Top 14 Transport Companies In Port Harcourt and Terminal

The transportation industry is very productive in the city of Port Harcourt. Many people travel in and out of the city on a daily basis using various transport lines. Land transportation is the most popular means of transportation in Port Harcourt and Nigeria as a whole. When it comes to other destinations in Nigeria from Port Harcourt, these transport lines in our list stand out as the best.

In the city of Port Harcourt many residents are industrious and travel in and out of the city carrying their merchandise. Also lots of foreigners come into the city regularly for different purpose using these transport lines which have been certified as the most reliable and consistent. Today we bring you the list of the top transport companies in the city of Port Harcourt, their terminals in the city and the destinations they travel to from Port Harcourt.

Best Transport Companies In Port Harcourt

1. God Is Good Motors

This transport company has been able to make a name for itself in Nigeria. It is considered the best transport company in Nigeria and many passengers prefer to travel with it. The company has dominated major cities in the country with its presence. Their terminals in located in almost all the states in Nigeria.

In Port Harcourt they are the most used in terms of travels as they offer first class services to their passenger. With GIGM you are guaranteed a smooth and accident free journey as they have one of the best driver(pilot) in the country. Their transport fare is a bit higher than most companies but with the kind of service you are guaranteed of receiving it is well worth it.

GIGM has one of the best logistics service in the city. Their parcels delivery service is always on time and you are sure of your parcel being in tact. They also offer bus hire service which is loved due to the fact that their buses are luxurious and always in good shape. Booking a bus for your travel online is also easy and seamless and their online portal is very effective. Below is where you can find GIGM in Port Harcourt and the destinations they cover.

Location(Terminal):Close airforce junction by Stadium road ( 08139851110 )
Destinations:Enugu, Lagos, Benin, Uyo, Kaduna, Owerri, Abuja, Delta Yenegoa, Aba and lots more
2. GUO Transport

GUO Transport is owned by Sir Godwin Ubaka Okeke, who started the transport business in Onitsha in 1970. The company name was coined from the acronyms of his name. He started the company with his father’s Peugeot 404 saloon car just after the Nigerian civil war.

From its inception till date the company has grown massively in size spreading to all parts of the country. The transport line has so many buses and several terminals in different parts of the country. This transport company is so big that it carries passengers across the country’s boarder.

GUO Transport has so many staffs and enough buses to convey passengers to their destinations. Their park in Port Harcourt is one of the biggest in the city and their drivers are very experienced. They have sound vehicles and a large numbers of loyal passengers. Their presence is definitely felt in the city and they have been able to make a name for themselves in Port Harcourt.

They have very big buses for far distance travel within the country and even outside the country like Accra Ghana. GUO Transport also has car hire service, haulage services and courier services. Their online vehicle booking platform is unique and very functional.

Location (Terminal): Aba Expressway Opp Air Force Base, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt ( 08150647900 )
Destinations:Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and lots more
3. Autostar Transport Company

Autostat transport is a unique transport company that was formed in 2007 and has its headquarters in Enugu. What makes Autostar unique is the manner in which it offers transportation services to customer. First of all the company make use of space buses (Toyota sienna, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla) in transporting passengers to their destinations.

Their transport system is unique and first class rated. The vehicles they make use of are brand new and very roadworthy. The company is structured in a way that departure and arrival time is set for all vehicles that leave their terminal.

In Port Harcourt it is well sort out for travels to Lagos and Abuja. Their service is so good that customers have tagged it the best alternative for flight to their destinations. They have a very functional website which can be used to book vehicles for you trip.

The company is also involved in car shipping into Nigeria and their courier service is one of the best in Port Harcourt. With their parcel delivery service, you are guaranteed of getting your waybill on time and with your content in tact. Autostar offers first class services that makes passengers seek after them for their travels.

Location: 3, Olu Obasanjo Way, Rebisi Park by Waterline Junction, Port Harcourt, ( 07065693411 )
Destinations:Lagos, Abuja
4. ABC Transport

ABC Transport is one transport company that has been able to make its presence known all over the country. In Port Harcourt it is very popular for its good transport services. This company has been in existence since 1993 and after its acquisition in 2003, it rebranded and modernized its approach to the transport business.

