10 Simple Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria As A Student

In this Gen-Z era, the online space has opened up numerous opportunities for individuals seeking to earn passive income. For Nigerian students, these opportunities present a promising avenue to supplement their income while pursuing education. With the hike in price of everything including academic pursuit, being able to fund your education might be harder without part time jobs. This is where making money online comes in.

Understanding the vast potential of the online sphere and leveraging it effectively can pave the way for financial independence and skill development. Below are simple ways to make money online in Nigeria as a Student.

10 Simple Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria As A Student

There are several social media apps and websites that give students the opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your home. These online platforms have few requirements that can be easily met be Nigerian students and they also don’t require educational qualification which is a plus for undergraduates. As you read further we will bel listing these online sites you can make money from and how to access them.

1. Do Simple Task and Surveys On Timebucks

Timebucks is one website where Nigerian students can earn passive income when they carry out certain task. This online platform based in Australia gives Nigerians the opportunity to earn in dollars when they complete certain tasks.

Nigerian students who register on timebucks can earn as muck as $20 weekly when they complete task like online survey, watch videos, play online games and more. They also get referral bonus when they introduce other people to the platform. Timebucks users are paid weekly when they reach the minimum threshold of $5.

Interested students can Register on the site and start earning easy daily income just by completing task on the site. The major requirements to join this platform is a good internet connection, a working email, and a good smart phone.

2. Start Tutoring Online

If you are not afraid of public speaking and have a passion for teaching then you can start tutoring online. Becoming an online tutor is another way you can easily make money online as a Nigerian student. Online tutors can earn as much as $10.20/hour, depending on the site you register in.

As for where you can teach online, there are several of them but to be sure of getting the right place you should check out this list of the Best Tutoring Companies to Work for Online and Make Money Today.

Teaching online require certain skills and some of the companies require certain qualifications therefore you should make sure you are well equipped with all the requirements before you apply for teaching in any online platform. For those who are interested in teaching English online you can check out this information on How to start teaching English Online.

3. Become A Content Creator On Youtube

Youtube is a place where one can get almost all the information you require, it is also a place where you can make good income if you know what to do. As a Nigerian student you can make good passive income when you become a Youtube content creator.

These days there are lots of Nigerian Youtube Content creator who make as much as $1000 just by posting videos on their Youtube page. The opportunity to earn this type of income is not restricted to anyone and you too can join the bandwagon

In order to become a successful content creator on Youtube you should first of all do a little research on how to easily make Money on Youtube, then open a youtube account, create original video content and start posting. As for the type of videos you can post on youtube, there are several niche to choose from but the most popular in Nigeria right now is Entertainment niche.

Once you have chosen your niche and started posting your content, you can easily monetize your videos by applying on google AdSense. Of course you should make sure you meet the requirement for monetization before you apply.

4. Start Trading Gift Cards

Another popular method you can make money online as a Nigerian student is to start trading Gift Cards. Gift Cards have widely become popular in Nigeria due to their versatility. These days Nigerians have ventured massively into the Gift Cards trading business. This business is so lucrative as one can earn $50-$100 buying and selling Gift Cards.

This business comes with its risk therefore it is important to understand the business before venturing into it. You can learn how to easily make money trading Gift Cards In Nigeria here. As for the platform where on can trade their Gift Cards, you can try Cardyork and also Paxful.

5. Start A Blog

One of the oldest and still lucrative method to make money online is through blogging. Nigerian students who have good writing skills can take advantage of that and open a blog. There is no limit to what you can attain with a blog.

If you are consistent with you blog you can make as much a $10,000 blogging, but this requires full time investment of your time and resources. To start a blog in Nigeria, you can sign up for a blogger account on blogger.com, get a custom domain name from Namesilo or any other good domain provider, connect the domain to blogger and start blogging.

You can choose from any niche that you are vast in to blog about and when you blog grows in audience, you can monetize with Google Adsense or any other good platform. While starting your blog with blogger is a good idea, it is important you move to a good hosting provider once you can afford it. This will give you more features and control over your blog.

6. Start Trading Crypto

Another way you can start making money online as a Nigerian Student is when you start trading crypto. The world of crypto trading is an ever busy one as there are lots of crypto traders online. It is important you do a little research on cryptocurrency trading and how to make money with cryptocurrency, before you begin your journey.

As for the cryptocurrency you can trade, you should tilt towards bitcoin and learn about how to make money with Bitcoin in Nigeria. You can also find out about litecoin and some other good currencies. When you want to trade cryptocurrency, it is important you trade in the right platform and there are a few of them you can join like Binance.

7. Do Task On Fiverr

Another simple way you can make money online as a Nigerian student is to register on Fiverr and carry out certain task to earn money. Nigerian Students can easily create a Fiverr account when they register on the site. Account creation is free and you can be registered in minutes.

