Best Corporate Travel Management Companies In The World

Looking to travel abroad? you would need a Travel Management Company to make your trip easy. Someone to plan everything for you from transportation, flight booking, hotel reservation and more below are the Best Corporate Travel Management Companies in the world to handle these.

Best Corporate Travel Management Companies

A Corporate travel management company handles your business travel plans. From organizing a corporate event to flight booking and reservations, travel agents make sure all your travel needs are met. This gives room to the traveler to focus on other important things.

Corporate organizations can plan their trips and events abroad using any of these best corporate travel management companies we will be listing below.

1. American Express Global Business Travel (GBT)

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is the world largest travel management company. With over 11,000 employees this company partners with top airline in the world to provide their customers with the best travel experience.

The company is known to offer two major business categories of travel management. They also have an online platform which makes it very easy to access and their customer care line is open 24 hours to attend to questions and complaint.

2. CWT

CWT an American based Corporate travel management company is one company that is efficient and reliable when it comes to travels. This company has presence in 150 countries around the world and a staff strength of over 17,000.

Their services is topnotch and they offer good discount to their loyal customers. CWT works diligently to make sure customers get the best travel experience and the security and safety of their clients is a high priority.

3. BCD Travel

BCD Travel has its head quarters in Utrecht Netherlands and branches in 109 countries spread around the world. It is a very efficient and considered one of the Best Corporate Travel Management Companies in the world.

They have an online booking platform and different travel categories option to choose from. Their services is ideal and very satisfactory.

4. FCM Travel Solution

FCM Travel Solution is another giant in the corporate travel management industry. It has its headquarters located at Brisbane Australia, with branches in 97 countries around the world.

This travel management company focuses more on medium and large companies. They have a large list of client and have made billion in sales over the years.

They are sort after because they are trusted and very reliable. This company takes care of all travel needs from the little things to the most needed assistance.

5. Travel Edge

Travel Edge is a travel company based in Toronto Canada. It offers luxury travel to clients that requires it. Their services include both leisure and corporate travels and have a thousand expert advisors to guide you through your travel experience.

This company has an online platform that is easily accessible and convenient to use. They have well trained staff and very good 24 hours customer service.

Travel Edge makes sure all your travel expectations are met and are considered one of the best corporate travel Management companies around.

The above mentioned companies are the best corporate travel management companies in the world for all your travel need.

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