The All Time Best Nigerian Restaurants In Manchester

Great number of Nigerians reside in The United Kingdom and a good percentage of them live in Manchester. While some reside in this city others might be visiting for business purpose or for pleasure (Which includes watching club matches). The one thing anyone cannot do without is food and Nigerians are no exception. This desire for well cooked Nigerian meals lots of Nigerians abroad have is what brought about the existence of several Nigerian restaurants in Manchester.

The purpose of these restaurants in Manchester is to satisfy the need of many Nigerians who crave well cooked home meals. These restaurants serve various varieties of Nigerian dishes that are not only satisfying but also unique in their taste. If you are wondering where you can find these types of restaurants in Manchester, follow us as we guide you.

What we will be revealing to Nigerians resident in Manchester and even visitors coming into the city for the first time, is the All time best Nigerian restaurant in Manchester. These restaurants are guaranteed to give you value for your money and show you a memorable experience. The variety of Nigerian food you can find in these restaurants in our list is endless.

We intend to show your their location and render any other necessary information you might need to make your search easy. If you have been looking for Nigerian meals in Manchester, look no further as our list below will lead you to the best.

Best Nigerian Restaurants In Manchester, UK

1. Make Well Restaurant

This is one restaurant that makes a variety of meals. From English, Caribbean, Spanish, Italian and African cuisine. If you are looking for a place in Manchester that serves Nigerian delicacies as well as other cuisine you can visit Make Well Restaurant.

They are located at Hulme High Street, Hulme, Market Hall, Manchester, United kingdom. Make Well serves a variety of Nigerian meals like Egusi Soup, Rice and Stew, Moi Moi and more. Their Jollof rice is very tasty. It is garnished with fried plantain and several vegetables.

The chips and ribs is also a hit as customers makes this that favorite thing to order. If you have not eaten Nigerian suya before, this is a perfect place to try it as they make the best Suya in Hulme. The customer service is also excellent and their staffs are very friendly.

Make Well Restaurant is kid friendly and family gathering can be hosted here. They also serve take out, drive in and food delivery service is part of their expertise. They are open from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays. For lovers of Caribbean cuisine there is no limit of what you can order here.

Nigerians living and visiting Manchester love to eat here because of the taste and variety. This is definitely one of the best Nigerian restaurant in Manchester.

2. Chillz Restaurant Bar and Lounge

This is one restaurant that comes highly recommended. It is located at 476-478 Oldham Rd, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0FH, United Kingdom. It is so popular and always packed with diners that you might require a reservation to get in. Chillz is located in a very serene and conducive environment. The restaurant is well decorated with relaxing chairs, good lighting and classy interior décor.

It is a place you should visit if you love good food in a classy environment. Food presentation here is topnotch as platting is done with the most skill. You can find almost all the tasty Nigerian dishes here and they are served with a unique touch. Food you can find here include, vegetable soup, Amala and Ewedu, Fried rice and chicken, Egusi soup, Jollof rice and fried plantain, barbeque fish and chips, Asun and lots more.

Chillz Restaurant also serves other African dishes as well as English food. Their variety of cocktail and drinks is also a hit and regularly ordered. There is a lounge in this restaurant where customers can sit and enjoy drinks with their friends.

This is perfect place to host your friends, birthday party, engagement party, anniversary or any other event. It is better if you visit this restaurant with a friend so that they can have this memorable experience with you. One thing you will enjoy here aside the tasty food and drinks is the customer service. The customer service is impeccable.

Chillz Restaurant Bar and Lounge is one of the top Nigerian restaurant in Manchester.

3. Dolphin Cafe Plus

Dolphin Cafe Plus is located at 4611 Moston Ln, Manchester, United Kingdom. It is one of the popular Nigerian restaurant in that location. This restaurant serves very delicious Nigerian meals that has the taste of home. Food lovers can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here as all option is available.

