United States Immigrant Visa – Ways To Get It

With the recent move by the American Government under the leadership of President Donald Trump of restricting foreigners from entering into the United State. it has become increasingly difficult for foreigners to migrate. But this restriction has not stopped foreigners from trying to get into America. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to discuss the United States Immigrant Visa and show you the easiest way to immigrate to the united stated of America despite the strict travel laws.

United States Immigrant Visa – Ways To Get It

Take note that you can get into the United State through two popular method of visa application. The Temporary Visa and the Permanent Visa application.

Temporary Visa: This is given to tourist, students, businessmen and patients looking to either visit the country on vacation, Programs and seminar and for health care. They are given to those people who do not intend to remain in the United States indefinitely. The process for acquiring this type of visa is quite fast and the period the visa applicant is allowed to stay in the US is always limited.

Permanent Visa: This type of visa application is what you should be looking at if your intention is to live in the United State indefinitely. Like the name implies, it is permanent and once given you are allowed to live in the US for as long as you desire.

Foreigners looking to migrate to the US can apply for residency through these categories on employment-based Visas.

The EB-1 Extraordinary Ability/Outstanding Professor/Multinational Executive category

This category is reserved for educated people with extraordinary skills in science, the arts, education, business or sports; professors who are outstanding or researchers; and executives or people with multinational manager positions .

The EB-2 Exceptional Ability or Advanced Degree Category

Professionals who have postgraduate degrees or for people with exceptional skills in the arts, sciences or business are eligible to apply for this visa category. It gives them the opportunity to work in major sectors in the United States.

 The EB-3 Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers category 

This category is for Professionals in various field, skilled workers and unskilled workers with useful experience. One advantage you will have here is if you are in a field that is greatly desired in the US.

The EB-4 Special Immigrants category 

Most of these categories listed above require a job offer in the United States before visa can be granted but this category do not require a job offer for approval. It is reserved for certain religious workers, employees of US foreign service posts, retired staff of international organizations, minor foreigners who are under the protection of United States courts and other cases of foreigners

The EB 5 – Immigrant Investors

Like any country looking to grow its economy the US will consider a foreign investor with a huge capital to migrate into her country. if you are able to make a minimum capital investment into a “new commercial enterprise” that creates and/or preserves permanent full-time employment for at least 10 qualified U.S. workers you can be eligible. But this is not the only catch, the investment figure required is pegged at $1 million dollar and if you are considering investing in a rural area then you will be looking at investing $500,000 dollars.

Now if you feel like these categories are too stiff for you and you want to try something easier then you can consider the idea of marrying an American citizen.


Marriage is one sure way of getting into America and becoming a citizen. If you marry an American citizen you are eligible to apply for citizenship and relocate to the US as well. Here your spouse who is the citizen will have to file the necessary immigration document for you requesting your presence in the US. Your spouse will act as your sponsor and this could avail you the opportunity to get into the US.

These are the United States Immigrant Visa categories and the different ways to get it despite the stiff system. Therefore do not give up in your search for greener pasture. Carry on with that application and enjoy living the American dream.

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