Where can I find the best pizza in Port Harcourt?

Pizza ! Yummy ! My best food. I need to snap out of this dream. My imagination runs wild whenever I fantasize about Domino’s pizza and cold stone ice cream. I have many unanswered questions about Pizza.

Why is it baked round but eaten in triangles? Who invented pizza? God bless you anyways. Stick around while we dig deep into this fluffy yummy best pizza restaurants in Port Harcourt matter.

What they won’t tell you about Pizza Restaurants in Port Harcourt

So many people think that Pizza has an American origin but I am sorry to disappoint it you because Pizza originated from Naples, Italy. Modern Pizza evolved from native flatbread dishes commonly served in Naples, Italy. History also has it that flatbread with toppings were consumed by ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

The word Pizza is borrowed from Italian Language. Now let me answer the common question, why is pizza baked round and cut in triangles? When baking Pizza you stretch out a lump of dough, toss it in the air and make circular motions with your hands and fist to elongate the shape and this motion causes the circular shape. It is then cut into triangles because it is the only way to cut them evenly.

Now that we are done with the history of Pizza, Let us help you find the best Pizza Restaurants in Port Harcourt and pizza near me. We would be counting down the best pizza places in Port Harcourt below.

Best Pizza In Port Harcourt

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza has taken the town by storm. They have domino’s pizza online order. You can order your favorite pizza from the comfort of your home but if you decide to eat out or just want to go buy them yourself. You can visit visit any domino’s pizza near me . They are currently have two outlets in port harcourt. One is Oluobasanjo Road waterlines while the other is adjacent Shell RA gate Aba road.

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Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza is one of the most famous types of pizza in the world but it is home to a Port Harcourt based fast food line Pepperoni fast food. They Just a few of them around. You can walk into any of their outlet for you favorite pizza.

Debonairs Pizza

I actually had my first pizza in Port aHrcourt at Debonair Pizza. Debonairs pizza menu is awesome. They would wow you with their varieties of options. Its located at the topmost floor of the Port Harcourt mall. Its a good way to relax while waiting for your movies.

Genesis Pizza

Visit any genesis fastfood outlet around port harcourt and order your favorite pizza. they also have online pizza order. Their pizza has one of the fluffiest dough in town. Genesis pizza is your number 1 with their numerous outlets around port harcourt city.

Kilimanjaro Pizza

There are just few of kilimanjaro outlets that can readily offer you pizza. You can get Kilimanjaro Pizza at GRA Junction branch, Aba road by Artilery branch and Agip Junction branch. They have one of the tastiest pizza. You can visit them any day of the week and get the Kilimanjaro height effect of pizza.

Pizza lovers can enjoy the best Pizza in Port Harcourt when they visit any of this fast-food stores in our list. You can also get other variety of snacks and refreshments in these stores when you visit

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