Since its re-organisation in 2003, the transport company has been nothing but exceptional in handling customers. In Port Harcourt it has large fleet of buses and very experienced drivers that ensure the safety of their passengers. The vehicles the company use are brand new and very roadworthy.

One great thing about ABC Transport is that they have bus terminals in almost all the cities in Nigeria making transportation with them very easy. Their courier service is great as well as passengers depend greatly on them to make sure their waybill gets to its destination. They have also been able to implement inter- country transport as their vehicle travel from Nigeria to Ghana.

Their service in Port Hrourt is great and lots of residents love to use this transport line for their travels. Also their ability to ply some of the commercial hub of the country from Port Harcourt , makes them the preferred choice of traders and business people. They are indeed considered to be one of the best transport company in Port Harcourt.

Location:Off East – West Road, Eliozu Junction, Port Harcourt ( 08140066938 )
Destinations:Enugu, Lagos, Owerri, Awka, Onitsha, Abuja, Calabar
5. Libra Motors Limited ( LIBMOT)

Libra Motors is one transport company that is popular in Port Harcourt. They have countless numbers of passengers and their buses are always busy on the road. The transport line which has gone through some modification recently has now adopted the name LIBMOT as part of its rebranding strategy.

The transport company has good and new buses that are fully equipped and ready to take passengers to their destinations. Their new only platform is fully functional and passengers can book vehicles on it. Lots of residents in the city of Port Harcourt see Libra motors as a good choice for travelling to Lagos.

They also have good parceling service and they provide buses for hire. This transport line has made a name for itself in the city of Port Harcourt and they keep coming up with new policies that will favour the customers and keep them relevant.

Locations: Plot 321 stadium road,Rumuomasi portharcourt. Benjack MTN building ( 09088711822 )
Olu Obasanjo Road,by Elebor Street,opp RCC First Gate,Waterlines ( 08033447686 )
Destinations:Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Benin, Owerri
6. Peace Mass Transit

This transport company started in the East and has so far been able to occupy different parts of the country. The transport line is know to own large fleet of buses. Their terminals are in different states of the country and in Port Harcourt they are known to frequent the Eastern roads.

Peace Mass Transit is good for passengers who require a cheap transport company in the city of Port Harcourt. Their drivers are good despite the controversies they have been involved in the past. This transport company has obviously dominated the Eastern roads, taking passengers from Port Harcourt to the east. It is mostly used by traders to transport their goods.

Locations: 213 Port Harcourt – Aba Express Road, Rumuola, Port Harcourt ( 08055091822 )
Destinations:Enugu, Onitsha, Owerri, Lagos, Calabar, Abuja, Nsuka, Asaba etc.
7. Agofure Motors

Agofure Motors started in Warri, Delta State and later opened several terminals in other cities including Port Harcourt. It is recognized as the most popular transport company in Warri. In Port Harcourt it is located in the most busy spots in the city. The transport line has good buses and very experienced drivers.

Over the years it has gained so much exposure in Port Harcourt. The transport line is known to be the best transport line to travel with from Port Harcourt to Lagos. They also have a decent courier service, and their bread is very nice. Agofure Motors also charge their passengers a decent transport fare and has a track record of safe travel.

Locations:Olu Obasanjo Road, Waterlines Port Harcourt. (08063922418)
Eleme Junction. Port Harcourt.
Choba by Uniport Main Gate Port Harcourt
Rumuokoro/Eliozu Road Port Harcourt
Destinations:Abuja, Lagos, Warri
8. The Young Shall Grow

This transport company is popular in the city of Port Harcourt. It is known to have different types of vehicles. There are luxirous big buses for long distance travel. They also have regular buses and space buses for comfortable trips.

The transport line started operations traveling from Enugu to Onitsha in 1972. Over the years they have gained much exposures building several terminals in different parts of the country. They even have a relaxation lodge called YSG lodge where passengers can take a break and rest while on their trip.

Their Port Harcourt terminal sees large influx of passenger who travels to Lagos on a daily basis. They are known to charge passengers a very moderate fee for their services. YSG as they are called has a good courier service and they also have vehicles for hire. Port Harcourt residents are very satisfied with their service that is why they keep growing in the city.

Location:Aba Express way, Waterlines bus stop Port Harcourt ( 08170765674)
Destinations:Abuja, Lagos
9. Rivers Transport Company(RTC)

This transport company is the initiative of the Rivers State Government. The transport line was created to help make inter state transport easy and cheaper. It is being managed by private car owners who register their vehicles under the state scheme and ply the destinations listed below.

