11 Important Things To Consider When Choosing An Event Hall In Port Harcourt

Planning an event is not an easy task especially in a country like Nigeria where there are so many expectations and challenges. No matter the kind of event be it a birthday celebration, wedding, conference etc., there is always high demand on the organizer to satisfy the invitees. There are 11 Important things to consider when choosing an event hall in Port Harcourt in order for your event to be successful.

Port Harcourt is a big city with lots of people who love occasions. Every weekend you are sure of one event or the other. Where you choose to host your event in Port Harcourt will first of all determine if your invited guest will honor your invitation.

It will also determine how successful your event will be, and once your guests are not satisfied with the hall you hosted your party, you become subjected of ridicule and negative talks. In order to avoid these negative consequences you should look out for certain things when choosing your hall. This things are listed below.

11 Important Things To Consider When Choosing An Event Hall

1. Budget (Cost Of The Hall)

Before you set out to make preparations for your event you should consider your budget. Make a list of things that are needed for that event and put an estimated price on each item. Of course before you make the list you should have done a market survey to know the prize range these things fall under.

For your event hall you should put up an estimated amount you are willing to spend on a hall. Please take note that halls are quite expensive in Port Harcourt and depending on the season you could also spend more. For example a small hall can cost you up to N200,000 during regular period and can cost you more during festive period. If your event is going to be attended by lots of people then you will have to look for a big hall that can accommodate them. You should consider budgeting N350,000 and above for hall.

2. Size Of The Hall

Now you don’t want to invite people for your party and have them hang around the environment simply because the hall could not contain them. You should always budget for more people than you invited to your event. It is a normal Nigerian mentality to attend an event they are not invited to and Port Harcourt is not left out from this trend, therefore if you invited 500 people you should get a hall that can accommodate 750/800 people.

It is better there are surplus seats available than insufficient seats. Look for a hall that can accommodate all your guests and more if uninvited guests show up. Remember the size of your hall determines the cost of the hall, therefore choose wisely.

3. Location

There are some locations in Port Harcourt that are ideal to host an event and there are others that are not. For example you can’t host your party at the outskirt of the city and expect your friends that live within the city to show up. Plus you find better modern and well equipped halls within the city.

If what you want is for your friends and family to come celebrate your event with you then you should choose a location that will be ideal for them to get to. It would be selfish to do an event in a location nobody knows or that is far away from town.

4. Security

Every event venue should have a standby security. It is part of what you paid for. I t would be wrong for you to host an event in a place that is not secured. We all know that different types of people attend events and some are there to carry out terrible acts. It would be advisable to have security available in case of any unforeseen circumstance.

5. Environment

If you are hosting a seminar it would be very unwise to choose an event hall that is close to a bar, or club. This won’t be the proper environment for you. You should pick an environment that has good road for cars to drive in, easily accessible and serene. Wedding receptions should be done in a romantic environment therefore check that your event hall has the amenities to give your program the mood it desire.

6. Good Speakers

Have you ever gone to an event and the speakers are either too loud or they are not audible. This is a norm in lots of parties in Port Harcourt. The reason for this is that the event host did not pay attention to this important issue before picking a hall. What I would advise you to do is, when you have a hall that you would like to use, you should go check the hall out when there is an event there. This way you will notice a lot of things about the hall. Because if you do a sound check when there is no one in the hall, you might not be able to notice the problems with the sound system. Sound is very important in any part, your guest would either be encouraged by the sound or discouraged and leave early.

7. Parking Space

Nobody wants to attend a party and not have where to park their vehicle. This is one important thing you should look out for, There should be enough parking space for all your guests to securely park their cars. If your event hall doesn’t have enough parking space then you should make alternative arrangements to ensure that your guest have where they car securely leave their cars.

8. Good Restroom

This is a very important factor that a lot of event hosts mostly overlook. If you are hosting a wedding you are bound to have both the old and young attend your reception and we all know kids love to use the restroom regularly. It would be very terrible that your guest are unable to find a restroom to use or can’t make use of the one available because it is not suitable. Before you pick an event hall check that they have a good restroom and make sure it is clean on the day of your event.

9. Lighting and AC

Again this cannot be over emphasized. I have attended so many events where there are AC that could not go round. Guests had to move out and hang outside just because of the heat. Also when the light is poor it affects the mood of the hall and also your decorations won’t shine bright. You should look out for these things before choosing your hall. You don’t want to look back on your event with regret as to the things you should have done differently.

10. Projectors and TV

These are things that add to the beauty of your event. If you are hosting a seminar or lecture then you should get a hall that has a projector. It would make teaching easier and keep your guests engaged. If your event is a wedding reception, birthday or an anniversary a projector and TV is also important. With it you can play picture slides, videos and your DJ can also projects songs on it. This would make your event very lively and your guests entertained.

11. Inner Room

This is one important thing you MUST consider before booking an event hall. An Inner room can be used for several things. It can be used for changing and keeping your properties, also for keeping your drinks and food, it can also be used for relaxing when you need some time off. I won’t advise anyone to book an event hall that doesn’t have an extra room.

Now that you know the 11 Important Things To Consider When Choosing An Event Hall In Port Harcourt, you are one step away from hosting the most memorable event that would leave your guests talking about it for years to come.

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