Immigration Lawyers In Toronto Updated

In order to get their visa application approved some people seek the service of a qualified Immigration lawyer. These lawyers know the right angle to take when processing your documents and their track record has been good so far. There are some immigration Lawyers in Toronto who are very skilled in this procedure and their help has been solicited successfully by many migrants looking to migrate to Canada.

It is advisable to get an Immigration Lawyer in Canada to help guide you throughout your immigration process. These lawyers help with green card application, citizenship and naturalization, deportation issues, and employment for non-citizens. If you are one seeking asylum in Canada, you would also need an Immigration lawyer to make the application easy.

Toronto is a good place get immigration lawyers that are qualified and well experienced in Immigration Law. The best immigration lawyers in Toronto is what we have listed below. If you are contemplating on the best strategy to take in apply for your visa, you can save yourself the stress by contacting any of the immigration lawyers in Toronto on our list for assistance.

1. Matthew Jeffery Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Matthew Jeffery is a very renowned Barrister and an experienced Immigration lawyer in Toronto Canada. His office is located at 59 Berkeley St, Toronto, ON M5A 2W5, Canada. He is well experienced in all aspect of Canada Immigration Law.

This lawyer has a track record of getting lots of immigration application approved. The different immigration categories are handled in his law firm. His firm helps clients with visa application and as far as securing a job when one gets to Canada.

Matthew Jeffery is recognized by the Canadian Bar Association. He is one of the best Immigration lawyers in Canada. It is also a plus that his fee for immigration service is moderate making it accessible for almost everyone.

2. Michael Niren lawyer Toronto

Michael Niren is another Immigration lawyer in Canada that is well known. His office is located at Young Elinton Centre, 20 Eglinton Ave W Suite #2102, Toronto, ON M4R 1K8, Canada. He has been in the immigration business since 1997 helping clients get their immigration status approved.

He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association’s Citizenship and Immigration Section and also the president of visaplace Toronto. Michael is the managing partner of Michael H. Niren Professional Corporation (“Niren and Associates Toronto”).

His Immigration firm handles all immigration application, student visa as well as Asylum request. Michael is also a member of the American Bar Association, a public speaker and has written several articles on Immigration.

Lots of client request for his assistance in their immigration application due to his track record of successful application. Due to his track recorded his he is regarded as one of the top immigration lawyers in Toronto

3. Green Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Green and Spiegel Immigration law firm is run by Mendel Green and it was founded in 1962. It is one of the oldest immigration law firm in Toronto Canada. It is located at 150 York St 5th floor, Toronto, ON M5H 3S5, Canada.

Green Immigration lawyers are well known to be diligent in their jobs and very experienced when it comes to immigration law. The aim of the firm as at when it was founded was to represent separated families who were faced with arbitrary decisions. The lawyers who handles these immigration cases are recognized as top immigration lawyers in Toronto.

They restrict their practice exclusively to immigration law and over the years the firm has successfully resolved numerous complex immigration cases.

4. Peter Ferreira Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Peter Ferreira a famous immigration lawyer in Toronto founded Ferreira and Koach Immigration Services with his partner Edward Koach in 1986. Prior to this time he has been practicing in the immigration field since 1975. His office is located at 1560 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1A4, Canada.

He also has several offices in the Asian continent. The company has lots of skilled immigration lawyers working for it as well as a large number of clients. Peter Ferreira has vast knowledge when it comes to Canada Immigration law. Part of his knowledge and experience comes from working in the ministry of Immigration for over forty years .

His son Jason Ferreira and Sean Koach joined the firm IN 2010 as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, offering the same service to clients as their fathers. Their knowledge has added to the growth of the company and most of the decision making is handled by them.

Ferreira and Koach Immigration Services handles all aspect of immigration application giving clients more insight on what to do with their application.

The above mentioned lawyers are the best immigration lawyers in Toronto you should contact to help you with everything that has to do with migrating to Canada.

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