10 Easiest Country To Get Citizenship In Europe For African Immigrants

Are you pondering what am pondering? If you are, then you are in search of a second citizenship. There are so many options for dual citizenship as an African immigrant. The most popular of them all includes UK citizenship, Canadian Citizenship, Euro citizenship and US citizenship.

Euro citizenship seem to be the most sort after recently because it opens doors to so many European Nations. Please note that not all countries in Europe are members of the European Union. Here is the beauty of an Euro citizenship. You can travel to any Euro country Visa free. You can also live and work freely there. Imagine one passport giving you access to so many countries in Europe.

Becoming a citizen of Europe is not an easy task I must confess. To attain that feat, there are so many means to it but in this article, we would be looking at it from a country perspective. The countries with the easiest citizenship programs for immigrants.

Top 10 easiest countries to get EU citizenship

What do you need a second citizenship for? I would advise you to really consider what you are going to do with the second passport before you dive into the process of getting one.

Although these countries allow you to become a citizen rather quickly, you’ll still need to invest a good amount of time and money into the process to get that second passport, so it’s important that you pursue the right second citizenship for your needs, desires, and long-term goals.

While I understand the urge to get a second passport as fast as you can, you need to think holistically about your goals and strategies in business and in life before you become a citizen of the first country that will accept you. It is also important to evaluate how a second passport will enhance your freedom, your tax strategy, and you bottom line.

If you are still interested in getting second citizenship quickly and want to start the process as soon as possible, I urge you to continue reading. So, before we review a few specific countries, let’s discuss each of the fastest ways to obtain citizenship.

Fastest Ways To Obtain Citizenship

1. Make An Investment

This is considered the fastest way to achieving a second passport as long as you have enough money to spend and you don’t have criminal records anywhere. Different countries with different specifics. There are countries that would offer you citizenship in less than 6 months if you invest $2 million. Some are way less but if speed is your goal, I would recommend this option.

2. Citizenship By Descent

If the cost of citizenship by investment seem very mammoth and either of your parent, grand parents or great grand parent are citizens of the the country you are vieing for citizenship from. Then you can apply for citizenship by descent. This should take about six month if all documentation are in place.

3. Marry a Foreign National

This is one effective means of getting a second passport. Sometimes people actually fall in love and get married while it can also be arranged. But what ever be the case, your relationship must be very convincing since authorities frown at fake marriages and offer steep penalties to defaulters.

If you are able to marry a foreign National, that should earn you a permanent residency and if you can remain in that marriage for a specified period of time, you can apply for citizenship.

4. Special Treatment for Talents

If you are an exceptional artist, athlete or a unique investor, some countries would waive naturalization requirements (including language requirements) and make you a citizen.

Below are the list of countries that offer very fast second passport to immigrants.

Top 10 easiest countries to get EU citizenship

















African Immigrants can get second citizenship in any of these countries when they meet the criteria. It is important you find out the immigration process of the country you wish to move to before applying. Also if possible get in touch with someone who already reside there are more guidance.

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