The 4 Best Home Appliance Insurance Companies In New York

If you about to buy those expensive modern home appliance, you should consider getting home appliance insurance from a good insurance company. Residents in New York should not just buy their home appliance without insuring them with a good home appliance insurance company.

There are numerous insurance companies that insure your home appliance. Some have good home appliance protection plans that cover your dishwasher, washing machines, refrigerator, television and lots more. Aside from kitchen appliance they also insure your other home appliance like plumbing system, electrical system, water line and lots more.

These insurance companies have the best warranty cover. They are cost effective and have the best customer service that is willing to attend to you at all times. Below is the list of the all time best home appliance insurance companies in New York.

Best Home Warranty Companies In New York

1. Elite Home Warranty

Elite Home Warranty company is located at 2715 Coney Island Ave 3rd FL, Brooklyn, NY. It is one of the top home appliance insurance companies in New York due to the service it offers. When you by an appliance protection plan from this company, you are sure of getting value for your money.

They put their clients first by being upfront about what you are charged and the reason for the charges. There is no room for shady hidden service fee as customers are told about it and even given the opportunity to choose the price they are comfortable paying. They also cover lots of items which other insurance companies exclude, like items without maintenance records, mismatched systems, and older items (no matter the age!).

Elite Home Warranty offers enhanced coverage to repair or replace individual home appliance like oven, refrigerator, cooling and heating system, laundry appliances, plumbing system, electrical system, service line, electronics, pool and spa equipment, limited roof leak and lots more.

An insurer can get home warranty coverage plan for these individual appliances, giving the client the opportunity to create a custom plan that fits your needs and budget. The client can also opt for the elite appliance cover which offers protection for most of your kitchen appliance including garbage disposal.

There is also the elite system appliance protection plans which offers coverage for most of your electronic system as well as your plumbing system. All these appliance insurance cover comes with a free quote, giving you the opportunity to know beforehand what you are paying for.

When you buy insurance plan from Elite Home Warranty you are guaranteed good insurance cover, the best customer service and the most professional claim team. Your claim will be well attended to and you could get your appliance fixed or replaced as soon as you make your claim.

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2. The Home Service Club

The Home Service club (HSC) offers cheap home appliance insurance cover to home owners who are interested in home warranty. Their office is located at 305 Broadway 7th FL, New York. They offer a number of affordable home warranty coverage plan that is suitable to your pocket.

There is the standard coverage plan which insure your major appliance and primary system in your home like the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, water heater and lots more. The comprehensive coverage plan insure your regular home appliance and additional home systems including heating system, plumbing system, alarm system, doorbell, smoke detector and more.

HSC guarantee that when you get either of their protection plan your appliance is insured and will be repaired by qualified service contractor or simply get replaced if there is a total breakdown. They offer to take the burden of fixing your appliance if anything should happen to it.

Home Service Club has devoted staffs that are always ready to help you with whatever you might need. They offer free quote and their contractors are swift with fixing and replacing your home appliance. They encourage homeowners, homebuyers and homesellers to include home appliance warranty when doing any transactions in the home.

3. First Premier Home Warranty

First Premier Home Warranty is located at 2918 Avenue R, Brooklyn, NY. It is a top home warranty company that has been in existence for over 30years now. Founded in 1989 the company strives to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality services while upholding the value of integrity.

Their service is available to clients throughout the United States of America. First Premier Home Warranty has a team of reliable staffs who prioritize your customer experience by addressing all of your concerns. They offer a variety of home warranty plan that is suitable for you no matter the size of your property.

They have different range of coverage plan from the premier plan which covers home appliance like dishwasher, electrical system, microwave, plumbing system and other regular home appliance. There is also the premier platinum that cover appliance like air conditioning system, Whirlpool Bathtub, Ceiling and Exhaust Fans, Cooktop, Heating System and others.

Clients who can afford it and have more than the regular appliance can insure them with the optional plan. Appliance they can insure with this plan include Septic System, Pool / Spa, Stand Alone Freezer, Water Softener, Second Refrigerator, Refrigerator Ice Maker, Septic Pumping and lots more.

It is good you get the best home insurance for your appliances and first premier home warranty offers some of the best.

4. Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty

Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty offers one of the best household appliance insurance cover in New York. They have a large list of clients who speak positively of their service. Their fast approach in processing insurance claim has kept them high in the list of home appliance insurance companies in the United States.

They have various home warranty plan and policies that is suitable for all homeowners. Their warranty plan consist of System Guard Plan, which provides coverage over your major home systems, including Air Conditioning, Heating, Ductwork, Plumbing and Electrical.

There is the Appliance Guard Plan which covers many of your primary kitchen and general home appliances. Things like your Refrigerator, Oven, Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer and more. Then the Total Home Guard which is a combination of both the Appliance Guard and Systems Guard plans.

The Total Home Guard coverage is the most comprehensive home warranty plan and also the most economical. They have very professional and friendly staffs and the technicians are readily available to repair or replace your appliance depending on the decision reached.

As you make that purchase of your home appliances in preparation to move into your new home, remember to buy a home warranty plan from any of these best home appliance insurance companies in New York. If you have already purchased your appliance you can still contact them for insurance.

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