Namesilo Hosting has the cheapest and most effective hosting plans in Nigeria

I have been blogging for five years now. I started off with the blogger hosting by google. It is free but not very friendly. You need to have some coding skills to work effectively on blogger. I needed to get off blogger since i was not good at coding.

I got my site approved for the google adsense program on blogger. That was when my nightmare started, I realized I needed to insert my ads code, I did not know how to get my sitemap, ads txt file. It occurred to me that I needed help.

My mentor introduced me to WordPress and suggested Godaddy hosting plan. Godaddy was awesome, they had good customer service, a very friendly interface but it was actually expensive for a beginner blogger. I stayed on Godaddy hosting for another 5 months. It was very pocket tasking not only because of the the price of their hosting plan but since I was in Nigeria, for every time I had to contact Godaddy customer care I had to either buy Skype credit or I call through pay phone.

In search of a cheap and effective hosting plan in Nigeria, someone recommended an indigenous host Trudigits. Their prices were amazingly unbelievable compared to where I was coming from but their services were below my standards. Their interface is not very friendly, you have to depend on them for everything and I like to be in control. Then the customer service in nothing to write home about, imagine opening a complaint ticket only to get response after 72hrs.

Just when I was about giving up, I saw an advert online, Namesilo hosting. I bought domains from these guys and did not even realize that they also into hosting. So I decided to check them out. They have one of the cheapest hosting plans, 24hrs support. And it actually founded in the USA.

Namesilo hosting is the best thing that has happened to me since I started blogging. All my sites now have SSL certificates, free professional Emails, very rewarding affiliate programs, cheapest domains in Nigeria. I can proudly say that Namesilo hosting is the best and cheapest hosting platform in Nigeria.

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