Best truck Hire Companies near me – Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Truck hiring business is at its peak currently in Port harcourt. With numerous projects going on in the oil and gas sector. Port harcourt is the heart of the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Lots of companies have invested heavily in the truck hiring business or do I say haulage business.

Truck hiring in port harcourt have been divided into so many categories, ranging from the oil and gas down stream sector,Live stock transportation, perishable goods transportation to market trucks. This truck hire service is further broken down to Small trucks, Mini Trucks, Covered trucks, Flatbed trucks, Lowbed trucks, Tipper trucks, tow trucks, selfloader trucks and tanker trucks.

Types of Trucks and Where they can be hired

SelfLoader Trucks hire in Port Harcourt

Selfloaders commonly known as “Hiab crane trucks” is a utility truck because its multi-purpose abilities. Its can be used for lifting and transportation. What sector do you want to hire these self-loader trucks? Is it the oil and gas sector, Electricity sector, shipping sector or Lister generators companies. Whatever specification of selfloader truck you need, we got you covered. Below are the top self-loader truck hire companies in portharcourt.

  • DUBEN LOGISTICS SERVICES : Probably the biggest and most reliable Hiab crane selfloader truck hire companies in Portharcourt. Are you looking to hire shell premobbed selfloader trucks for your projects in the oil and gas sector? Then you should visit Duben logistics services. They are very professional and have very flexible pricing. Their on the project support is awesome. I have personally worked with these guys on numerous projects like the Azura Gas plant in Edo state, Total project in Obagi and many more. They can be located in Equipment yard opposite first bank off ordinance junction trans-amadi port harcourt, Nigeria.
  • FELOBI NIGERIA ENT : This is another indigenous owned Selfloader truck hire company. If you are looking for a heavy lifting self loaders then you should visit Felobi. They are very good at rural electrification projects like installation of electric pole, street light pole, oil and gas industry projects like pipeline construction projects. When it comes to lifting projects, you can rest on their shoulders. They can be located on 32 RD road off okporo road rumudara portharcourt. You can either visit or call Mr. Obinna
  • JC INTERNATIONAL (JCI) : This is one of the biggest in the lifting business in portharcourt. They are better known for training and certifications in the lifting business. They have a lot of affiliations with the top companies in the oil and gas sector like Shell, Total, Chevron, Mobil and many more. JCI is responsible for premobbing most lifting trucks working in the oil and gas industry. You can visit their website for more information.

Flatbed truck and Lowbed truck Hire companies near me

Flatbed trucks are usually those open trucks mainly used to carry containers, very heavy materials like metal pipes and many more. They are usually in two major sizes of 20ft or 40ft but comes in variety of tonnages. While the lowbed has a brother called lowboy too. They are mainly used to convey heavy equipment like excavators hired, Forklift and many more. There are lots of companies in portharcourt that hire these trucks, saving you the stress of trying to own one because it comes with a price. I would be talking about a few of these Flatbed truck hire companies in portharcourt that I have actually dealt with.

  • Rochi Logistics Company : Located in the heart of trans amadi opposite the glass industry. Rochi has one of the largest fleets of Low bed Trucks, Flat bed trucks. One of the most awesome characteristics of Rochi is the fact that they are very professional. When you hire any of their trucks, you can sleep well at night because they have very sound trucks and very good maintenance culture. If you ever want to hire trucks in port harcourt, you can email us here.
  • Trucks & Deal Point : Located on Plot 144 Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, opposite Michelin, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and can be reached via telephone on 08183998026. We are mainly into the truck hiring in port harcourt. We have 20ft flat bed trucks, 40ft flat bed trucks, lowbed and many more. Our business is inter state.
  • Chukwuma Logistics : This is purely a third party logistics company. You can hire them to execute all of your trucking businesses. They are located along Tank bus stop in rumukurushi axis. They have a very fair fleet and above all very reliable. I have subletted a good number of my contracts to them and they delivered. They would work out something for you as long as your budget is reasonable. You can email us here

The list of Truck hire companies in port harcourt is numerous but we can help you. If you need help in locating a very good truck hire company in port harcourt, please feel free to email us at [email protected] .

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