How To Easily Check Balance On Keystone Bank

Managing your finances efficiently is of utmost importance for those who have a bank account. One crucial aspect of financial management is knowing your account balance at any given time. For Keystone Bank customers, staying up-to-date with their account balance is made easy with various options available to check it conveniently. In this article, we will explore different methods to check your balance on Keystone Bank, ensuring you have full control over your financial situation.

Importance of Checking Your Keystone Bank Account Balance

Knowing your account balance empowers you to stay in control of your finances, make informed decisions, and avoid potential issues that could arise from insufficient funds or unauthorized transactions. Below are some importance of checking your Keystone bank account balance:

1. Stay Informed About Your Financial Health

One of the primary reasons for checking your Keystone Bank account balance is to stay informed about your financial health. Knowing the exact amount in your account allows you to understand your spending capacity, outstanding bills, and available funds for any planned expenses.

2. Detect Unauthorized Transactions

Regularly monitoring your account balance enables you to identify any unauthorized transactions promptly. If you notice any discrepancies, you can report them to the bank’s customer service immediately. This proactive approach helps safeguard your finances and protects you from potential fraud.

3. Avoid Overdrawing Your Account

By checking your account balance, you can avoid overdrawing your account. Overdrawing occurs when you make transactions that exceed your available balance, resulting in penalties and fees. Keeping track of your balance prevents such situations and ensures responsible financial behavior.

4. Manage Your Expenses Wisely

When you know your account balance, you can plan and manage your expenses more effectively. This knowledge allows you to prioritize your spending, budget wisely, and avoid unnecessary splurges. It also helps in setting financial goals and tracking your progress towards achieving them.

5. Utilize Online Banking Services

Keystone Bank offers various online banking services that are accessible when you check your account balance online. These services include fund transfers, bill payments, and investment opportunities. Regularly accessing your balance via online banking opens up a world of financial possibilities and convenience.

6. Maintain a Positive Credit Score

Being aware of your account balance helps you maintain a positive credit score. When you are diligent about managing your finances and pay bills on time, it reflects positively on your credit history. A good credit score enhances your financial credibility and increases your chances of qualifying for loans or credit cards with favorable terms.

7. Plan for Future Expenses

By checking your account balance regularly, you can plan for future expenses more effectively. Whether it’s saving for a vacation, an emergency fund, or a major purchase, being aware of your current financial standing enables you to set aside funds accordingly.

8. Avoid Insufficient Funds Charges

Insufficient funds charges can be a burden on your finances. Checking your account balance helps you ensure you have enough funds before making transactions, preventing overdraft fees and ensuring a smooth banking experience.

9. Track Automatic Payments and Deposits

If you have set up automatic payments or deposits, monitoring your account balance allows you to ensure these transactions are processed correctly. It avoids any potential issues that may arise due to insufficient funds or technical glitches.

10. Stay on Top of Your Savings Goals

For customers with savings accounts, checking your account balance regularly helps you track your progress towards your savings goals. It encourages consistent saving habits and motivates you to reach your financial objectives.

How to Easily Check Keystone Bank Account Balance

There are several methods to easily check your Keystone account balance. Most of these methods as established by the bank can be done with the use of your mobile phone. Below are some of the ways to check your Keystone bank account balance:

Online Banking

One of the most convenient ways to check your Keystone Bank account balance is through online banking. You can access your account via the bank’s official website. After logging in with your credentials, your account balance will be displayed on the dashboard. Online banking also allows you to review your transaction history and manage other aspects of your account.

Mobile Banking App

The Keystone Bank mobile banking app offers a user-friendly interface for customers to check their account balance on the go. Download the app from your respective app store, log in using your credentials, and access your balance effortlessly.

SMS Banking

For customers who prefer a non-smartphone option, SMS banking comes to the rescue. Register your mobile number with Keystone Bank, and you can simply send an SMS with a specific keyword to receive your account balance in seconds.


Using an ATM is a classic method to check your balance. Insert your Keystone Bank debit card, enter your PIN, select the “Balance Inquiry” option, and your current account balance will be displayed on the screen.

