El-classico: Barcelona loses 2-0 away to Real madrid

Real Madrid needed 2 second half goals to dethrone Barcelona from top of the table. Barcelona as usual had more possession of the ball but Real had more shots on target and were able to convert 2 of the 5 shots on target into goals. Messi could not score for Barca.

The first goal came in the 71st minute from V. Junior while the second goal came in 2 minutes of the added time by Mariano. Barcelona was with their talisman Messi. If Real Madrid are discipline enough not to loose any game till the end of the season, they are most likely going to be league winners.

Barcelona still has a must win crucial game at home against Napoli and they are going to be without Aturo Vidal and Sergio. This is going to be a great loss but an opportunity for the young stars in the team to wow the coach and fans.

Gift Akuetiemhe
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