How To Make Baby Cereal in 5 minutes

Baby Cereal is a good food option for your kids when they start eating solid. There are many type of cereal in the market and choosing the best baby cereal would help your child’s growth. Lots of parents don’t know how to make baby cereal, and today we are going to teach them.

Before we dive into that topic let us first of all list the type of baby cereal available in the market. Parents can buy any of the options listed below and feed their babies. We will also be answering some questions as regards to this topic.

Type Of Baby Cereal Available

  • Rice Cereal
  • Oatmeal Baby Cereal
  • Wheat Baby Cereal
  • Multigrain Baby Cereal
  • Strawberry Baby Cereal
  • Banana Baby Cereal.
  • Grain and fruit Baby Cereal

When Is The Best Time To Start Solid?

While some parents start giving their babies solid at 5 months old. Doctors advice mothers to do exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of the child’s life. Therefore it is advisable to start solid when the baby turns 6 months and you can start by giving the baby cereal.

Can You Mix Baby Cereal With Water?

Water is a key ingredient use in making baby cereal. Therefore the answer is yes, you can mix baby cereal with water. Although some people make use of only milk when making their cereal, it is good to make use of water.

Does Rice Cereal Help Babies Sleep?

When your child take baby cereal they should be able to sleep well. Rice cereal is particularly common and does not disrupt your babies sleep it encourages it. Overall if your child eats very well, they should be able to sleep soundly.

Ingredients For Baby Cereal


Baby Cereal

How To Make Baby Cereal

Mothers should start by buying a very good baby cereal brand in the market. Then wash your hands properly. You can now take your water and put in a kettle, allow it to boil for like 5 minutes. Let it settle a little, then take your feeding bottle and measure the appropriate portion of water that is indicated in the cereal instruction. You will see a feeding chart in the container of the baby cereal.

Pour the water into your baby feeding bowl. Then you take a spoon and measure the quantity of cereal that is required for the water and pour inside the bowl. Stir with a spoon till it becomes smooth and the texture ok for your baby. For extra flavor you can mash little banana and add to the cereal.

Cereals are good growing babies and even toddlers. It will become part of your child’s menu as they grow, therefore knowing how to make them is important.

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