Nursing Jobs In USA For Foreigners – How To Get Employed

There is a serious shortage of qualified Nurses in the US. This has been a long standing problem which has resulted in the availability of Nursing jobs in USA for foreigners. Although there is several vacancies for nurses most non US citizens don’t know the proper procedure to take to apply for this job which results in them been rejected.

Nursing jobs is very lucrative in the US as most nurses earn even more than doctors. This has resulted in massive migration of foreigners seeking to work in the US. A lot of these immigrants are denied visas because they have failed to carry out the proper process. That is why you need to be aware of the key requirements that will make your application successful.

Nursing Jobs In USA For Foreigners – Requirements

Anyone looking to migrate to the United States of America and work as a nurse needs to know the main requirements that will make their application successful. These requirements are listed below:

Educational Qualification

To be a qualified nurse who can work in America you must have a degree and certification. You must have graduated from an accredited registered Nursing program (RN). The job seeker must have a Registered Nurse license and would have been practicing for at least two years.

The United States of America do not consider licensed practical nurses, nursing aids, Licensed vocational nurses etc eligible to work. Along side this requirement some states in the US require the RN to complete a Foreign Educated Nurses(FEN) refresher course.

English Language Proficiency Test

Another requirement to get nursing jobs in america is to write and pass the English Language Proficiency Test. This test is for non native speakers of the English language. There are several of these test you can take like:

  • Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Test Of English for International Communication (TOEIC)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The specific English test to be taken is determined by the location/country. Nurses who studied in or are from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are not required to take this test as they are regarded as English speakers.

Pass The National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX)

To work in the United State of America as a foreign trained Nurse you will need to pass the NCLEX. States in the US have their own board therefore you will be required to write the one of your intended state of work. The Examination is computer base and cost about $200 aside from additional foreign fees.

Credentials Evaluation Reports

Applicants will need to go through credential evaluation which is done by the Commission on Graduate of Foreign Nursing Schools. This commission will review the immigrant’s license and qualification and will also determine if an applicant is eligible to take the NCLEX test.

The commission will carry out several evaluation which derives three different report.

  1. CGFNS Service Program
  2. Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report
  3. Visa Credential Assessment
Get Your Employment Visa

After all verification has been undergone the next thing to do is to obtain an employment visa. You can get this from a hospital or through sponsorship from a staffing agency. Most nurses prefer to go through an agency because the process is less tedious as the agency helps in processing the application.

Once you have your employment visa you can now make preparation to move to the US and work in a conducive and productive environment.

Nursing jobs in the US for foreigners could seem tedious but it is very rewarding at the long run especially if you are passionate. Therefore if you are thinking of relocating to America to work as a nurse you can start the application now as vacancies are always available. You should note that these process from the beginning to the end requires money, therefore you have to be prepared before you embark on it.

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