How To Easily Check My BVN On MTN

Every bank customer in Nigeria receives a unique identifying number known as a “Bank Verification Number,” or BVN, from the Central Bank of Nigeria. It lowers fraudulent activity and acts as a means of identifying people within the banking system. If you want to check for your BVN on your MTN line, you can do that in a few different ways, and it’s a simple process. We will look at how to use USSD codes, the MTN mobile app, and customer support to verify your BVN on MTN in this article.

How To Check BVN On MTN

As earlier discussed we will be looking at three simple methods to check your BVN if you are an MTN users. These methods does not cost money and are very fast. You mainly require your phone to use these methods. Below is how to check your BVN on MTN.

A. Making Use of USSD Code

Using USSD codes is one of the easiest ways to check your BVN on MTN. With this way, you can get your BVN straight from your phone without having to connect to the internet. Anyone with an MTN line can use this method to check their BVN from any location.

B. Making Use of a Mobile App

Checking your BVN is one of the many options available on the MTN mobile app. You may quickly access your BVN details by installing the MTN mobile app, logging in, or creating an account. If you do not have the App on your phone, you would need to download it from your phone app store before you can use it.

C. Making a Customer Service Call

You can also check your BVN by contacting MTN’s customer care service if you would rather speak with a customer support agents. They will provide you your BVN data and walk you through the process. You can also make other enquires concerning your MTN line using this method. It is a toll free number, therefore you do not need to pay to use it.

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Detailed Instructions for Every Technique Listed Above

A. USSD Code

  • For information regarding your BVN, dial the USSD code *565*0# on your MTN line and press Call/Enter.
  • Once the code is dialed, a 11-digit number will pop up on your screen. , you Observe the instructions Copy the number in a safe space as that is your unique Bank Verification Number. You will also receive a text message on your phone, with your BVN as the content of the message.
  • It is advisable you save the BVN in a secure and safe place for future use. .
  • You should note that this process can cost you charges of N20 which will be debited from your MTN call credit balance.

B. MTN Mobile App

To retrieve your BVN from MTN using the MTN mobile you will first of all:

  • Get the MTN mobile application from the app store.
    If you are a new user, please register or log in to your account if you already have one.
    Open the app and navigate to the BVN area.
    The first thing you should see when you open this section is your BVN details.
  • You can save the information in a safe place for future use

C. Contact MTN Customer Care Service

In order to contact the MTN customer care service for information or to check your BVN information you should follow the process below:

  • Enter the MTN customer support number 300 on your MTN line.
  • You will receive a voice prompt as directed by the interactive voice response (IVR) system, follow the instruction and choose the option you want.
  • Give the required details, including your phone number and account information when asked.
  • Once you have provided all the information that is requested, you will receive help from a customer service agent to obtain your BVN.

Tips and Considerations

Below are some tips and things to take note of in order to make checking of your BVN on MTN easy.

A. Verify Network Accessibility

Make sure you have a steady network connection before attempting to check your BVN in order to prevent any disruptions during the procedure. Especially if you are making use of the MTN mobile App to check your BVN. This is because a bad network will hinder your progress in accessing the App.

B. Prepare the Required Information

In order to have a smooth process when it comes to checking your BVN on MTN network, you should gather all the required information before you start. For those who will be calling the MTN customer care service line for assistance, you should have all you account information ready so as to get the information you want.

C. Verify Details Carefully

It is one thing to gather the required information, it is another thing for those information to be correct. You should make sure to verify the information you have prepared. Your phone number and any other necessary details should be correct, in order to get your BVN information from MTN.


BVN is important especially when you are dealing with the Nigerian Banking system. Therefore it is important you check your BVN on MTN using the above methods to stay updated. Remember to always keep your BVN information safe and private to prevent fraud.

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