The Major Causes of Migration from Africa today

Growing up the term migration was commonly associated with animals like the African wildebeest, buffalo, birds, to mention a few. Certain conditions was responsible for this seasonal migration. It’s either weather or breeding season.

These days migration is not only associated with animals, people also migrate. Today we are going to thoroughly trash the topic afore-mentioned ” The major Causes of Migration from Africa Today”. Africa is continent of the black race. History has it that civilization first came to Africa (Ethiopia and Egypt), yet Africa is very under developed.

Everyday we loose the best of the best products of Africa to Europe and America. Once upon a time we were forced out our homes, taken to Europe to become slaves. Today reverse is the case, we run out our homes begging to become slaves. What is chasing Africans from their homes?

What are the Major Causes of Human Migration from Africa Today

They say there is no place like home but I see people run away from their homes and never want to come back. What could chase an African from his sweet home, what could tear you away from the comforting arms of Mama Africa? The answers are numerous:


Poverty have ravaged every nook and cranny of Africa. People have lost fate in the system, to survive they have to consider migrating to Europe. Poverty in Africa is mainly caused by under development. Our leader are so short sighted by their greed. Corruption is the order of the day. Africans should rise up to bad leadership rather than run away through migration opportunities to America and Europe.

Wars and Political Instability

Wars and political instability is one of the biggest problems of this region. Political instability leads to war, war is an agent of under development, poverty, starvation, in fact any anything negative and how do you thrive in that kind of environment, Migration becomes the only means of survival.

Weather and Natural Disaster

Different strokes for different folks, I have seen people do unbelievable things out of curiosity. Africa is considered the hottest region in the world. People migrate in search of colder region while some others are forced to migrate due to natural disasters like volcano eruption, flood, tsunami, to mention just a few.


We have been able to discuss the major causes of migration in Africa today but how can it be addressed? If we all run away from Africa, who would build Africa. As much as underlying issues like tribalism should be addressed but if we are able handle the issue of leadership then we are very close to salvation.

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