Best Tutoring Companies to Work for Online and Make Money Today

There are so many tutoring companies around the world these days, but this article would highlight only the best tutoring sites to work for today.

Becoming an online tutor could be very lucrative especially after the Coronavirus pandemic. English tutors for Chinese students is in very high demand.

We would be counting down the best tutoring companies to work for online around the the globe. It does not matter where you are, teaching English online without a degree is possible. These are high paying online tutoring jobs.

Top 10 Best Tutoring Companies to Work For Online


AIETA is the fastest growing and most dynamic online English Language Teaching (ELT) company in the United States. They offer a highly competitive salary, career growth opportunities, and a highly professional educated staff to support their team of international educators.

In 2017 alone they created thousands of jobs for home-based teachers. These teachers are from all over the world and come from all walks of life. AIETA aims to motivate young students.


“My experience with Chegg Tutors has been wonderful. It has made it possible for me to continue teaching even with a busy academic schedule. If someone is considering joining the team, my advice would be to put your heart into every session—a short tutoring session can easily turn into the highlight of your day!”


Have you ever wondered what Cambly means?. Cambly is a app/service that allows English language learners to pay a monthly subscription fee for a certain number of minutes (depending on the package they buy).

Tutoring with Cambly is fun and rewarding, no experience necessary. Get Paid while you chat with students, The site automatically track the time you tutor. Cambly pays $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20/hour), delivering your earnings every Monday via PayPal.

You can work anytime from anywhere by logging into the Cambly tutors website. You make your own hours. Work as little or as much as you want. You can log online whenever you have a free moment and start taking calls within minutes!


SayABC has one of the best rates available for teaching online. Additionally you control your own schedule to fit around your lifestyle and can work from anywhere with a strong Internet connection.

Teaching kids with SayABC is a lot of fun and hugely rewarding. The platform is designed to make the experience not only great for the students but the teacher too! Their curriculum was developed in collaboration with Cengage and National Geographic.

SayABC interactive teaching platform includes everything you need. Through their exclusive partnership with National Geographic Learning’s ‘Our World’ they provide everything you need to make lessons both engaging and fun. This include teaching tools such as notes, reward and feedback cards. Lessons can be previewed before the class to help you prepare.

SayABC teachers build confidence in every child. The platform provides you with opportunities to empower the younger generation to discover a world of possibilities.


  • Work when you want, where you want – with no commitment or minimum hours.
  • Teach One-on-One No lesson planning. The platform allows you to focus on what you love – teaching kids.
  • Oh… and Get PaidTeaching kids is its own reward. But the money doesn’t hurt.

First sign up to create an account with VIPKid. Then answer some basic questions. You’ll be on your way to learning more about teaching online, and teaching with VIPKid. VIPKids are mainly Chinese children.

Learn to Be

Are you a high school student? A college student? A professional? Recent retiree? If you answered yes to any of these, become an online volunteer tutor with Learn To Be!

Help K-12 underserved youth in math, science, reading and writing from wherever is most convenient and whenever is most convenient.

Meet, connect and become BFF’s with PhD’s, NASA scientists, engineers, writers and historians in this community.

English First

With eager students and easy-to-use lessons at various levels, you’ll love teaching English online. As a teacher, you will use online presentations, cameras, microphones, and Adobe tools to help your students practice real world English.

Online classes could be private, one to one classes, or group sessions. You will be required to prepare for each class before you teach English online, and give live feedback to your students. After class, you will then assist your students further offering post-lesson feedback.
EF has also designed a unique online platform that allows teachers and students from all over China to connect and learn. EF aims to use online platforms to help meet the future demands of both English teachers and English language learners, in a bid to open the world through education.

Teaching English online with EF is a great way to be at the forefront of online language learning and enjoy a rewarding job overseas.

These are the requirements you need to fulfill to become an online English teacher:

  • US or UK passport. At the moment, they only hire native speakers from these two countries to work as online teachers.
  • Completed Bachelor’s degree in any field. Please note, it does not have to be a degree in either teaching or English – any degree will be sufficient.
  • You should be authorized to work in the US or the UK. Payment is made from a US-based company and you should be legally able to accept it.
  • You have to have stable internet with an Ethernet cable connection and a set of equipment. Please see below more details about technical requirements
  • TEFL certification. You will be teaching English to foreign students, and EF wants to make sure they employ highly qualified teachers to be leading lessons for young and adult learners.
  • If you have a citizenship of any other English-speaking country, unfortunately we they cant offer online teaching position right now. There may be other teaching opportunities, such as teaching abroad with them.


PalFish is an app-based platform meaning you need an iOS (Apple) or Android cell phone/tablet in order for this to work for you. With PalFish, you can teach both one-on-one and larger groups of students. Non-native English speaking teachers are encouraged to apply. PalFish does not have any preference in regards to nationality for teaching positions. 

To apply to be a PalFish teacher, you must be fluent in English; have excellent communication and interpersonal skills; be creative and energetic; and be passionate about teaching students English. Due to recent changes from the Chinese government, you MUST have a valid teaching certification (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA) or teaching license to teach with PalFish. 

You set your own pay rate – PalFish does not influence your decision at all. For one-on-one classes, the average pay rate is approximately $10-$18 USD per hour, however, there are teachers charging more than $30 USD per hour that are still quite popular. Please note, payment is made only via Payoneer


iTutorGroup, also know as TutorABC and VIPABC, is from Taiwan, which has been around since 1998. The base pay rate is significantly more favorable to teachers from the US/UK/Canada.

If you are with them for long enough and live in certain countries you can make over $20 an hour, but the rest are relatively low pay, which can be $8–11 per hour. In the past teachers have been able to make up to $30 per hour, but that does not seem to be as common as it used to be.

The class range from individual to small groups of up to six students. They provide extremely easy to use materials. You can teach children and/or adult business professionals. iTutorGroup has branches like iTutor, TutorABC, VIPJr, VIPABC, TutorJr, TutorMing (teach Chinese).

Note: in our group, there are those who love iTutorGroup and those who absolutely hate them. Very mixed reviews. The pay gap between Native and Non-native is quite significant. The pay rate also varies depending on your current location.


AmazingTalker is an international online learning platform founded in 2016. There are more than 76,000+ active students and 1,000+ teachers from different countries. The company allows tutors to provide tutorials in 50+ languages, with English being the most in-demand. Students are free to search for their teachers with their specific requirements or lesson types (TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS/Business English…).

Pay Rate: Earn up to $120/hour (i.e. $100/lesson); average rate $21.96/hour (i.e. $18.3/lesson)

*Each lesson is 50 minutes, students can request a 25-minute trial lesson before purchasing lessons


  • The rate is set totally by yourself *Currently, the highest paid tutor charge USD$100+/50 mins
  • You can provide tutorials other than English
  • Students schedule lessons with your available time slots
  • No contract, you are free to join and quit anytime you want
  • Comprehensive tutor training and mentoring programs
  • 3 ways to receive payments: PayPal, TransferWise & Payoneer
  • Regressive commission model – relatively low commission rate: from 0% to 15% *The more you classes you taught, the less you are charged
  • You can message and communicate with students before class


  • AI ranking system is slightly disadvantageous to new teachers
  • Strict tutor selection process: you need to have relevant experiences/certificates and pass the interview before becoming a teacher
  • Require a video self-introduction
  • Create a lesson plan by yourself

Online tutoring could be one of the easiest ways to make money today. The options for online tutoring are numerous. If you don’t find what you seek, I would suggest you put some time into research.

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