Nigerian Passport Office, Addresses Near Me

The Nigerian Passport is a travel document Nigerians use in traveling. It also serves as a means of identification for her citizens. There are several Nigerian Passport office spread around the country, where citizens can obtain their passport. This article is focused on the Nigerian Passport office addresses near me that this travel document can be processed.

In order to travel outside the shores of the country, especially outside the continent of Africa, a Nigerian citizen would require an International passport. The Nigerian passport serves as an international passport which her citizen can use to travel. It is also the document that the Nigerian would carry around as a means of identification i a foreign land. This document is very respected in the country and can be tended as a means of identification at home.

One can obtain a new Nigerian passport in any of the Nigerian Immigration Service office near you. Citizens are eligible to get an international passport, if they have never applied for one before, had their previous one stolen or if the one they have is expired.

There are laid down requirements a Nigerian citizen must fulfil before he or she is granted a Nigerian Passport. Nigerian looking to travel by air to foreign countries to school, for business purpose, visit or migrate permanently, must apply for their passport as it would be used to process their visa as well as gain entrance into the country they intend to travel to.

Depending on the age and other factors, the requirement for obtaining a Nigerian Passport may vary. Below is the general document required for a standard passport.

Document Required For A Nigerian Passport (International Passport)

Before you can visit any of the Nigerian Passport Office Address Near Me to apply for a Nigerian Passport. You should make sure you have these standard documents required to process the application. The documents are listed below:

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