How To Get Canada Travel Visa – 100% Working Guide

Getting Canada travel Visa is not that difficult if you are equipped with the right information. Canada is a preferred destination for immigrants due to its stable economy and fairly peaceful society. Plus the fact that the country welcomes immigrants yearly through their special program makes this North American country a great destination for foreigners looking for a better life.

What Is Canada Travel Visa

A Canada Travel Visa is a stamp on your International Passport allowing you entrance into the country of Canada. It is a legal document which gives a foreigner permission to have access to Canada. It is usually placed on pages of your passport.

Usually Canadian Visa is granted in the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. This Embassy would grant you either a temporary or permanent visa depending on your eligibility and the visa category you are applying for.

Also a Canada Visa Application will only be approved if the applicant is eligible and meets all the requirements listed under the category he is applying for.

Now let us take a look at the best ways a foreigner can get Canada entry Visa. Take note of the categories and choose the best fit for you.

5 Best Ways To Get Canada Travel Visa

There are 5 best ways to get Canada travel Visa as a foreigner. First of all you must know the visa category that best suits your application before you apply in order to get a 100% success rate in your application. Here are the visa categories below:

1. Student Visa

Moving to Canada through student visa is probably the easiest option for foreigners who would prefer to avoid the migration process that could be tedious. Every years lots of foreigners travel to Canada to get quality education. Many of these foreigners takes this opportunity to migrate to Canada.

Once potential Canadian students apply to a University in Canada you will be required to complete the travel process and once that is done, you will be given your student visa. One of the great advantage of traveling to Canada as a foreign student is that you can work and school at the same time.

Foreign students can get employed and work part time while they study. The Canadian Government allows students to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and once you are in Canada, the term of this visa can be extended without leaving the Canadian territory.

2. Marriage

This is another easy means of migrating to Canada. It is easy if you marry a Canadian citizen, this makes you eligible for citizenship and thus can relocate to Canada.

This method requires the spouse who is the Canadian Citizen to act as a sponsor in applying for Canadian citizenship for the foreigner. The citizen must submit a sponsorship application.  While the spouse being sponsored must submit a permanent residence application.

Due to lots of arranged marriage just for the sole purpose of becoming a citizen the Canadian Government now looks closely at non citizens looking to marry a Canadian citizen. Now the couple will have to stay for two full years before signing off the papers to authenticate the marriage.

3. Work Permit

Applying for Canadian Travel Visa with a work permit is a good means to move to Canada. This method requires the applicant to secure a job in Canada from your country and have the company request for a work permit for you.

Before you make that job application that the company in Canada is eligible to employ foreign workers and that every necessary document needed in the processing is complete.

The type of work permit you will be needing is the Temporary work permit and you will have to make your application through the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) this will be after your employer has requested for a a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

4. Express Entry

Express Entry is the most popular means one can migrate to Canada legally. This type of immigration is what is referred to as economic immigration and it allows the foreigner to manage a permanent residence application.

There are three programs one can apply under when it comes to Express Entry Visa application. The Qualified Worker Immigration Program , Qualified Labor Immigration Program and Canadian Experience Program.

For you to be part of the express entry system, you will be required to fill out a form which will serve as your electronic profile. Then, you enter a “ pool of candidates ” where your profile will be compared to that of other applicants.

You also need to be subscribed to the Employment and Social Development Data Bank of Canada (JobBank). Here Canadian employers can contact you if they are interested in your portfolio.

Once your application for express entry is approved by the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration you can now set out to travel to Canada. 

5. Entrepreneurship

While this method is not popular it is still valuable. A business entrepreneur can relocate to Canada if they have the funds to start a business in Canada that can employ workers.

Countries loves foreigners who are employers of labor and Canada is no exception. Therefore if you have the capital and idea to start a brand that can give great returns then you can migrate to Canada. This method requires a lot of money so you have to be sure you can handle it before taking this step.

The visa category you would be applying for is a startup visa which gives you express entry to Canada. Note that you would be needing a lot of money to venture this process.

Who Is Eligible To Apply

For one to be Eligible to apply for Canada Travel Visa, you must take a look at this checklist and see that you meet all the requirements.

  • Have enough fund in your account to take care of yourself while in Canada.
  • Make sure that you do not posses any health or security risk to the country.
  • You should be able to convince the immigration officer that you will honor all your obligations.
  • You must never have been BANNED from entering Canada.

Canada Travel Visa Requirements

In order to complete your Canada travel visa application, you need to know the requirements which are listed below:

  • fill the appropriate form pertaining to your interest in the IRCC official website.
  • You would be needing two passport photograph as recommended by IRCC.
  • A valid copy of your passport.
  • Completely filled VFS consent form.
  • Proof of Funds in your account.
  • English language or French proficiency
  • Processing Fee receipt.
  • Good medical history.
  • Letter of Invitation detailing your purpose of visit and detailed information of your host.
  • A self addressed return courier envelope.
  • Proof of ties to your home country.
  • Your biometrics may be required.

Where To Apply For Canada Travel Visa

There are two main places to process your Canada visa application. You can use the online platform which is the IRCC Official Website. While this platform is usable you would be needing some vital tools to make this application successful. A scanner and soft copy of your documents needs to be on hand before you start the process.

The other main place which is popular and highly recommended is to apply through the Global Visa Application Center available in all Canadian Embassies and Consulates.

If you follow these procedures stated above you would be able to get Canada Travel Visa and move to a country with stable economy and abundant job opportunities.

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