Best Way To Make Money In Starfield

In the vast expanse of space, the upcoming game “Starfield” promises adventure, exploration, and boundless opportunities. With the anticipation building around this highly awaited space exploration game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, many players are curious about the best ways to make money within the game’s universe. In this article, we will delve into the depths of Starfield to uncover the most effective strategies for amassing wealth.

Exploring the Cosmos: A Wealthy Start

Discovering New Planets and Systems

One of the most exciting aspects of Starfield is the opportunity to explore uncharted territories. As a pioneer in this vast cosmos, you’ll stumble upon new planets, star systems, and celestial wonders. These discoveries can lead to immense wealth, as you can stake your claim on resource-rich planets and establish yourself as a planetary governor.

Mining Resources in Uncharted Territories

Mining is a lucrative activity in Starfield. Once you’ve claimed a resource-rich planet, you can set up mining operations to extract valuable minerals, ores, and precious gems. These resources can be sold in the interstellar market for substantial profits.

Trade Routes and Commerce: A Galaxy of Possibilities

Establishing Trade Routes

Commerce is the lifeblood of the galaxy, and establishing trade routes can be a profitable venture. Invest in cargo ships, negotiate trade agreements, and transport goods between different star systems. As you build a reputation as a reliable trader, your profits will soar.

Becoming a Merchant Extraordinaire

To maximize your earnings, diversify your trading portfolio. Deal in rare and exotic goods, and stay ahead of market trends. Being a savvy merchant means knowing when to buy low and sell high, and this can lead to substantial wealth accumulation.

Bounty Hunting: Pursue Prosperity

Hunting Down Space Pirates

The cosmos is not without its dangers, and space pirates roam the universe, preying on the unsuspecting. Become a bounty hunter, track down these criminals, and claim the bounties on their heads. This profession can be both thrilling and highly rewarding.

Collecting Bounties on Dangerous Creatures

Space is teeming with exotic and dangerous creatures. Embark on hunting expeditions to capture these creatures alive or collect trophies from the most formidable beasts. Zoos, collectors, and research institutions will pay top dollar for these rare specimens.

Scientific Ventures: Knowledge Equals Wealth

Research and Discovery

Embark on scientific expeditions to study the cosmos. Document new species, analyze celestial phenomena, and make groundbreaking discoveries. Scientific findings can be sold to universities, research institutions, and collectors.

Selling Rare Scientific Findings

Rare scientific findings, such as alien artifacts or unique geological samples, can fetch astronomical prices. Engage in careful research and exploration to uncover these valuable treasures.

Spaceship Customization: Crafting Luxury and Profit

Upgrading Your Starship

Invest in customizing and upgrading your starship. A well-equipped vessel not only enhances your exploration capabilities but can also be sold at a premium price to collectors and fellow adventurers.

Selling Customized Ships for Profit

If you have an eye for design, consider customizing starships and selling them to other players. Many will pay handsomely for a ship tailored to their preferences.

Joining Factions: Power and Prosperity

Aligning with Factions

Factions play a significant role in Starfield’s universe. Align yourself with one to gain access to unique missions, resources, and opportunities for wealth accumulation.

Completing Faction Missions for Rewards

Faction missions often offer substantial rewards, including rare equipment, valuable information, and financial compensation. Dedicate your efforts to advancing your chosen faction’s interests.

Smuggling Operations: Risky Business, Big Rewards

Navigating Illicit Trade Routes

For those willing to take risks, smuggling can be a highly profitable endeavor. Navigate secret trade routes, transport contraband, and evade law enforcement for substantial rewards.

Selling Contraband for High Profits

Illegal goods can fetch exorbitant prices on the black market. Just be prepared to outsmart authorities and competitors in this risky business.

Entertainment Industry: Stars and Stardom

Becoming a Celebrity in the Game

In the immersive world of Starfield, players can become celebrities through various in-game activities. As a celebrity, you can earn money through endorsements, appearances, and sponsored events.

Earning from In-Game Entertainment Ventures

Create your own in-game entertainment experiences, from virtual concerts to thrilling races. Charge entrance fees and rake in profits as players seek entertainment in your virtual universe.

Artifact Hunting: Ancient Treasures Await

Scouring Ruins and Wrecks

Explore ancient ruins and the wreckage of long-lost spaceships. These locations often hold valuable artifacts and relics from bygone eras.

Auctioning Off Rare Artifacts

Become an artifact collector and auction off your discoveries to the highest bidders. Collectors and historians will pay a premium for these priceless relics.

Real Estate Investments: A Galaxy of Property

Buying and Developing Planetary Real Estate

Invest in planetary real estate, develop it, and create thriving communities. Rental income and property value appreciation can provide a steady stream of wealth.

Earning Rental Income in the Cosmos

Rent out your properties to fellow players or AI-controlled characters. The demand for safe and comfortable living spaces is always high in the ever-expanding universe.

Multiplayer Collaborations: Cooperative Wealth

Team Up with Other Players for Profitable Ventures

Cooperative gameplay can be highly rewarding. Join forces with other players to tackle challenging missions, explore new frontiers, and share the spoils of your adventures.

Share Profits from Joint Expeditions

Collaboration allows for the efficient distribution of resources and profits. Trustworthy teammates can help you amass wealth more quickly and effectively.

Stock Markets and Investments: A Galactic Portfolio

Investing in Interstellar Corporations

Participate in the interstellar stock market by investing in corporations. As these companies expand and thrive, your investments can multiply exponentially.

Playing the Stock Market for Profits

Keep a close eye on market trends and make informed decisions to buy and sell stocks at the right time. Successful stock trading can make you a wealthy tycoon in the world of Starfield.

Space Tourism: Offer the Ultimate Journey

Organizing Space Tours for Tourists

Provide tourists with the adventure of a lifetime by organizing space tours. Charge premium prices for the chance to witness breathtaking cosmic phenomena up close.

Charging High Fees for Spectacular Views

The views of distant galaxies, nebulae, and celestial wonders are priceless. Capitalize on the allure of space by offering exclusive tours for a hefty profit.

Exploring Anomalies: Unpredictable Rewards

Investigating Cosmic Anomalies

Anomalies in the cosmos can lead to unique and unexpected discoveries. Investigate these phenomena for the chance to acquire rare and valuable resources.

Gaining Unique Rewards from Unknown Phenomena

Exploring anomalies is not without risks, but the rewards can be extraordinary. Be prepared for surprises as you delve into the mysteries of the universe.


1. How do I get started in Starfield?

Begin by exploring new planets, participating in trade, or joining a faction to kickstart your journey to wealth.

2. Is there a risk of losing money in Starfield?

Yes, there are risks associated with various activities. Be cautious and strategic in your pursuits.

3. Can I play Starfield solo or do I need to collaborate with other players?

You can choose to play solo or collaborate with other players, depending on your preferences.

4. What is the best way to protect my wealth in the game?

Diversify your investments, maintain a well-equipped starship, and stay informed about market trends.

5. Are there in-game events or updates that can impact wealth accumulation?

Yes, Bethesda Game Studios periodically introduces events and updates that can influence the game’s economy. Stay tuned for these developments.

Conclusion: Carving Your Path to Prosperity

In the ever-expanding universe of Starfield, there are countless avenues to amass wealth. Whether you choose to be an intrepid explorer, a shrewd merchant, a daring bounty hunter, or a savvy investor, the galaxy offers opportunities aplenty. Carve your path to prosperity, and may the stars shine favorably upon your endeavors.

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