The 5 Best Life Insurance Companies In New York

If you are looking for the best life insurance companies in New York, it means you are already looking out for the future. Life insurance is a good thing to invest in especially if you have a family. Amongst other benefit It helps ease the burden of a loved one’s death. Family members who are beneficiary of life insurance can have enough money to move on with their lives after the death of their loved one. It can also help with planning the funeral of the deceased.

There are several life insurance companies out there you can buy your life insurance policy, but today we will be looking at the all time best life insurance companies in New York. These companies have good payment plan, they look out for their client and the beneficiaries. There are other benefits you can get from using these top life insurance companies nyc.

Without wasting much time let us dive into the list. If you are in New York and it’s environs then this information below is for you.

Best Life Insurance Companies In New York

1. Life143

This is an insurance company that caters for the different type of insurance you might be interested in. From life insurance to disability insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, rental insurance and a host of others. They are located at 61 Broadway Suite 2770, New York, United States.

Their life insurance plan is especially great as it is structured to cater for the needs of the insurer. They have various packages in their insurance plan. There is the whole life insurance (permanent life insurance) which provides protection for your family and beneficiaries after you pass away. This policy has an investment option in terms of cash value that can be withdrawn for college education, different investments and in case of emergency.

Insurers can also go for the Term insurance which is the most affordable and basic kind of insurance that protects your family. This insurance has a fixed length of time and as long as you are up to date with your payment you cannot be canceled. It is the cheapest and insurers can purchase it with as low as a dollar.

The Guaranteed Universal life insurance is another option and it is a mixture of both the term insurance and whole life insurance. The difference with this one is that it does not offer the cash value portion which the whole life insurance has. It also insure an individual for a longer time (up to 100 years) than the term insurance making it more expensive than term insurance.

No matter the life insurance plan you choose to go for, Life143 will guide you through and provide you with the best service. Their staff will help you understand better the ideal policy for you. Once you visit their office or call their numbers you will get the best customer care service available.

If you are looking to change plan, or your current policy will soon expire and you need a new one you can reach out to them. They also help speedup the payment of insurance claim giving the family of the deceased some comfort in the time of their grief.

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2. Atlantic Life

Atlantic life is one of the best life insurance company in New York. It has one of the most affordable insurance rates and there are no medical exam needed before you can apply. This company has a wide list of insurance agents that are readily available to guide you through your application.

They deal in the different life insurance plan and they boast of the best term life insurance in New York. Their term life insurance offers temporary coverage for at least 10 to 30years. It is cheaper than whole life insurance and an insurer can upgrade to a permanent policy later on without any additional medical exam.

With Atlantic Life insurance there is guaranteed death benefit which is the fear of most insurers when they buy the life insurance plan. Their agents will work with you every step of the way in your insurance journey. They provide up to date information and make sure every document is filled properly.

Atlantic life insurance also offer other insurance policy like final expense burial, mortgage protection, instant issue, living benefits, return of premium and guaranteed issue. All these packages have the best offer and the client can request for a free insurance quote at any time.

It is very easy to work with Atlantic life as your life insurance application can be completed by phone or online. You can receive your policy instantly by mail reducing the stress of working into an office.

3. Plan With Phil

This is another top life insurance company in New York. It is located at 349 5th Ave, New York. Plan with Phil life insurance and disability insurance is owned and operated by Phillip Chin. He has been in the insurance business for over 11 years now and has been helping people plan their future with insurance.

His company operates Life insurance, disability insurance and long term care which allows you to have
a plan in place to help protect your assets and remains. Through his insurance plan he has helped lots of client make a great long term plan that will provide for their family when they are gone.

One of the things he prides himself in is the easy life insurance application you can get when you use Plan with Phil. He gives his clients the best customer service. Provide them with the best advise on the road they should take in their insurance journey.

Phil is readily available to answer all the questions you might have and he will walk with you every step of the way so you can achieve your desired goal. There are lots of testimony from clients who use his life insurance plan and if you ask them they will all agree that Phil has the best life insurance NYC.

4. New York Life Insurance

New York Life Insurance is an agency licensed to provide life insurance to residents of New York. It is one of the top and popular life insurance companies New York. This company works with financial professionals who serve as agents in delivering insurance to the public.

There are 12,000 professionals across the country to help you get what you need. New York Life Insurance has a large list of clientele due to their impeccable service. Their experts help you understand the options for getting the right balance of benefits that work for you. Also as your life and needs changes they are there to guide you every step of the way.

The insurance agents help with registrations and processing. They are a phone call away from you and any questions you might have can be answered when you communicate with them. You don’t need to worry about going into an office as you can book an appointment for someone to meet you at home.

They have the broadest life insurance plan and their insurance option is quite affordable. New York Life insurance company is one of the reputable life insurance companies out there.

5. National Income Life Insurance Company

This is another life insurance company that works with financial professionals who serve as agents in delivering insurance to the public. The company built its foundation on providing supplemental benefits to working families.

It has the best whole life insurance and the cheapest whole life rates around. Their agents are very professional and know exactly how to satisfy their clients. They try to build a long term relationship with their clients by working with them every step of the way. This insurance company is available to support you especially during the most difficult time of your life.

There is flexibility in the company structure and they work with you in the place you are most comfortable in which is your home.

These are the top life insurance companies in nyc you should consider working with in getting that life insurance plan achieved. When looking for the best life insurance companies in New York, consider what each company has to offer and how well they process client’s policy when they are no longer around.

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