Due to the government’s involvement in RTC the transport service is regularized and the masses can travel to their destinations easily. RTC usually ply the eastern roads and their vehicles are easily noticeable due to the unique trade mark.

The terminal at waterline is so large and filled with lots of vehicles. Many residents of the city choose this transport line for intra state travel due to the cheap transport rate and for eastern travels as well. Due to the fact that numerous private transport owners own vehicles in the park, passengers might not get the same service from different vehicles. Although they have policies that regulate how passengers are handled but customer service is handled at the private owner’s discretion.

In general it is a good transport line for travelers in Port Harcourt because no matter what time you get to their terminal, you are sure of getting a vehicle going to your destination.

Location:Olu Obasanjo Way, Waterlines Port Harcourt
Destinations:Enugu, Awka, Onitsha, Owerri, Nsuka, Omoku, Elele, Etche etc.
10. Ifex Express Limited

Ifex Express is popular due to its logistics services. The company is good at courier, logistics and haulage services. They carry goods to their destination no matter how heavy it is. It also does commercial transport service to some parts of the country.

Their buses are new and very road worthy. Their park in Port Harcourt is easily accessible due to its location. Many companies and businesses in Port Harcourt make use of this transport line in transporting their goods.

Ifex express in Port Harcourt offer fast and safe delivery of goods and services in their care. Their vehicles are also available for hire and their heavy duty equipments are sound and available for contract base hire.

Location: 188 Ikwerre Road, Mile 3 bus stop, Port Harcourt ( 08051144624)
Destinations:Asaba, Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja

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11. Cross Country

Just like the name this transport company takes trips across the country. In terms of the top transport companies in Port Harcourt, it one of the new ones in the city but so far it has been able to make a name for itself.

One of its advantage is its location. Situated in one of the most busy place in the city and the hub of most transport line, Cross Country has no issue getting enough passengers. They have good vehicles and well experienced drivers to take you to your destination safely.

Cross Country also does trips to places outside the country like Ghana and Benin Republic, making it the preferred choice of passengers looking to travel outside the country by road. They also offer courier service and their logistics services go as far as countries in the African continent.

Location: 180 Aba Road, Beside Water Lines building, Port Harcourt ( 08028452731)
Destinations:Lagos, Ghana, Republic of Benin, Abuja, Cross Rivers
12. Chisco Transport

This transport company is considered to be one of the top transport companies in Port Harcourt. It is owned by Chief Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu a businessman who deals on auto parts. The transport line make use of very big executive buses to transport passengers to their destinations in Lagos and Abuja from Port Harcourt.

The have branches in major cities in the country and their Port Harcourt branch is one of the biggest. Chisco has large influx of passengers choosing to use their service in Rivers state. This is due to the fact that they have very spacious vehicles that can accommodate both passengers and their luggage. Residents of the city also make use of this transport service for their waybill.

Locations: 38 Ikwerre Road, Mile 1, Diobu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State ( [email protected] )
3 East-West Road, Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt
Destinations:Lagos, Abuja
13. Dominion Express

This transport company is also popular in the city of Port Harcourt due to its location. Dominion Express has a decent number of loyal customers who consider their transport line an idea one for road transport.

They have good and new buses and experienced drivers as well. Their track record in terms of road accident is almost clean as they follow the appropriate speed limit. Their services is idea and they charge a quite decent amount for travels.

Location: 106 Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Waterlines Port Harcourt
Destinations:Lagos, Abuja
14. Caculux Transport

Calculux transport is one transport line that is loved by Port Harcourt residents. It is good at travelling at the early hours of the morning, enabling passengers to get to their destination on time. The transport line is dominant in its location and many people flood the terminal in search of vehicles.

Their drivers are quite good on the road and their vehicles are roadworthy. One other thing that makes them a preferred choice is because their transport fare is cheap. The common man can afford their services and this makes them a desired choice.

Location: 179B Elelenwo Rd, Rumuwaji, Port Harcourt
Destinations:Calabar,, Abuja, Kaduna, Ibadan

These transport lines above are unique and desired for various reasons but one thing that is common with all of them is that they are the top transport companies in Port Harcourt Rivers State.

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