Where Can I Buy The Best Inverter Battery Online Nigeria?

The Renewable Energy Business in Nigeria has come to stay and it has grown into a multi million dollar business. There is an urgent need for people to access renewable energy materials without any difficulty. People keep asking questions like where can I buy the best inverter battery in Nigeria online?

The inverter system is mainly made up of an Inverter which converts current and inverter battery which is used to store power that is later used as backup. Energy storage is very vital to solar energy. We would be highlighting a few of the best online stores in Nigeria that answers the question of where can I buy the best inverter battery in Nigeria online.

Best Online inverter battery Stores in Nigeria

Best online inverter battery stores in Nigeria have been a very big contributors in the growth of the renewable energy business in Nigeria. These shops are responsible for the distribution of solar panes, inverters and inverter battery online. We would be counting down the best online inverter battery stores in Nigeria 2020.

Jumia Online store

This is probably the biggest online store in Nigeria, with lots of brands trading on this platform you are sure to find what you seek. They have one of the buyers protection policy, a very good return policy and they deliver goods on time. Shop with Jumia now. Here are some of the inverter batteries on Jumia.

  • Luminous Inverter battery
  • Power Star inverter battery
  • Altimate inverter battery
  • Sukam inverter battery
  • Mpower inverter battery
  • GMB inverter battery
  • Zedis inverter battery
  • Nexus inverter battery

Konga online store

In search of where to buy the best inverter batteries in Nigeria? Then search no further because konga online store has stocked a huge selection of inverter batteries at the lowest price you can’t find anywhere. Here are a few of inverter battery name brands on Konga.

  • Mercury inverter battery
  • Universal Chef inverter battery
  • Elron inverter battery
  • Crown Inverter battery
  • A&E Dunamis Inverter battery
  • Luminous inverter battery
  • Monbat inverter battery
  • Amaron Quanta inverter battery
  • Genus inverter battery

Luminous Nigeria

Luminous is the leading brand of inverters and online UPS systems in Nigeria – marketed, distributed and serviced by Wandel International, part of the Simba Group of Companies. At the heart of its value proposition to customers is the company’s relentless pursuit of complete customer satisfaction, which is exemplified by its award-winning Simba Service division, and which is a testament to the success of the brand in the country.

They only deal on luminous products only. Feel free to visit their online shop.


Kara.com.ng is the trading name of Royal coast Technologies Limited. They strive to deliver the benefits of technology to individual and communities. Their aim to achieve this by partnering with local and international resources to deliver the optimal solution for our customers.

  • Soelix inverter battery
  • Doukam inverter battery
  • Rubitec inverter battery


One of the online leading stores in Nigeria that deals with gadgets. One of the best places to buy inverter batteries. Check out their numerous options when you visit their website.

If you are looking to shop online for your Inverter Battery, you should try any of these online stores and get a good deal.

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