in everything that has to do with the migration process. You will need it to get a job and you will need it to communicate with citizens living in the UK. Therefore you can acquire the service of a skilled English teacher and start your lessons before you make your application. This is important and cannot be avoided.

2. Get A Valid Passport

You cannot be thinking of traveling to the UK without a valid international passport. Not having a passport will make your journey impossible. Therefore while you are taking your English class you should apply for an international Passport.

Of course this can be done in your home country. You just have to go to the immigration office and secure one. From my experience the process of getting an international passport is not tedious, what they require from you is your personal data. Once your data is captured in the system you can be issued your passport.

3. Secure A Job

If you are thinking of residing in the UK then you need to secure a job there. No country wants to welcome foreigners who would be a liability to them. Now you might be wondering how you can secure a job in the UK without being there, well it is very possible.

There are numerous job boards online that advertise foreign jobs and this includes jobs in the UK. You can use any of them to look for a job that suits your skills and apply. Once contacted by the employer, you can be called upon to resume work in the UK. If you get this opportunity then the better for you as your employer can help facilitate your visa application.

Now for you to be desired by an employer in the UK, you need to have skills that are required over there and they don’t have in abundance with their citizens. For example. nursing job in the UK is quite high in demand therefore if you are a professional nurse then you are at an advantage when you apply for a job . Securing a job in the UK is the surest way to successfully migrate to the UK.

4. Pass The English Language Proficiency Test

For countries like USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand they are not required to take this test. This is due to the fact that they are recognized as Native English speakers. But citizens from other countries are required to write and pass this test.

Therefore as an aspiring immigrant you have to write the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and get a good band score. If you have been taking the English Language class either online or via a physical tutor then you can put what you have learnt to test.

It is important you pass this exam as this will add to your overall score and help make your application successful.

5. Secure Your Finance

This is probably the first thing you need to do before you start the Immigration process. It should have been first on our list but all the same its here. You should secure your finance if you are looking to relocate to the UK. Here is our reasons.

  1. The cost of Visa Applications and processing is expensive – From Passport, IELTS. English tutoring, Visa etc
  2. The cost of travel ticket is high
  3. The cost of living in the UK is high – Accommodation, transport, food etc.

These things listed above are the reason why you should be financially prepared before undergoing the migration process. You don’t want to be stranded during the process, therefore secure your finance.

6. Get A Visa

The final step in migrating to the UK is getting your visa. In order to get your UK visa you need to make a visa application through the Immigration department. Now in my experience it is easier to get a visa when you have a sponsor.

In the case of someone looking to migrate and has gotten a job offer in the UK, you can have your employer act as your sponsor in your application. This is the easier step to take as it is known to be more successful. Your employer over there in the UK will fill the necessary paper work to request your entry into the United Kingdom.

While the processing is on, you will also carry out your filling in your home country, using the necessary documents required. This process usually take some few months, so you have to be patient. Once your visa application is approved, you can now make your relocation to the UK freely.

Now that you are aware of the UK Immigration and how to become an Immigrant you can begin the process and look forward to enjoying life in the UK. Also you should check out the Top 75 Immigration Blogs on the web where you will get the best Immigration information, our site Hotsaucenaija is privileged to be part of this list.

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