Ultimate Guide To Easily Migrate To Canada From Africa

As an African one of the country many people speak of when it comes to migration is Canada. Lots of Africans desire to migrate to Canada and they have been taking different failing route to do it.

You might be wondering why lots of Africans desire to move to Canada? The answers are numerous but I would just list a few of them.

  • The Canadian Government is reliable, so it can be trusted.
  • One of the best Health care systems in the world.
  • High employment opportunities with higher wages.
  • Very low crime rate.
  • Educational facilities are top notch.
  • Canadian citizenship would give access to over 150 countries visa free.

These are more than enough reasons to consider immigration to Canada a very good decision. If your desire is to be among those who are able to migrate to Canada from Africa, you should continue reading this article as it would help boost your chances of migrating to Canada successfully. I would encourage you to read through this article completely and if necessary bookmark this page for future reference.

How to Migrate to Canada Easily

Is there really an easy way of immigrating to Canada? One year ago I would have answered NO but today I can confidently answer YES. Years of research have proven that hard work in the right direction pays. No need to waste much of your time, Let me show you the easiest ways of migrating to Canada successfully.

Student Visa

Study permit has had a 90% success rate in helping student immigrants. To be able to study in Canada, you need to apply for student visa. Canadian study permit comes with work permit. Since Canada has one of the best schools in the world, if you are able to study in Canada you can work anywhere in the world.

After you are done studying in Canada, you should be able to land your self a very good job. A permanent job would boost your chances when applying for permanent Residency and after that you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Tourist Visa

Canada is made up very beautiful cities and sites. They have their own version of Disney land, Skiing and many more. Some of us have families in Canada. A visitors visa or a tourist visa is most appropriate for these kind of visits. Please note that visitors visa does not come with work permit.

Visiting Canada can help you network. You can get a job offer which would help you return to Canada. You can also find love and get married which would help you remain in Canada. Or you find business opportunities you can take advantage of. If you become a high investor, there is a program that can help you migrate to Canada successfully.

Spousal Sponsorship

Also know as citizenship by marriage. This is a common practice where you get married to a Canadian Citizen which makes you eligible for Canadian Citizenship. Here is how it works: You can marry the Canadian in you own country or any other country except Canada. Then you spouse can now apply for overseas sponsorship.

You can also take advantage of the visitors visa by traveling to Canada to tie the knot with a Canadian and the request for an Inland sponsorship.

Please note that you should not in any condition fake your relationship because there are stiff penalties if caught. Usually, the Canadian immigration will investigate you and your spouse for a period of 2 years of more before signing off your papers to authenticate the marriage.

Provincial Nomination

This is the most sort after program. It has helped lots of families migrate to Canada recently. This is where you apply to the provinces directly. Each of these Province have their own like SINP. Its all built around pool or skill laborers program. You expected to score a certain percentage of point before you are allowed to enter the pools. Visit the provincial website for more information. Trust me you can do this yourself all you need is proper planning. Job offer is always an advantage.

Investor Visa

Invest a minimum of $200,000 CAD in the business; and start a business that creates at least one full-time job for a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. If you want a speedy response I would advise you invest in farm lands. Canadian govt would also support you. As long as you don’t have any criminal record. Investing in Canadian farm Lands has 99% success rate.

This is the ultimate guide on how to easily migrate to Canada from Africa successfully and it has recorded an 88% success rate.

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