How To Make Money As A Teenager In South Africa

Making money as a teenager can be an exciting and empowering endeavor. Whether you want to save for college, buy the latest gadgets, or simply gain financial independence, South Africa offers numerous opportunities for teenagers to earn money. In this article, we will explore various creative ways for South African teenagers to make money. From starting small businesses to leveraging digital platforms, there are plenty of options to explore.

How To Make Money As A Teenager In South Africa

There are so many options to make money as a teenager in South Africa. Some of these opportunities can be carried out from the comfort of your home and can earn you daily income. Below are some of the ways to make money as a teenager in South Africa:

Leveraging Your Skills

Hone Your Talents

One of the most effective ways for teenagers to make money in South Africa is by capitalizing on their unique skills and talents. Whether you’re a skilled musician, artist, or programmer, your abilities can be turned into a lucrative venture.

Offer Tutoring Services

If you excel in a particular subject, offering tutoring services to fellow students can be a great way to make money while helping others succeed in their studies.

Freelance Online

The digital age offers countless opportunities for freelance work. From writing and graphic design to programming, you can find freelance gigs online that align with your skills.

Explore Part-Time Jobs

Retail and Fast Food

Many retail stores and fast-food chains hire teenagers for part-time positions. This provides valuable work experience and a steady income.

Babysitting and Pet Sitting

Babysitting and pet sitting are popular part-time jobs for teenagers. Parents often seek responsible teenagers to care for their children and pets.


If you’re a strong swimmer, becoming a lifeguard at local pools or beaches can be both a rewarding and well-paying job option.

E-commerce Ventures


Consider starting an e-commerce business through dropshipping. You can sell products online without the need for inventory or shipping.

Creating Handmade Products

If you’re crafty, create handmade products like jewelry or artwork and sell them on platforms like Etsy or at local markets.

Affiliate Marketing

Partner with companies to promote their products and earn a commission for every sale made through your referral.

Digital Content Creation

YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube channel where you share content related to your interests, from gaming and cooking to fashion and lifestyle.


Start a blog and monetize it through advertisements and affiliate marketing. Consistent quality content can attract a significant audience.

Social Media Influencing

Build a strong social media presence and collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and partnerships.

Participating in Surveys and Market Research

Online Surveys

Join online survey platforms that pay you for sharing your opinions on various products and services.

Focus Groups

Participate in focus groups that provide feedback on new products or services and earn compensation.

Product Testing

Some companies offer payment for testing their products and providing feedback.

Gardening and Farming

Selling Homegrown Produce

If you have a green thumb, consider growing fruits and vegetables and selling them locally.

Landscaping Services

Offer landscaping and gardening services to homeowners in your community.

Plant Sales

Sell potted plants and flowers at local markets and online.

Online Freelancing


Freelance writing can be a lucrative online job. You can write articles, blog posts, or even eBooks for clients.

Graphic Design

If you’re skilled in graphic design, offer your services for creating logos, graphics, and promotional materials.


Coding skills are in high demand. You can take on coding projects and freelance as a programmer.

Online Tutoring

Academic Subjects

Tutor fellow students in subjects you excel in, such as mathematics, science, or languages.

Language Tutoring

Teach others a new language you’re proficient in.

Music Lessons

If you’re a musician, offer music lessons online or in person.

Arts and Crafts

Handmade Jewelry

Craft and sell your handmade jewelry pieces, showcasing your creativity.

Custom Artwork

Create custom artwork for clients, including paintings, illustrations, and digital art.

Craft Workshops

Host workshops to teach others your crafting skills.

Pet Services

Dog Walking

Offer dog walking services to busy pet owners in your neighborhood.

Pet Grooming

Learn pet grooming techniques and offer grooming services for dogs and cats.

Pet Boarding

Provide pet boarding services for those going on vacation.

Event Planning

Birthday Parties

Plan and organize birthday parties for children and teenagers.

Small Gatherings

Help organize and decorate small events and gatherings.

Decorations and Catering

Offer decoration and catering services for special events.

Peer-to-Peer Services

Car Wash

Start a car wash service in your neighborhood.

Laundry Service

Provide laundry services to busy individuals and families.

House Cleaning

Offer house cleaning services on a regular or one-time basis.

Online Marketplaces

Selling Pre-loved Items

Declutter your space and sell pre-loved items on platforms like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

Flipping Products

Buy and resell products, such as vintage clothing or collectibles, at a profit.

Vintage Collectibles

Search for valuable vintage items and sell them to collectors.

Financial Management

Savings and Investment

Learn about savings and investment options to grow your money.


Master budgeting skills to manage your earnings effectively.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Offer workshops to teach others about financial literacy and money management.


1. Can I start a business as a teenager in South Africa?

Yes, there are no age restrictions for starting a business in South Africa. However, you may need parental consent or assistance in certain legal matters.

2. Are there online platforms to find part-time jobs for teenagers?

Yes, websites like StudentJob and Gumtree often have listings for part-time jobs suitable for teenagers.

3. What is the minimum age for online freelancing?

There is no specific minimum age for online freelancing. It depends on the platform and the type of work you wish to do.

4. How can I market my online business effectively?

Social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing are effective ways to market your online business.

5. What should I do with the money I earn as a teenager?

It’s wise to save and invest a portion of your earnings for the future while also budgeting for your current needs and wants.


Making money as a teenager in South Africa is entirely achievable with determination and creativity. Whether you choose to capitalize on your skills, explore part-time jobs, or dive into the world of e-commerce and digital content creation, the opportunities are abundant. Remember, the key is to stay committed, stay informed, and keep looking for new ways to achieve your financial goals.

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