Some of the Nigerian meals they serve here include, bread and egg, fried rice, spaghetti, Akara and Akamu, Jollof rice and fried plantain, Okro soup, Egusi Soup, Suya and lots more. Visitors can order any of these meals off the menu and will be served as quickly as you order.

There is also an outdoor seating for guests who would love to eat while enjoying their surrounding. Nigerians are not the only ones that get to enjoy meals here. There are other African cuisine served here. Guests can also enjoy drinks from the large menu of drinks served here. This is one place you should visit if you desire an African restaurant in Manchester.

4. Next Level Lounge African Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant is located at 576 Hyde Rd, Gorton, Manchester, United Kingdom. It is a Nigerian Restaurant in Manchester that is popular for serving tasty Nigerian cuisine. The restaurant has a very clean setup and unique interior décor. The chairs are beautiful and cozy, the tables compliment the setup very well.

Guest visit here regularly because of the tasty meals prepared here as well as the clean setup. Nigerian cuisine like fish pepper soup, Jollof rice, stew and rice, fried rice, Suya, Moi Moi, Egusi soup, Vegetable soup, chicken and chips and lots more are served here.

The staffs that work here are very professional and friendly and they are always ready to attend to all your needs. Africans living in Manchester like to eat here because they get served some of their favorites meals. The food portion is just the perfect size that can satisfy anyone.

Next Level Lounge also serve various varieties of drinks, that can be enjoyed with family and friends. Guests can dine here, order take out and also have food delivered to them as there is a delivery van available for that.

5. Yetti”s Kitchen

This is one African Restaurant in Manchester that serves very delicious Nigerian dishes. Yetti’s Kitchen is located at 299 Liverpool Rd, Eccles, Manchester, United Kingdom. It is situated in a very conducive environment with good food and music.

The building is specifically designed for music lovers to enjoy the best of African songs while they enjoy their meal. Some of the Nigerian dishes serve here include, Beans and Stew, Jollof Rice and Chicken, Lamb Suya, Okro soup and Eba, Efo Riro and Plantain Fufu, Akamu and fried Plantain, Ofada rice and and lots more.

There are also various Nigerian and African drinks served here for customers to enjoy. Special cocktails are also served here. Guests can get almost everything African to eat and drink here. Yetti’s Kitchen doesn’t only serve tasty meals the portion is usually plenty. Customers can eat to their satisfaction here at a very fair price.

The customer service here is also topnotch as their staffs are very professional and friendly. Guests on a diet can also get healthy option meals to eat here. This place is also conducive for kids, therefore you can bring your family.

Other side attractions in this restaurant are movies via the customized booths, Movie nights, live jazz music, VR night for game lovers and lego play area for your children to relax. Customers can also order takeaway, and delivery. This is one all time best Nigerian restaurant in Manchester you should visit.

6. Ya Koyo Spot Restaurant

Ya Koyo Spot Restaurant is on place you are sure to get limitless options of Nigerian foods. It is located at 55 Kenyon Ln, Manchester, United Kingdom. Nigerians visiting Manchester city for the first time should dine here as they will enjoy Nigerian meals that have the same taste as those cooked back home in Nigeria.

The restaurant is not very big but the size is enough to host you, your family and friends. Like I said before there is limitless options of Nigerian meals served here, these meals include, Snail sauce, Jollof rice and fried plantain, Okro soup, Bole and shrimps, Akamu and Moi Moi, Vegetable soup, Noodles and salad, Egusi soup, Fried plantain and stew to mention a few.

These meals are prepared with great attention given to taste. Service here is very prompt as orders are attended to immediately they are made. Ya Koyo Spot is open everyday of the week therefore you don’t have to worry about what you would eat. There is also the option of curbside pickup if you don’t want to dine in.

Manchester is not only famous for football clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City. It is also home to some of the best African Restaurants. Nigerians can also find the all time best Nigerian Restaurant in Manchester.

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