Bank Branch

Visit your nearest Keystone Bank branch, and the friendly staff will assist you in checking your account balance. Ensure you have proper identification and your account details for a seamless experience.

Customer Service

Keystone Bank’s customer service is available via phone or email +234 700 2000 3000. Reach out to them, provide necessary details for identification purposes, and they will gladly inform you of your account balance.

Checking Balance on USSD

In order to check your account balance using the Keystone USSD code, dial the Keystone Bank USSD code *7111# on your mobile phone, follow the prompts, and you will receive an SMS displaying your account balance.

Setting Balance Alerts

To stay informed about your account balance regularly, you can set up balance alerts through online banking or the mobile app. These alerts will notify you via SMS or email when your balance reaches a certain threshold.

Tips for Ensuring Accurate Keystone Bank Account Balance Checks

Checking your Keystone Bank account balance regularly is crucial for effective financial management. However, it is equally important to ensure that the balance you obtain is accurate to make informed decisions. Below are some tips for ensuring accurate Keystone bank account balance checks:

1. Use Official Banking Channels

When checking your account balance, always use official banking channels provided by Keystone Bank. These channels include online banking, mobile apps, SMS banking, ATMs, visiting bank branches, or contacting customer service. Using authorized channels minimizes the risk of receiving incorrect or misleading information.

2. Keep Your Account Information Confidential

Ensure that your account information, including PINs, passwords, and security questions, is kept confidential. Avoid sharing this sensitive information with anyone, including family and friends. Keystone Bank will never ask for such details through unsolicited calls, emails, or messages.

3. Update Contact Information

Regularly update your contact information with the bank to receive accurate and timely notifications regarding your account balance. Make sure your phone number and email address are up-to-date so that you don’t miss any essential alerts.

4. Double-Check Transactions

After checking your account balance, take a moment to review the recent transactions. Verify whether they align with your expenditures and income. This practice helps identify any unauthorized or fraudulent activities.

5. Set Balance Alerts

Keystone Bank offers balance alert services to notify you when your balance reaches a specific threshold. Setting up these alerts ensures you stay informed about your account balance regularly. Choose your preferred mode of notification, such as SMS or email, for added convenience.

6. Confirm ATM Transactions

When conducting transactions at ATMs, make sure to confirm each step before proceeding. Verify the amount you are withdrawing or depositing and cross-check it with the transaction receipt to ensure accuracy.

7. Avoid Public Wi-Fi for Online Banking

To maintain the security of your online banking activities, avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for accessing your Keystone Bank account. Public networks may not be adequately secured, increasing the risk of unauthorized access to your account information.

8. Check for Updates on Mobile Apps

If you use the Keystone Bank mobile app, ensure that it is regularly updated to the latest version. App updates often include security enhancements and bug fixes, ensuring a secure and accurate banking experience.

9. Keep Track of Automatic Payments

If you have set up automatic bill payments, keep track of the payment schedule and ensure sufficient funds are available in your account on the due date. This practice prevents any issues with payments and potential penalties.

10. Verify SMS Banking Keywords

When using SMS banking, double-check the keywords and shortcodes before sending messages. Typing errors may result in incorrect responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I check my Keystone Bank account balance online?

Yes, you can check your account balance through online banking on the bank’s official website.

2. Is the Keystone Bank mobile app secure?

Yes, Keystone Bank’s mobile app is equipped with the latest security features to protect your information.

3. How do I set up balance alerts on my account?

You can set up balance alerts through the online banking platform or the mobile app by customizing your preferences.

4. What should I do if I encounter issues while checking my balance?

If you face any problems, contact Keystone Bank’s customer service or visit the nearest branch for assistance.

5. Are there any charges for checking my balance?

Most balance checking methods provided by Keystone Bank are free of charge, but it’s always best to confirm with the bank.


Managing your finances effectively begins with knowing your account balance. Keystone Bank provides multiple options for checking your balance conveniently. Whether it’s through online banking, mobile apps, SMS, ATMs, or visiting a branch, the bank ensures that you stay informed about your financial health. Embrace technology and utilize these methods to take charge of your finances with ease.

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