Once you register, you can create A Gig on Fiverr, listing out the service you offer and publish it. Some of the service you can offer on Fiverr include, writing, programming, digital marketing, website development and more.

If you are good at these task you can easily make $50-$100 monthly on Fiverr. It is important you are skilled in the task you listed on your Gig, because your ability to successful do a task will affect your rating on Fiverr. Publishers can also sell their books on Fiverr as it is a good place to find buyers.

8. Become A TikToker

For this Gen-Z generation, tiktok is one popular social media platform that is massively used. The steady rise of Tiktok content has given room for more tiktokers in Nigeria. This social media platform is also used massively by Nigerian musicians to promote their music, making it a good place to earn money.

As much as it is an entertainment platform, it is also a place where one can make good passive income if you know the right approach to take. Nigerian students can become a Tiktok influencer if they post regularly on their tiktok and how massive following. They can earn income from subscriptions, promotions and gifts. Learning How to make money on Tiktok In Nigeria is important as knowing the right approach to take can amplify your earning.

9. Sell On Instagram

While Instagram is a social media platform where you can share your pictures and videos. It is also a place where you can make money. These days there are lots of avenues to make money on Instagram and one of them is to sell your online goods or services.

If you have products for sale or services you render, then you can become an Instagram vendor and showcase those products on your Instagram page. Products like shoes, bags, food, gadgets can be sold on Instagram when you post them. What you have to do is take a very good picture or video of the product you sell or service you render and post on your Instagram page. You can list the price of the product and any discount that comes with it. Put your contact information on your page and have people contact you when they want to purchase.

In order to make your goods and service reach the right audience or buyers, you can run an Instagram advert campaign targeting the required audience. If you are contacted for a purchase you can easily sell by using a dispatch rider to deliver the product.. If you want to start a Jewelry business on Instagram you can learn how to begin here.

10. Start Affiliate Marketing

One way you can make money online in Nigeria as a Student is through Affiliate Marketing. Lots of big brands now do affiliate marketing program, giving people the opportunity to earn money from referral. There are several Nigerian companies that have affiliate marketing program you can partake in. Companies like Jumia and Payporte have good affiliate marketing program that you can join.

Foreign company like Amazon also has a very good Affiliate Marketing program that you can partake in. All you have to do is register on Amazon associate, choose the product category that you want to promote, fill out the requirement and start promoting the products on your platform.

Things To Do To Increase Your Online Money Making Opportunity

There are several key things you should implement to increase your online money making opportunity as a Nigerian student. They are listed below.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Creating a professional online profile is paramount in attracting potential clients or customers. Crafting a compelling resume or portfolio showcasing skills and achievements can significantly enhance visibility. Utilizing social media platforms as a networking tool helps in reaching a wider audience and establishing connections within relevant industries.

Develope Skills and Expertise

Enhancing skills relevant to online jobs is crucial. Utilizing online learning platforms and acquiring certifications in one’s field of interest not only increases proficiency but also enhances credibility in the competitive online job market.

Effective Time Management

Balancing academic commitments with online work requires adept time management skills. Creating a well-structured schedule and setting clear priorities aid in optimizing productivity and ensuring academic success while pursuing online opportunities.

Financial Management and Security

Managing earnings prudently and budgeting effectively is essential for financial stability. Additionally, being vigilant about online safety measures helps in avoiding scams and ensuring a secure online working environment. Exploring secure payment options provides peace of mind when transacting online.

Scaling Your Online Venture

As students gain experience and establish themselves in the online sphere, they can consider scaling their ventures. Expanding services or products offered, building a loyal customer base, and diversifying income streams are effective strategies for growth.

Unique FAQs

1. Can I really earn a substantial income online as a Nigerian student?

  • Absolutely! With dedication and the right approach, many Nigerian students have successfully generated substantial income through various online avenues.

2. Are there risks involved in online ventures, and how can I mitigate them?

  • Yes, there are risks like online scams. Mitigate them by thoroughly researching opportunities, using secure payment methods, and being cautious with personal information.

3. How much time should I dedicate to online work without compromising my studies?

  • Balancing studies and online work is crucial. Allocate time wisely, ensuring that studies remain the top priority while making time for online ventures.

4. Do I need specialized skills to start making money online?

  • While specialized skills can be beneficial, many opportunities cater to a wide range of skills. Explore options that align with your strengths and interests.

5. What are some trustworthy platforms for online freelancing or selling products?

  • Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Teachable, Shopify, and others have gained credibility as reliable avenues for freelancing and e-commerce endeavors.


The digital age offers abundant opportunities for Nigerian students to make money online. By identifying lucrative ventures, developing skills, managing time and finances effectively, and gradually scaling their online ventures, students can create a sustainable source of income while pursuing education.

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