7 Best Infant Car Seat

Best infant car seats

Are you preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy?. Is your hospital list complete?. You might realize that one thing you need desperately is a car seat. If you have a car or you don’t, it is a necessity and you need it to carry your infant from the hospital. There are car … Read more

11 Best Bottle Warmers

Best bottle warmer

As a parent we are always looking for a safe and fast way to get things done especially with a baby around. Just when you think pregnancy stress is all you would have to deal with, post pregnancy isn’t any much easier. Whether you are trying to sleep train your baby or making sure your … Read more

10 best pregnancy pillows

top pregnancy pillows

Every pregnant woman has experienced difficulty sleeping, with our ever-growing baby bump it is nearly impossible to toss and turn. These changes can affect our sleeping position, result in back aches and even kick a good night sleep off our calendars. With all the challenges that comes with pregnancy and the awaiting sleepless night after … Read more

The 10 Best Audio Baby Monitors

audio only baby monitor

One would have wondered why anyone will settle for an audio only baby monitor when today’s baby monitors offers breath taking functions beyond HD video like motion sensors, breathing alerts, temperature readings and humidity sensors, to mention a few. Like I stated in my other article “THE BEST BABY MONITORS”, We all have different preferences … Read more